Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Six sounds of the chain rang, Zhao Fu’s arm split open a hole, six chains from Zhao Fu’s arm, six heights of ten meters, emitting a heaven-shaking ghost figure, appearing around Zhao Fu.

They have a belly bulging, ugly face, a strong body with three heads, one like a demon, a hand-held spear, a flesh on the back, a purple hair Asura, and a human figure.

This is the Six Paths Demon Statue.

After the appearance of the Six Paths Demon Statue, a hint of evil and savage smiles, each with a hand extended, a huge ghost erupted from the hands, forming a six-faced ghost shield.


From all directions, with a terrible strength to Zhao Fu, the blade qi column hit the top, and a terrible impact spread out, but the six-faced ghost shield did not suffer any damage.

Six Paths Demon Statue The terrible gaze looked at the sickle in front, and rushed straight to the sickle with a huge momentum.

The sickle stood serious in the face.

Heaven Path is the fastest, the first to launch an attack, a huge ghost into the spear in the hand, the spear exudes a breath of breath, and Heaven Path forces the spear in the hand.


The spear shot the scythe with a terrifying terrifying strength, and the speed was very fast, dragging a stream of shadows as if the sky could run through.

The sickle body did not move a step, the body emitted a strong knife light, directly twisting the space in front, so that the spear shot on the ground next to it, hitting a huge pothole.

Hell Path then rushed to the fierce, holding an iron fork with a striking strength and inserted it into the sickle.

With a knife in the hand of the sickle, a fierce knife light flew Hell Path out.

Hungry Ghost Path held this bone knife on the side of the sickle, and slammed it over to the sickle, bringing out a huge knife light. The sickle couldn’t be evaded, only a white gold defensive cover was released.


A dull voice sounded, and the knife slammed on the defensive hood, and a strong force spread out. The defensive hood cracked a few cracks, but still blocked the fierce one.


At this time, a terrifying figure appeared on the other side of the sickle. It was the Beast Path. It had an explosive muscle, and it ignited a ghost flame. It hit the defensive hood with a punch that crushed the mountain.


A huge sound was emitted, and the defensive hood was broken by a fist strike. The debris was collapsed and fly away, and the body of the sickle was also blown out. It flew for dozens of meters and spit out a blood.

The six golems continued to carry the strong strength and rushed over to the sickle.


There was also a trace of anger on the face of the sickle. He took the knife in his hand and countless blades qi emerged from the long knife. As the tide spreads, the surrounding space is covered.

Six Paths Demon Statue See also put a huge strength into the weapon in his hand, giving off a strong gray glow.


The knife in the hand of the sickle waved, the terrible blade qi tide with the destruction of everything, rushing forward, as if nothing could resist, giving a feeling of powerlessness.

Bang bang bang ……

Six Paths Demon Statue also launched an attack, six huge gray lights with terrifying ghost power, and a huge wind, hit the huge blade qi tide.


A huge rumbling sound rang, and the two collided together, a terrifying explosion of strength spread out, the ground collapsed in an instant, and a huge wind blew away.

The volatility dissipated, and the sickle stood in place and did not receive any harm, while the Six Paths Demon Statue disappeared.


A figure appeared behind the sickle, it was Zhao Fu, I saw Zhao Fu raised the sword in his hand, lightly shouted “Ghost Lord!”


Emperor Killing Sword ignited a ghost flame, a huge ghost spread out, surrounded by countless ghosts, making a loud scream, a huge momentum exudes, it is creepy.

I was shocked and I wanted to turn around and resist.


Zhao Fu was at that moment a sword slash out, a huge gray sword light with terrifying strength, flying the sickle, the sword light squatting on the ground, a tens of thousands of meters on the ground, still braving A ghost.

Everyone was shocked and looked at the scene. There was no sound in the audience. The battle between the two of them was really terrifying, and the countless people were excited and excited. This is the final battle, too much for them to anticipate.


Numerous knives were shot out of a rock, and countless rocks were turned into powder at that moment, and a figure with strong knives appeared.

Now the sickle looks like a dramatic change at a time.

Now he is already in the upper part of the red fruit, his body turns white gold, some places have begun to metallize, his ears have become sharp, and he has been metalized, his booth eyes are also metalized, and his eyes are sharp like a blade.

The palm of his hand has also become like a knife, with a knife print on the chest and a numerous pattern around it, exuding a powerful Power of Heaven and Earth.

The Heaven and Earth in his hands are missing, because the sickle integrates Heaven and Earth into his body, and it is perfectly blended together. At this moment, he is a knife, the knife is him, exudes a Destroy the heaven and exterminate the earth blade qi, the void continues to tear, and a squally wind spreads.

A pair of sickle-like eyes look at Zhao Fu, and the footsteps are lightly stepped.


The ground collapsed in an instant, and the body of the sickle was like a huge knife, with the strength of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu blocked the sword with a sword and released a Six Paths hood at a time.


A huge sound was emitted, and the defensive cover shattered. Zhao Fu’s body was directly shot by the knife and spit out a blood.

The sickle stayed in the air, reaching out a palm, a terrible knife rushing out of his hand, and then the hand twisted.


A 10,000-meter blade qi vortex appeared next to Zhao Fu, giving off a terrifying scent, and the endless blade qi twirled, emitting an annihilated strength, as if smashing everything in the world.

Zhao Fu’s body is at the very center of the vortex, and the endless blade qi will be smashed into pieces.

A Six Paths hood emerged from the body of Zhao Fu, but if it didn’t last for a while, it was smashed by the terrible strength.

Numerous blades qi Zhao Fu poured in, as if Zhao Fu’s body was swallowed by the huge whirlpool, and the whirlpool radiated a more terrifying strength swaying, as if the Zhao Fu was smashed into slag.

The whirlpool in the sky turned, and the terrible smell of a strand of water rushed around, letting countless understanding of the strength of the blade vortex.

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