The sickle in the sky sees a hand out, a huge strength is emitted at a time, a long knife appears in the sky, the number is not clear, the knife tip is all aligned with the Zhao below. Fu, exudes a terrible momentum.

Clang clang clang ……

One of the sickle’s hands pressed, countless long knives with a terrible strength, quickly shot to the ground Zhao Fu, the speed is very fast, bring out a stream of light, also very terrible, as if the ground will be hit Broken in general.

Zhao Fu was lying on the ground and didn’t move. At the moment when countless long knives came, the body poured out countless ghosts, wrapped around the body and surrounded by countless long knives, all of which were ghosts. The gas stopped.

I thought it was a long knife stuck in a gray fog balloon, which covered the ground with a misty cold.

At this time, countless long knives inserted in the fog, turned into a little white gold light to dissipate, and the ghosts are also corrected to dissipate.


A huge rumbling sound rang, a knives gathered in his hands, raised his hands, and then grabbed it with force, a kilometer of knife illusion appeared, emitting a terrible strength,

The sickle grabbed this long knife and forced it to Zhao Fu. It seemed that the knife would open the world with a huge knife.

Zhao Fu lying on the ground ice-cold looking at the sickle in the sky, holding a sword in his hand, lightly shouted, “Ghost Lord!”

Emperor Killing Sword directly ignited a ghost flame, and there were countless ghosts appearing around, making a scream.


Zhao Fu A sword slash came out, a huge gray sword light with a strong strength to go forward, as if to swallow everything, very terrible.


The long knife in the hands of the sickle was shattered, and the body of the sickle was also flying out by a sword slash, but the sickle was not injured, and his defense ability became very terrible.

At this time, Zhao Fu stood up from the ground, a huge strength was injected into the sword in his hand, and then inserted into the ground, the ground directly collapsed, a gray light column rushed into the sky with a terrible momentum, a huge ghost spread come out.

A tens of meters high, a strong muscle, with three iron horns, six purple eyes, a mouth fangs, purple black, a peaceful-shaking, earth-shattering ghost of the emperor appeared behind Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu ice-cold said, “Beat him!”


The ghost emperor made a huge roar, and with the terrifying momentum, he rushed over to the sickle, giving a sense of oppression like a giant mountain.

The face of the sickle changed, and the body ignited a huge white gold mist, and the figure of a brother of 10,000 meters appeared with a pure blade intent.

This figure is all metal, with no clothes, strong body, and the whole body is exposed to the tip of the knife, giving off a white light, giving a very terrible feeling.

The ghost emperor took a huge momentum and rushed to the front of the sickle. He punched the knives with the strength of the smashing of all things, and the void was distorted.

The sickle controls the person who converges on the mist, punches with a huge strength, and fights to the ghost emperor. With a very good blade qi, Heaven and Earth can be cut.


A huge sound came out, two fists collided together, and a huge wind blew up, causing countless trees to be uprooted, and numerous sandstones were blown into the sky.

The ghost emperor raised another fist and called the mist giant, which was condensed by the sickle. The mist giant extended a hand and called the ghost emperor.

The two fists continually collided, and the impact of one strand of the force into a huge storm spread, let countless trees be destroyed, flying sand and stone.


Mist Giant grabbed the arm of the ghost emperor, opened a huge mouth, a terrible knife light, shot from its mouth, with a terrible strength running through the ghost’s chest.

But at that moment, the other hand of the ghost emperor, with a huge strength, also runs through the body of the mist Giant.

The body of the Ghost Emperor began to dissipate as countless ghosts.

The body of the huge mist Giant also began to collapse, but the collapsed mist Giant instantly condensed a 10,000-meter-long sword. Power of Heaven and Earth poured into it, and the big knife exudes a knife in the world of destruction.


A heaven-shaking explosion came out. The 10,000-meter-long sword, with the strength of the destroy world, and the huge knife-shot, shot toward Zhao Fu, and the world seemed to be starting to collapse.

Zhao Fu, standing on the ground, pulled out the Emperor Killing Sword on the ground and blocked it in front of him. Numerous gray fogs condensed to form a gray jade ball, which exudes an amazing strength.


A loud-shaking bang broke out, and a long knife hit the ground, and then a huge explosion occurred. The golden-gold knives swallowed everything in it, and everything instantly turned into countless pieces.

When all the fluctuations spread, Zhao Fu lay on the ground, and there was a shallow wound on his body, which kept flowing out of blood.

Zhao Fu climbed up and squatted on the floor. A pair of terrifying eyes looked at the sickle with anger, which made the sickle feel a chill again.


