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Shen Qianhua chose to leave the secret, and the body will soon disappear. However, a huge strength broke out from Zhao’s body, and a black dragon pattern spread out instantly, wrapping the square meter.


The mirror outside the secret scene disappeared, and everyone understood that Zhao Wei blocked all the pictures.


GoddeSS Palace’s palace eyes have a thick killing intent, and everyone around them feels that the hair is erected and their eyes are looking at her.


Now God Qianhua is the goddess of the GoddeSS Palace and he does not know what will happen.


The palace owner also had a bad foreboding. She thought that her most distressed daughter would be destroyed in the hands of a man. She now wants to squander Zhao’s knives and souls, and suffer the greatest pain.


But she still can’t enter the secret, she can only watch it here.


In the mysterious world, Shen Qianhua’s face became pale, because she found that she could not leave the secret. Now, Zhao Wei’s treatment of her has no strength to resist.


Shen Qianhua can only threaten the mouth now. “What do you do with the bastard, I will kill you.”


Zhao Wei did not pay attention to Shen Qianhua, with a smile on his face, extending a hand to pick up the chin of Shen Qianhua, watching her beautiful face, and that overbearing mad temperament, bowing her head on her mouth .


God Qianhua’s eyes wide open and looked at Zhao Wei, full of killing intent, as if Zhao wanted to kill a hundred times. She never imagined that she was invaded by a man, which is more uncomfortable than death.


Yueyue’s expression is also awkward. He is usually so overbearing. He just wants to invade her god, and now he is invaded by others, and that person is the man she hates most.


Think of this, the moon can not help but smile, this is retribution!


However, Yue Hao feels that Zhao Wei is not a good person, so speed up time to recover his strength and escape from here, he does not want to end with the same as God Qianhua.


A huge stock of Six Desires Demon Qi continues to infuse the body of Shen Qianhua. It is expected that Shen Qianhua will not have any resistance at all. He will soon sink into it and respond to Zhao Wei fiercely.


Zhao Wei discovered that her Constitution is also the body of the ***, and it is not the general body of ***. The woman who has this kind of Constitution generally needs a lot.


Looking at his own neck, crazy kissing his god Qianhua, Zhao Wei did not stop, but continued to inject Six Desires Demon Qi, such a peerless Heaven’s Chosen level, can be very difficult to control, Zhao Wei still needs her Plant Six Desires Demon Seed in the body.


The six maids and the moon looked at the scene in front of them, and they couldn’t think that God Qianhua would become like this, and they didn’t know what the man had done.


More importantly, Zhao Wei actually took off the clothes of Shen Qianhua.


Thinking of this, the face of the moon is not red, and the face is turned over. The mature and proud maid named Du Fu, shouted in anger. “Don’t be like this to me, we can serve you.”


However, Zhao Wei did not pay attention to them, and began to adjust the gods to thousands of Hua, the picture is very fragrant and fire.


The moon is full of blushing, not looking at it, speeding up the restoration of strength, just want to leave here earlier.


The six maids also showed a blush, and they pleaded with Zhao to let them go, and everything went to them.




Shen Qianhua’s body was soft and soft in Zhao’s arms, his face was flushed, and his consciousness was restored to some sobriety.


Zhao Wei said with a smile, “You still want me!”


Shen Qianhua thought of the new thing, he actually did such a thing to a man, and the look of that slut, God Qianhua is almost crazy, how can this be?


Doesn’t she hate men? Not very hateful men? Not wanting to kill all the men? How do you really enjoy this with the men in front of you.


“Bastard! I want to kill you.”


Shen Qianhua patted Zhao Wei with both hands, because she had no strength at all, and her hands looked weak. The feeling was that she patted Zhao Zhao.


Zhao Wei directly pressed her under her body, and once she kissed her lips, Six Desires Demon Qi continued to flow into her body, and Shen Qianhua was quickly caught in it.


In the end, Shen Qianhua did not wear clothing, a flushed face, and gasped, a pair of eyes filled with killing intent and looked at Zhao Wei.


Zhao Wei did not care, put the six maids down, held the cuckoo in his arms, and kissed Du Fu’s mouth, and Six Desires Demon Qi poured into it.


Du Fu was also deeply involved in it, and finally realized why her own lady would become like this, her hands clasped Zhao Wei, and responded fiercely to Zhao Wei.


After Zhao Wei controlled the six maids, they stood on one side and watched them lying on the ground with a smile.


In fact, Zhao Wei does not want to do this, because the other party is peerless Heaven’s Chosen, the power behind him terrifying is extremely incomparable, openly doing this kind of thing, will cause a lot of trouble.


But all this can only blame God, if she is polite, Zhao Wei will naturally not be like this, and accept a peerless Heaven’s Chosen, the benefits are also very huge, because she will definitely become a peerless powerhouse.


What Zhao Zhao thought of, turned his gaze to the moon on the other side. “There are things like this anyway. I don’t mind adding a month.”


The moon looked at Zhao Wei and walked to her. The look became a bit flustered, hurriedly said, “You don’t want me like that, I promise you everything you want.”


Zhao Wei did not pay attention to her, directly pressed on her, a kiss in her mouth, a steady stream of Six Desires Demon Qi injected into it.


Lunar New Year is also unexpected. The will is very firm and has been struggling. However, under the insistence of Zhao Wei, he finally indulged in it.


After Zhao Wei, she took her to the side of Shen Qianhua and then taught them a few.


Time is a little past.


When y walked into the defensive hood, watching Zhao Wei tweeting the many women, his face was red, softly said, “Xianggong! Now you are still playing for two hours, there are many people gathered outside, some people I still want to break in, but I am blocked.”


When Zhao Wei looked at the incoming y, he smiled awkwardly, then looked at the gods Qian Hua and Yue Lu in the arms, as well as Du Fu and other maids. He said, “Wear well, let’s leave here together.”


Yuesui nodded blushingly and began to wear clothes.


Shen Qianhua hated and stared at Zhao Wei, dressed in the clothes of several maids, and several maids quickly dressed.


Zhao Wei watched them wear their clothes, and waved an invisible strength to exude. That huge black defensive hood dissipated.


Everyone also saw the picture in the defensive hood, and saw the flushing of the moon and the gods and the faces of the six maids, as well as a hint of charm that was unintentionally emanating. This is what it looks like after the rain, and it is still very satisfying. That kind.


The scene was like a blasting, and countless people were shocked. I couldn’t think of Zhao’s dare to do so.


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