Everyone looked at the huge blade qi whirlpool in the sky with a look of horror. Is that person suffering such a terrifying attack, and is it possible to live? If the loss is generally peerless, Heaven’s Chosen may have been twisted into pieces.

“Ghost fairy mode…Open!”

An ice-cold sound suddenly sounded, as the ice spread, and it rang through all directions, shaking the sky, penetrating the Nine Nethers, chilling into the bones, and the three circles shuddering.


A heaven-shaking bang broke out, as if something was broken, a destroy the heaven and exterminate the earth. The general strength emerged from the center of the blade qi, the 10,000-meter blade whirl, there was no way to bear it. This strength, began to collapse.

Numerous blades qi are scattered, and a terrifying figure appears at the center.

There was a smashing Heavenly Ghost flame on the figure, and countless gray rays scattered. The void around it seemed to be shackled by an invisible strength. Everything was at rest, giving a sense of oppression like Heaven and Earth. .

The temperature of the whole world has dropped rapidly and it has become cold and biting. Countless people in this world can’t help but tremble.

Zhao Fu’s looks very different.

The left half of his face turned reddish and looked very awkward, like Evil Ghost’s face, and he grew fangs.

The pale eyeball of the eyebrows turned into seven colors, and the eyelids in Zhao Fu’s eyelids all cracked into a thin mouth with a terrifying power beyond imagination.

Nine gray runes circled around Zhao Fu, one larger than one, each one a foot wide.

The current Zhao Fu is like a legendary ghost.

Everyone saw the appearance of Zhao Fu, the horror of his face, and his heart was greatly impacted. He only felt that the other party had already exceeded their imagination. How could there be such a terrible person in the world?

The sickle was also surprised. He did not expect Zhao Fu to hide such a terrifying strength. It was far beyond his expectations. He still underestimated Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looks at the sickle with a pair of terrifying eyes.

The sickle felt like a sinister object, and the hair instinctively stood up and felt a chill.


Zhao Fu held out a hand. A huge ghost is flooding like a flood, and countless ghosts turn into a ghost. The number is not clear. It is covered with a whole sky, showing a sly smile and looking at the sickle in front.


Zhao Fu waved his hand, and a huge rumbling sound rang. Numerous ghosts, like floods, took the strength of everything and rushed to the sickle. The huge ghosts were like a raging wind.

The sickle also extended a hand, a terrible strength rushed out, and a two-meter-long white gold knife appeared in front of the sickle and lined up in a row, reaching a thousand.

Bang bang bang ……

The scythe’s hand also extended a button, and the one knife cut out a pair of blade qi columns, with a terrible strength rushing toward the front of the ghost tide, the speed is very fast, in the air, a stroke, It seems that the sky can be penetrated.


A loud sound came out, and the ghost tide and the air column collided together. There was a second explosion, a shock wave spread out, the blade qi burst, and the ghost spread.


The volatility has not subsided, a huge rumbling sound rang, and a pair of white gold eyes appeared in the sky. Without a trace of emotion, an ice-cold terrifying blade intent was emitted, and Heaven and Earth became extremely dangerous.


This pair of eyes falls on Zhao Fu’s body, the next moment. Countless sharp knives, shot from a pair of eyes in the sky, with a terrible strength to Zhao Fu smashed past, as if smashing the earth .

Zhao Fu stood still in the same place, and the expression ice-cold did not change. Countless fallen swords were about to attack Zhao Fu’s.


Zhao Fu exudes a huge force of ghosts, surrounded by nine rune circles, with a terrible strength, and a huge twist of the power to spread out.

Numerous knives that fell from the sky were twisted by an invisible strength, all deviating from the original direction and hitting the ground around Zhao Fu.


A loud sound rang out, and a knife slammed on the ground, and a powerful knife slammed the ground out of a large pit. Countless rocks crashed and the smoke was filled.

Zhao Fu raised the head, a pair of terrible eyes looking at the pair of white gold eyes in the sky, raised a hand.

Around the nine-way rune circle around Zhao Fu, it automatically flies to the front of Zhao Fu’s palm, one wrapped in one.

A huge strength emerged from the palm of Zhao Fu’s, into the nine rune circles, nine rune circles glowed with gray light, and a terrifying force emerged.


A loud-shaking loud noise, a huge beam of runes from the rune circle, with the power of terrifying ghosts, instantly thundered into the sky in the pair of eyes shot in the past.


A huge explosion sounded, and the sky seemed to be shot into a huge hole, and the pair of white gold eyes collapsed and dissipated.


The body of the sickle appeared in front of Zhao Fu’s, the palm of the same blade, with a stroke of the side, five huge knives with terrifying to the extreme strength, smashed to Zhao Fu, the void was smashed broken.

At that moment, Zhao Fu took Emperor Killing Sword’s hand and waved it with a fierce gray sword light, with a strong strength moving forward.


A huge sound came out, two terrifying strengths collided together, and a terrible shock wave instantly spread out.

Both people were stepped back by the shock wave.

A huge strength of the sickle was poured into the arm. His arm seemed to be metalized, and a huge blade qi emerged, forming a huge knife that exudes sharpness.

I saw the sickle rushed to Zhao Fu and slammed the arm to Zhao Fu. The terrible long knife also took an amazing strength and flew to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu injects a strength into the sword in his hand, slashing it with force, and a sharp sword light stabbed the sword with a strong strength.


The two hit together, the sword light shattered, and Zhao Fu’s body was repelled a few steps without hurting.


In the next second, a huge mist emerged from the body of the sickle, a huge arm with numerous sharp knives, suddenly protruding out of the mist, raised his hand with a strong strength, and took a picture of Zhao Fu. past.


Zhao Fu didn’t react. The body was shot by the huge arm. The body fell straight from the sky and landed on the ground. An impact spread and the kilometer’s ground collapsed at that moment.

However, Zhao Fu’s body has not suffered much damage, Zhao Fu in this state, its own defense has become terrible.

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