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Another point is that they are also very unexpected, that is, Aoki Y and Jiu Xiaoyun.


At that time, I watched Aoki Y and Jiu Xiaoyun sitting next to Zhao Fu, an intimate look, just like a couple, and they are obviously not the virgin body.


“What’s the matter?”


Two Ancient Stem Domain Heaven’s Chosen figures are the most fancy people of the two forces. How can they be willing to be his woman? At that time, it was not a quarrel to be a queen. She only wanted a woman, now what? Don’t you?


With their understanding of Aoki Y and Jiu Xiaoyun, if they don’t see it, they will not believe it.


The two of them stayed in Daqin at that time. Now they have not left, and they are also called Zhao Fu’s woman. Maybe they know some secrets of Daqin.


Bing Qixue Gu Qingyue also called the two of them next to each other.


Gu Qingyue asked with a strange look, “How did both of you become his woman? Have you got some secrets from Daqin?”


Aoki Y proudly said, “He is qualified to be our husband. As for the secret, we certainly know, but we will not tell you.”


Everyone was a little surprised, although I don’t know what the secret is, but looking at Aoki Y’s willingness to be a Zhao Fu woman, it must be a big secret.


It is obvious that Aoki Y can’t tell them this secret, which makes them more curious. How much terrible things are hidden in Daqin, that Emperor of the Great Qin may be very terrifying from the Aoki Y tone.


Bing Qixue looks at Jiu Xiaoyun. “You look more beautiful than before, destiny is more powerful, and Constitution has also been greatly improved. Although you will not say it, you should get great benefits in Daqin.”


Jiu Xiaoyun said with a chuckle, “Yes! We are getting great benefits. Daqin is also something you can’t imagine. I advise you to be careful in the future, don’t get rid of Daqin, don’t say we didn’t remind you.”


Bing Qixue Everyone’s face is a bit serious, how strong their power is. Jiu Xiaoyun is very clear, but Jiu Xiaoyun in turn wants them to be careful, which shows that things are far more terrible than imagined.


They have raised the importance of Great Qin’s to the highest level. They also want to know some information about Daqin, but Aoki Y and Jiu Xiaoyun don’t say it, which makes them feel uncomfortable.


The crowd looked at Yin Ruoshi, who is the strongest person here and is now the #1 Heaven’s Chosen of the Ancient Stem Domain.


Originally, she is ranked third, but the first person is missing, the second person is already mad, and now she is still there.


Yin Ruoshi said seriously, “Da Qin has too many hidden things. If you don’t become a person of Daqin, it is impossible to know the true face of Great Qin’s, so we should not waste time. There is no conflict of interest between us and Daqin. In the future, there is little involvement. Come in.”


Bing Qixue Everyone understands that they can’t see what Daqin really looks like. Now they can’t offend Daqin.


They intend to also slap the matter above, so that they must pay attention to Daqin, and there must be no intention.


Jiu Xiaoyun said with a smile, “Become a great Qin’s person will know the secret of Daqin, Yin Ruoshi. You can also become a woman of our husband, not only know the secrets of Daqin, but also enjoy extreme happiness every day.”


Aoki Y’s face is red, shyly said, “Jiu Xiaoyun, why don’t you be embarrassed, such things must be said.”


Jiu Xiaoyun said with a chuckle, “What is the harm? Isn’t that you enjoying it too? And Yin Ruoshi will soon become a woman of justice.”


Aoki Y was blushing and waved a small fist to Jiu Xiaoyun. Jiu Xiaoyun smiled and blocked the Aoki Y fist, and the two played with each other. This has not changed before, and people can’t help but envy their relationship.


The people around me naturally understand what it means. They also heard about this. Now it seems that the rumor is correct.


Yin Ruoshi also had a blush on her face, but she didn’t think she would become a Zhao Fu’s woman. She didn’t feel anything about Zhao Fu.




On the other side, Qingzhou Domain is also crowded together, You Quan said with a smile. “I heard that the Great Qin Empire is like a cloud. Now I see it all by the eyes. It’s all beautiful, there is no shortage of natural fragrance, I really admire that. Kid.”


Shishu Ge gave him a look. “I advise you to be honest. This Emperor of the Great Qin is unfathomable. If you get him, you will die very badly, and this Great Qin Empire is also very simple. All major forces are Very concerned.”


Ming Jian agreed, “Yes! This Daqin heard that it is very terrifying. No one has seen his true strength. Every crisis can cope. In addition to mastering all kinds of terrible means, Alchemy Power and Alchemy Sacred Beast are now mastered. “”


Niu Hu said curiously, “Now I am also curious how Daqin masters Alchemy Power and Alchemy Sacred Beast. My power is to send me to inquire about this. If you master this method, it is very important to us, even use it. To resist Alchemy Clan.”


Ye Kuang said madly, “What are you afraid of! This Daqin is just a force that has just been upgraded to Kingdom. With a few of our forces, we can easily destroy him. I think we will send a few troops to come over and let Daqin hand over the method. Kill it and take back the woman and the treasure.”


You Quan said with an evil smile. “I will fully support this decision. Now I want to do a few big Qinzizi and taste what they are. They are too tempting for me.”


Shishu Ge frowned. “You want to find death, but don’t pull us. Now that the big Qin is coming out of the strength, the major forces will not be so stupid, and Daqin used an enchantment to give you more than a dozen Kingdoms. The attack can’t be broken.”


Niu Hu nodded. “This is a very correct statement. My power is that I have to hand over Daqin well. Don’t force that method, and try not to offend Daqin.”


Ye Kuang heard this and still had some disdain. “I don’t understand what Daqin has to fear. That kind of enchantment is definitely precious. Daqin may not be used once, and Daqin cannot hide in enchantment for a lifetime. When the world broke, we still destroyed Daqin. It was very uncomfortable for Laozi to look at the Great Qin Emperor’s.”


Niu Hu lightly snorted, “Do whatever you want to do, anyway, it doesn’t matter to me, I won’t be so stupid.”


Ye Kuang said with anger, “Are you saying that I am stupid?”


Niu Hu said provocatively, “I am in other words, you are stupid, what? I want to play one, I will accompany you at any time.”


Ye Kuang was angry and wanted to break out a strength.


Shishu Ge has a cold face. “You don’t blame me for being rude. I don’t want to draw Great Qin’s attention now.”


When I heard Shishu Ge, both of them were honest. They understood the power of Shishu Ge and could easily defeat them.


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