Everything fluctuated, and the frozen kilometer was thought to be flat. There were huge pits 100 meters wide everywhere. The surrounding rocks were scattered and scattered, spreading a very terrifying atmosphere.

At the center of a big pit, Zhao Fu braved the colorful mist, holding the Emperor Killing Sword, and there were several deep wounds on his body, blood was flowing, but the wound was healing quickly.

On the other side, the sickle was also standing there with a long knife, emitting a white gold mask, and the other two sickles disappeared.

At this point, the face of the knife was serious. He was curious about how strong Zhao Fu’s strength was from the beginning. Now that he knows, this is the first time he has met such a terrible person.

Heaven Awaken World was born with such a terrible person. Not only did he feel very surprised, but it was probably a shock to many people who passed to the fairyland. To deal with such a monster, only the entire strength was used.


A loud-shaking loud noise came out, and a huge white gold blade qi broke out from the body of the sickle, forming a white gold mist with a height of several hundred meters and a huge knife wind. Blowing around.

The scythe in the white gold mist has also undergone amazing changes. I saw his white gold long hair growing rapidly. Every metal has a sharp scent. The top of his head has two sharp tips. angle.

Three eyebrows appeared in the eyebrows, a pair of eyes also turned into a knife, and a white gold crystal stone appeared on the back of the hands.

Now the sickle exudes a terrifying blade intent, surrounded by dozens of knives around his body, the ground can no longer withstand his strength, and the sky is cut out of a slender crack.

Everyone felt a little scared, and the sickle broke out with such a terrible strength, which was not used when he and Tianyue fought.

Tianyue also feels a bit hit. He is also the strongest in the realm of the gods, but also has the Protoss Emperor Star, which can force the opponent to use all his power.

The other person did it, it was really too envious.


A huge rumbling sound rang, the sickle dragged a long knife and rushed over to Zhao Fu. There were dozens of long knives to follow, and the ground collapsed all the way. The momentum was terrible.

The sickle was very fast, and I was about to rush to Zhao Fu. I took a huge strength and smashed it to Zhao Fu.


A huge rumbling sound suddenly sounded, and a sly Heavenly Ghost gas rushed out of the body of Zhao Fu’s. As the tides drowned the world, there was nothing to resist.

The sky turned gray, and ghosts spread everywhere, and the world was filled with a cold, like a ghost.

Everyone saw only a dramatic change in Zhao Fu’s body.

There was a terrifying ghost flame on his body, half-length red fruit, a long gray hair, muscles bulging, a piece of purple scales growing, hands with nails growing, with cold light, a pair of black demon horns from the head of Zhao Fu. Growing out, the eyebrows are cracked, a pale vertical eye appears, and numerous fangs are found in the mouth, and a pair of gray-black flesh grows on the back.

With an ancient, ferocious, evil, cold and imposing manner, the void can’t bear the constant distortion of his strength.

At this time, I was shocked by the sickle. I didn’t think that Zhao Fu had the strength of Six Paths of Samsara.

However, he still injected the full strength into his long knife, and with the strength of Heaven and Earth, he slashed it to Zhao Fu, and the void was torn out of numerous cracks, bringing out a huge knife wind.

At that moment, Zhao Fu took the Emperor Killing Sword in his hand and injected a huge amount of ghost power into it. Emperor Killing Sword ignited a gray ghost flame, which seemed to be a ghost of Heaven and Earth.


A loud-shaking bang broke out, and two extreme strengths collided together. A gray and white shock wave spread out instantly. The ground of a square of 10,000 meters collapsed, and a fierce storm filled with numerous sandstones.

Even if everyone stood in the faraway sky, it was also affected, and the defensive hood resisted the wind.

The people have not reacted yet.

Bang bang bang ……

The heard-shaking rumbling sound continually rang, the ground was violently vibrating, an extinct atmosphere flocked to the Quartet, Heaven and Earth fission, sun and moon were dull, the situation was surging, and Space-Time was chaotic.

Countless people are stunned and watched the two people fighting in the sky. They should not be human beings, but every ghost that can be destroyed. The terrifying strength is constantly impacting on them. They are like ants. Generally small.

This level of combat can be said to be more than ten times more powerful than the previous two Emperor Star owners. It is really terrifying beyond imagination, and countless people are the first to see such a terrible battle.


A huge sword rang, Zhao Fu held the smoldering Emperor Killing Sword, and used a sword to smash the sickle to the ground. The body of the sickle was like a meteorite falling rapidly, falling heavily on the ground, and the ground was broken directly. Cracked a large pit of a kilometer.

However, with such a terrible blow, the sickle has nothing to do, lying on the ground with a hand, a number of long knives around him, and a pair of Zhao Fu in the sky.

Each hand exudes a terrible blade intent, surrounded by a numerous white gold arc, and a terrifying knife spreads out.

Bang bang bang ……

A loud rumbling sound rang, dragging a long knife out of a stream of light, with a smashed world of strength, smashed it toward Zhao Fu, very fast, passing by in the air.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, a huge ghost force emerged, a huge six-circle formation emerged, and a Six Paths of Samsara’s strength rushed out, and the void seemed to solidify.


A loud sound rang out, and the terrible long knife ran through the Six Paths defense formation. The Six Paths defense formation was completely broken, and countless long swords continued to fly toward Zhao Fu.


The sword in Zhao Fu’s hand slammed a wave, and a terrifying gray sword light took out with a terrible strength. A sword blasted countless long knives and a force spread.


The huge blade qi from the sickle body flew into the sky. The huge blade qi formed a huge mighty Fierce Tiger at that moment, and rushed to Zhao Fu with a terrifying knife.


A huge roar sounded, and Zhao Fu’s body also had a huge ghost. The huge ghost formed a terrible ghost dragon, exuding a huge dragon.

Zhao Fu waved the sword in his hand, and the terrible ghost dragon made a roar, with a terrible momentum, rushed over to the Fierce Tiger.

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