The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2522

After Zhao Fu got the news of Yin and Yang Lingzong, he began to prepare to sneak into Yin and Yang Lingzong.


A dull voice sounded, a young man with an ordinary appearance was kicked out by a kick and poured out on the ground to spit out a blood.

A young man who looks arrogant, disdainfully said, “Six three! I said that you are not my opponent, or give me a honest, hand over the thing, or I can put a heavy hand, do not ask for it. ”

Sixty-three is the young man who was kicked out. He looked angry at the youth. He just exchanged a treasure from the sect, and the savage youth came over and snatched it.

He also knows the arrogant young man, who is called Shang Mi. He often swears that he has the power to bully others. He has been bullied by Shang Mi several times. Now he really wants to kill Shang Mi, but he can’t beat it.

I thought about it, although the treasure is important, but now security is more important, even if he does not hand it out, he will eventually be snatched away.

The last six or three can only come up with a piece of milky white jade. This piece of jade is called Tongling Jade, which can enhance the speed of cultivation. He took a long time to redeem it.

I will surrender it now, and I am extremely angry in the heart of Liu San, but I have to pay it again.

Shang Mi looked at the piece of white jade, smiled and held out a hand and grabbed it. The white jade flew into his hand. Then he did not look at the six or three eyes and walked straight to the side.

For him, the six-three strength is weak, the qualification is poor, even if he is practicing, it is not his opponent, so he did not put him in his heart.

Sixty-three looked at the merchants who left, and thought in anger, in the future must become stronger than him, and all the shame he would receive would be repaid.

Subsequently, June 3 took the next task and left the sect.


A man in a black cloak was in front of him. Sixty-three sensed that his breath was weak. Now he is mad, his tone is very welcome. “What are you doing in front of me? Nothing to get out of me!”

Zhao Fu did not dare to sneak into the Yin and Yang Lingzong. It was too dangerous. Once it was discovered, Zhao Fu did not escape.

Therefore, Zhao Fu wants to find a disciple of Yin and Yang Lingzong to control him, and then use him to sneak into the Yin and Yang Lingzhu to see if he can get Yin and Yang Lingzhu.

Now Zhao Fu met the person in front of him, his face showed a smile, no need to talk, a powerful Power of Evil Demon emerged.

Sixty-three felt the terrifying darkness of the body, the body became ice-cold, his face was pale, and he was scared to escape.

A huge pale root quickly flew out from the ground, and then wrapped around the body of June 3, and the fear of six or three was constantly struggling, but it was unable to break away. A huge Evil Demon Qi was injected into it.

The body of Liu San quickly stopped struggling, and the expression of fear became dull. Zhao Fu consciousness entered his brain and got all the information of Liu San.

Subsequently, Zhao Fu’s body was hidden in an unmanned corner, controlling the body of Liu San to return to the Yin and Yang Xianzong.

According to the news, the Yin and Yang Lingzhu of Yin and Yang Lingzong was placed in a Yinyang Building.

This yin and yang building is divided into three levels, which are the places where the Yin and Yang Lingzong disciples practice. Each layer corresponds to different cultivation speeds. The first layer has the slowest cultivation speed. The highest level is thirty-three. The fastest.

The yin and yang spirit beads are placed on the top floor. As the core of the Yinyang Building, they absorb the spirit of Heaven and Earth and help countless disciples practice.

There is also a point to get there, and Zhao Fu takes out a token and looks at it with a little more points, just to get there.

Zhao Fu controls the body of Liu San and walks directly to the Yinyang Building.

After a while, Zhao Fu reached the front of Yinyang Building. This Yinyang Building was on a hillside with a Primal Chaos Chart at the top, slowly rotating, absorbing Heaven and Earth aura, surrounded by lush grass. Such as carpets will generally cover the ground.

There seems to be no danger around, but in fact it is full of strong prohibitions. Whoever wants to enter it will be smashed into slag.

Zhao Fu held the token and continued to move forward.

Yin Yang Lou shot a ray of light Mang fell on Zhao Fu’s body, Zhao Fu’s hand-held token disappeared quickly, and then a ray of light covered his body.

Zhao Fu continued to walk to the Yinyang Building, and Zhao Fu was not attacked by the ban because of the light.

Entering the first floor of the Yinyang Building, there are many people sitting around the disk, there may be tens of thousands, and the eyes are closed.

Zhao Fu sensed it with his eyes closed, and the surrounding aura was quickly injected into everyone’s body, which could improve the speed of cultivation, but it was too slow for Zhao Fu.

This time, Zhao Fu was not originally for cultivation, so I didn’t care too much about these things and walked over to 2nd level.

The 2nd level staircase has an enchantment. If you want to enter the 2nd level, you must break this enchantment.

For Zhao Fu, there is no difficult at all. Stretch out a hand and grab it. The enchantment in front of it is shredded like a thin piece of paper. Zhao Fu steps directly onto the 2nd level staircase.

At 2nd level, the number of people practicing here has decreased, but the number is still a lot, and the speed of cultivation has increased.

Zhao Fu didn’t care too much. He walked up the stairs to the 3rd level and waved his hand. The enchantment in front of him was broken.

Then, Zhao Fu came to the 3rd level.

The number of 3rd levels has decreased, and the rate of cultivation has increased faster.

Continue to the 4th level.

When I came to the 4th level, I just wanted to go to the 5th level. An unexpected sound came up. “How can you come to the 4th level?”

Zhao Fu turned to look to one side, saw a savage young man, and looked at himself unexpectedly.

Zhao Fu searched the memory of Liu San and knew his identity. This person is just the singer who has just snatched the six-three-way Lingyu.

Because Tongling jade can increase the speed of cultivation, he can’t help but come to the Yinyang Building to see how effective it is when he grabs things.

The result made him very satisfied. With the psychic jade and the yin and yang building, the cultivation was extremely fast. He believed that the cultivation base could break through to the next stage.

When he was in a happy time, he found that the six-three who had just grabbed something had come to the 4th level.

How does he have the strength to come to the 4th level? With his strength at the 3rd level, it is impossible to come to the 4th level, so he will be so surprised.

At the same time, dare to threaten, because people who come to the 4th level are basically capable of fighting him.

But he can’t figure it out. People who have just been easily defeated by him, how can they not grow stronger? This is too fast!

The consciousness of Liu San has not been erased yet, and now I am looking at the anger of Shang Mi.

Zhao Fu controls the corners of Liu San’s mouth and shows a stern smile. “I come to 4th level, do you have any opinions?”

Shang Mei’s face changed. He felt that the six or three images in front of him changed like a person. He was overbearing and dangerous. He had never dared to talk to himself before.

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