The dragons and tigers collided together, and a terrible explosion of force spread out, swallowing everything around them, and those things were collapsing, and a force spread out. The ground trembled fiercely.

Zhao Fu and the sickle were both hit by the impact, and a stream of blood flowed from both corners.


The sickle with a huge blade qi continued to rush to Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu is not weak, but also with a terrible momentum rushed to the sickle.


The sickle took a terrible strength and smashed it toward Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu blocked the sickle with a sword, and the sickle put the knife in his hand, and it was a fierce battle to Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu At one time with a sword.

Clang clang clang ……

The sickle knife and knife continually pulled out, bringing out an amazing knife light, and continually rushing to Zhao Fu with a terrible strength, as if everything was opened.

Zhao Fu no longer chooses to resist, but also screams a terrible sword light and smashes the sword.


The swords continually collided together, a loud explosion sounded, and a terrible impact spread, forming a huge storm blowing around, countless trees uprooted, and numerous sand was blown out.


The sickle slammed the long knife in his hand and pulled out a huge long-shaped knife. He flew out Zhao Fu and flashed a knife in his eyes. A horrible blade intent flew out Zhao Fu I smashed the past.

Zhao Fu’s wings fluttered hard, and the body instantly disappeared into the same place, flew to the other side, and escaped the sickle.

Rooaaar ……

A loud roar rang, and Zhao Fu’s body poured out a lot of ghosts, forming a thousand-meter Evil Ghost, the number reached a thousand, exuding a ghost that shakes Heaven and Earth.

Bang bang bang ……

A gray-only Evil Ghost with a pair of gray eyes and a fierce look at the sickle, with a huge momentum, rushed to the sickle, as if the sickle is divided.

The sickle faced Evil Ghost, and there was no fear. The body exuded countless white gold knives, and then slammed into a white gold stream, which was extremely fast, only in mid-air. The middle one crossed the curve and it was so sharp that it seemed to cut the world.


The white gold sharp streamer crossed the ghosts, and the fierce Evil Ghost was split in half, turning into countless ghosts and crashing, making a loud noise.

The white gold sharp streamer, with the sharpness of cutting Heaven and Earth, shot very quickly to Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and a huge ghost erupted, forming six three-meter-sized gray balls, emitting a strength of Six Paths of Samsara.

Xiū xiū xiū ……

Zhao Fu’s hand pushes hard, six gray balls, with a striking strength to shoot forward, making a sound.


Six ghost balloons flew in front of the streamer and a huge explosion occurred instantly. Countless gray radiance, a terrible explosion of strength spread out, forming a huge wind blowing.

The gray light dissipated, and the shadow of the four knives was suspended by the sickle, emitting a terrible knife and blocking the terrible shock wave.

A powerful ghost came out of Zhao Fu’s golden left eye, the golden left eye was gray, and the Six Paths of Samsara’s strength spread out.

Clang clang clang ……

A huge chain of sounds sounded, and there were countless gray chains on the ground in the sky, with a terrible strength to the sky, the speed was very fast, as if it penetrated everything.


The sickle exudes a huge strength and injects into the phantom of four knives. The phantoms of the four knives seem to be about the essence, emitting a strong knives and forming a strong mask.


An acoustic chain shot a loud sound on the reticle, but the reticle did not suffer any damage.

Zhao Fu’s extended hand, controlling the innumerable chains began to wrap around the reticle, and the reticle immediately gave off a huge knife that would bounce off the chain around it.

Zhao Fu simply did not entangle the reticle, but wrapped around the space, the terrifying Power of Seal, which began to seal the space.

That space seems to be solidifying, and Space-Time seems to stop, as if it does not belong to the current Space-Time.

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Six huge rumbling sounds sounded, and six gray holes appeared in the six directions of the chain. Each hole was filled with countless grays, emitting six different strengths and a strong pressure.


A huge rumbling sound rang, and the six gray holes exude terrifying suction, sucking through the space surrounded by countless chains, and the space becomes six large holes like six streams.

Now Zhao Fu is sealing the sickle into the Six Paths of Samsara. The suction is also abnormal terrifying, so you can also inhale the space.

The sickle emits a strong white gold knife, and wants to resist the huge suction, but the whole space is inhaled like water, and his body seems to be infiltrated into the Six Paths of Samsara. in.


A huge rumbling sound suddenly sounded, and the body of the sickle radiated countless knives, with the strength of annihilating Heaven and Earth, and instantly smashed past all directions, thundering.

Clang clang clang ……

Numerous chains that wrap around the space open, and the space is smashed into countless pieces. It is shocking that the six gray holes have been opened.

The glare of the golden golden light came out, and the body of the sickle came out from the endless nothingness.

Scythe a pair of eyes ice-cold look at Zhao Fu, the body exudes a lot of knives, at that moment all smashed to Zhao Fu, the space in front of it was also smashed at that moment, the sound is scary.

Zhao Fu directly emits a Six Paths defensive hood that wraps the direct body and exudes a force of Six Paths of Samsara.


A loud noise was heard, and the defensive cover was smashed by countless knives. Zhao Fu’s body was also shot and flew out. It was hundreds of meters high and spit out a blood.

With the knife in his hand, Zhao Fu pointed to a finger, and an invisible knife force spread out.

Twelve white gold knife prints appeared in Zhao Fu’s 12 ranges, with Zhao Fu as the center, forming a circle.

Bang bang bang ……

A loud rumbling sound rang, and 12 huge blade qi columns were shot out of the 12 cuts, and a terrifying strength fiercely rushed toward Zhao Fu. The situation is as unbreakable as bamboo.

Zhao Fu stood still in the same place, and did not evade, just raised a hand.

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