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Liu Yuexian feels that the throat wants to break, and she laughs. She understands that Zhao Fu has killed her, but Liu Yuexian is angry and screams, “You are killing me. I have had enough of this kind of day.” We are guilty, but what do you want us to do?”


Zhang Shuyun and Yang Yuyan cried on the ground and cried, “Your Majesty! We really know the wrong, and we are willing to bear the consequences. I just want you to give us a chance. If you kill, we will get rid of it, and we will kill us. “”


Zhao Fu cold face, “Do you think I won’t kill you three?”


Two more strengths emerged. They grabbed the throats of Zhang Shuyun and Yang Yuyan and lifted the two of them together. They couldn’t breathe and their faces became red.


Someone couldn’t stand next to him, and Zhao Fu said, “Okay! Don’t be angry and let them go once.”


Zhao Fu looked at the three people who were about to suffocate, and the cold voice gave them three.


The three men sat on the ground, panting loudly, feared in their hearts, just a step away from death.


Zhao Fu left the place with his cold face and clothes.


Liu Yuexian Three people gratefully said “thank you” to Senyin. If they didn’t, she might have been killed by Zhao Fu.


The key is that if their death can free their loved ones, they would rather die, but on the contrary, their death will not only make their relatives free.


Senyin is also wearing clothes, chuckled, “No! I appreciate the three you are willing to give everything for your loved ones, but I am a bit curious, you three are very good, why he will not bet you?”


Liu Yuexian simply said something.


Sen Yin also understood and said with a smile, “You can’t get his favor. Although he is romantic but has a bottom line, you just touched his bottom line completely, so he wants to kill you. If you are like this, everyone will save. No, you.”


Liu Yuexian nodded in confusion. “I actually know this, but I thought he would not be able to break the bottom line for a while. As long as he is willing to start a relationship with me, everything will be handled very well, so I will do this.”


“Now we are all serving him. He still refuses to have a relationship with us. It seems impossible. We will not do such a thing next time.”


Sen Yin said with a smile. “In fact, you can achieve this without using this method. Usually you should care more about him and warm his heart with his own behavior. Maybe he will let go of your loved ones.”


Liu Yuexian The three men nodded and understood this truth.




Zhao Fu just returned to the main hall and received a lot of news. Now the three forces have become Kingdom, and they have sensational all directions. Now all parties have sent Envoy to be friendly.


Not only the Kingdom power of Ancient Stem Domain and the Kingdom power of other domains, but also other large and small forces.


Among the Three Kingdoms, Daqin is the strongest one and the one with the greatest potential. The people who come from are naturally the most, and now they are waiting outside Zhaosi’s Zhao Fu’s.


Zhao Fu did not refuse, let them enter the Imperial Palace.


The people who come here have many acquaintances, such as Bing Qixue of Icefield Kingdom, Gu Qingyue of Ancient God Sect, the fire of Volcano Sect, Leng Shang of Profound Spirit Sect, and even Yin Ruoshi of Ancient Stem Domain most beautiful woman Sky Sound Sect. .


Last time, many Kingdom forces wanted to conquer Daqin, and all the forces came, except for Sky Sound Sect.


At that time, Sky Sound Sect also understood that these people could not conquer Daqin, so they did not come.


This time, Sky Sound Sect can understand the importance of the matter, without hesitation. As the Sky Sound Sect’s legatee Yin Ruoshi comes in person, it can be seen that Sky Sound Sect attaches great importance to Great Qin’s.


However, some people did not come, the first is Ancient Sword Sect sword cry, the second Bear Mountain Kingdom Xiong Xiao, the third Dragon Dragons Primal Sect Longyang.


The last time they wanted to force Da Qin to surrender to them, but Daqin did not give them a face. The two sides had a grudge. They still don’t know the true identity of Zhao Fu’s. If they knew Zhao Fu’s identity, they would have liked to unload Zhao Fu.


This time they went to the Monster Horn Empire, Wind God Empire, obviously because of the grudge, they wanted to use the hands of Monster Horn Empire and Wind God Empire to suppress Daqin.


In addition to the Ancient Stem Domain, Qingzhou Domain has also come to some acquaintances.


For example, the cold red youth Ye Kuang, Ye Kuang Qingzhou Rankings fifth, the black fat youth named Niu Hu, ranked fourth in Qingzhou Rankings, Ming Jian Wu Zong’s Young Sect Master, ranked third in the Greenwood list,


There is also a handsome monk You Quan, Desire Buddha Sect’s Young Sect Master, Qingzhou Rankings ranked second, with a dozen beautiful enchanting woman, a pair of kinky, evil eyes looking at Xianru, Arthur Tina, Li Muqing many women.


The last is the Shishu Ge of Poem Dynasty, the first strongest of the Qingzhou Domain.


Zhao Fu watched her come, and there were some surprises in her heart. I didn’t think that Daqin’s reputation was so big now, and the first force of Qingzhou Domain was sent.


Now everyone in Qingzhou Domain doesn’t know the true identity of Zhao Fu. He thinks that he is the owner of Kingdom. Although he has a lot of emphasis on Zhao Fu, he doesn’t really value it.


Everyone saw Zhao Fu sitting at the top, congratulations to Zhao Fu for upgrading to Kingdom, and some praise to Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu showed a smile. “I have already received your thoughts. I am already preparing for the banquet. I must treat you well. You can also play in Daqin.”


The crowd also showed a smile, Daqin was satisfied with their attitude towards them.


They have heard about all kinds of brutal cold blood in Daqin before, and the fierce names are shocking. They also worry that Daqin will not get along well. If Daqin is too arrogant and cold-blooded, then they will be more difficult.


The result is contrary to them, this Daqin is not as terrible as the rumors, but the one that is better to get along with.


Of course, now everyone does not dare to believe Daqin easily, because if Daqin is really so good, then there will be no fierce names, and no one will be afraid of this place. Maybe Daqin is a demon with a human skin. ,


In addition to handing over Daqin this time, there is also a purpose to understand what kind of power Daqin is. At this time, you can also play Daqin in Daqin.


At the banquet, Zhao Fu also simply hosted the parties, and then the people from all walks of life went around Daqin to collect all kinds of information about Great Qin’s.


Bing Qixue was a bit embarrassed at the banquet. The last time they came to conquer Daqin, they could turn to Daqin and become Kingdom and they became the same level. This time, they will pay Daqin again.


For the performance of Great Qin’s, everyone was shocked. Originally, Daqin could be suppressed by several forces. Now, when it turns to safety, the strength becomes extremely terrifying, and the potential of the future cannot be imagined.


They do not understand how Daqin has such powerful strength and potential, and there has always been a mystery that hangs over Daqin.


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