Zhao Fu broke out all the power of the ghosts, and extended a hand. The palms of the palms floated six runes and pressed on the ground. A huge ghost force not only connected the Yin world, but also opened the depths of the Yin. The door.

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Six heaven-shaking rumbling sounds, six huge ghosts rushing out of the ground, rushing into the sky with a terrifying strength, making Heaven and Earth a shock, six huge ghost columns standing in the sky Among them.

The width of the six ghost columns reached tens of thousands of meters, and a huge ghost of the stock rushed out, easily immersing the world in it. The light dimmed and the world became cold, as if it were deep in the ghost world.


As if the sound of Heaven and Earth collapsed, a huge insignificant print of six patterns, exudes ancient, cold, vicissitudes, reincarnation, and the sizzling stone disc emerges from the sky.

Countless people showed a horrified expression, and they picked up huge waves in their hearts and looked at this huge stone dish. “This is Six Paths of Samsara!”

Bang bang bang ……

The huge Six Paths of Samsara sinks slowly, and the world of Six Paths of Samsara can’t withstand the beginning of collapse and distortion. Nothing can’t resist anything. Any god in front of him is an ant.

The sickle also showed a horrified expression, looking at the Six Paths of Samsara in the sky, did not think that Zhao Fu is so abnormal, Six Paths of Samsara are summoned.

At this point, he wanted to escape, but the Space-Time was surrounded by the Six Paths of Samsara. The huge pressure was directly on the sickle. The sickle broke out all the strength and wanted to resist Six Paths of Samsara. Rolling.

Still can’t resist, the body of the sickle was pressed to the ground with great pressure, and the Six Paths of Samsara in the sky kept sinking and the ground collapsed rapidly.

The huge roar is constantly ringing, the world is still trembling, the breath of a Six Paths of Samsara continues to spread like a dreadful flood, drowning everything in it, and countless people feel a suffocation.

Six Paths of Samsara is still coming, and the ground has collapsed a large pit with a huge kilometer wide. And it is still falling rapidly.


A long shout in the depths of the pit, shaking the sky, and making Heaven and Earth suddenly change.


A heaven-shaking bang came out at a time, and a huge white gold beam shot from the big pit, rushed into the sky with the strength of destroying everything, and even crushed the Six Paths of Samsara.


A sound of Heaven and Earth sounded like a collapse, a huge incomparable power came down, the sky collapsed directly, cracked countless cracks, and numerous white ray cracks shot, the whole sky collapsed into Nothingness, it becomes a piece of darkness.

A huge white star, like a white sun, at this time with a huge momentum, slowly coming out of the sky, Heaven and Earth also seems to sink, feeling a huge pressure.

The huge white star with the power of God, exudes a solemn, solemn, devout, Faith atmosphere, like a Lord of Gods, that strength can make a catastrophe, Space-Time twist, Ten Thousand Gods awe.

Everyone was shocked. I didn’t expect the Supreme Emperor Star to have a Protoss, and the Supreme Emperor Star is no more than the average Supreme Emperor Star. It is twice as large as the Emperor Star and emits more intense light.

The sickle has never been thought of again. Someone forced him to this step. If he does not use Emperor Star’s Power, he will definitely be crushed into a patties by Six Paths of Samsara.

This time, Heaven Awaken World’s trip was too unexpected for him. When he met such a terrifying person, Heaven Awaken World was really daunting.

However, now that he has used Emperor Star’s Power, he will win in that battle. He does not believe that Zhao Fu has any strength to defeat him.

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Six heaven-shaking rumbling sound At one time, an unimaginable pressure spread from the sky, and the whole world was in control moments, nothing could resist.

Six colors of starlight emerged from the sky, and the Emperor Star of the sickle divided the sky into seven colors.

A blood-colored star with a bloody glow, with countless scourges, a golden star that radiates countless golden light, with a powerful Emperor, a gray star that emits countless gray lights and a terrible ghost.

A burst of purple light, with the huge Dragon Power’s Purple Stars, a black star that emits countless magical spirits, a star that emits a cyan glow and exudes chaos and ridiculousness, with the momentum of the world, slowly from the sky Coming.

The sickle saw a scene in front of her eyes, and her mind fell into a blank space, showing a horrified expression, and the heart seemed to stop beating.


Six Emperor Stars in the sky surrounded the sickle’s Emperor Star, emitting a strong radiance, a suppression of Heaven and Earth’s strength explosion, imprisoning that Emperor Star, a vast Emperor Star’s Power as a huge The six-color star column falls on the body of the sickle.


A dull sound came out, and the body of the sickle had no resistance to being pressed against the ground by the six-color star. The bones of the body did not know how many roots were broken.

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