The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2523

What is it’s the matter? Just a blink of an eye, the strength of the six-three is not only stronger, but the temperament that has come out has also changed. It feels like a change.

Now when I heard the provocative words of June 3, Shang Mi was quite used to it, and my heart was very unconvinced. Cold voice said, “Don’t think that you can beat me on the 4th level. I advise you to be honest, otherwise I don’t. I will let you go.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, provocatively said, “You can try it!”

In the heart of Shang Yi, he was angry and directly exuded a powerful momentum. He rushed forward in a few steps, and punched the strength with the strength of the broken stone to Zhao Fu’s head.

Zhao Fu stood in the same place, his eyes scorned and slowly extended a finger.


A loud bang sounded, and a strong wind blew away and blew it to the Quartet. Shang Fei’s fierce punch was blocked by Zhao Fu’s finger, and Shang Mi’s face was unbelievable.

Other people who were originally closed-eye practitioners were affected by the wind, and they opened their eyes and saw the scene. They couldn’t help but start talking, “powerful!”

The consciousness of June 3 saw this scene and said with excitement, “I don’t know what you are doing in my body, but as long as you can help me teach this person, I am willing to give it to you.”

Now that Zhao Fu is so strong in June 3, I really want to retaliate directly. Although it is not easy to do it myself, but I also use his body to teach me, and my heart can also vent.

Zhao Fu didn’t care too much about Liu San, because there is no resistance in this six-three, Zhao Fu can now obliterate his consciousness at any time, a pair of eyes looking at the Shangmi.

Shang Mi faced Zhao Fu’s a pair of eyes. Some instinct was afraid. He took the fist back and the body took a few steps back.

Zhao Fu walked over to him with a sly smile. “Why don’t you continue?”

Shang Mi said with some fear, “I just missed it, I want you to apologize!”

Now Shangmei knows that he can’t beat Liusansan, and he has a strong fear of the current June 3rd. He can’t think that Liusan will become so terrible.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Apologize naturally, you have to be sincere, now give me a kneel down!”

Wen Yan said, Shang Mi said angrily, “You don’t want to be too much!”

Zhao Fu ignores the words of Shang Mi, a pair of eyes staring at him, “I am giving you a chance, kneel!”

Shang Mi’s face is very difficult. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to be too humiliating. One side has the fear of Zhao Fu’s terrible strength.

Zhao Fu didn’t want to waste time, stretched out a hand to make a finger movement, and a strong strength gathered in his hand.


As soon as the finger slammed, a huge rumbling sound rang, and a powerful force fiercely rushed to Shang.

Shang Mi was shocked and kept his hands in front of him.


Shang Mi’s body was blown out by the huge strength, and fell to the ground and spit out a large mouthful of blood. Both hands cracked a wound, and the blood continued to flow out. It was a bit miserable.

Sixty-three hearts are extremely happy, he is always thinking about revenge,

Others looked nervous and serious, and dared not say anything. They understood that Zhao Fu’s strength was far stronger than them, for fear that they would accidentally anger Zhao Fu and fall to the same end as Shang Mi.

Shangmi lay on the ground and looked at Zhao Fu with a look of fear. He took out a few things and said, “These are all your things. Now I will give it to you, please let me go once.”

Zhao Fu glanced at the things in his hand and naturally couldn’t see it. Without a wave of interest, a strength waved out at a time to smash out and vomit blood. The things in his hands are also scattered.

Shang Mi bears this blow and looks pale and indifferent. Zhao Fu has no idea of ​​continuing and intends to go to the 5th level building.

At this time, a strong young man just came down from the 5th level, and coldly looked at Zhao Fu. “I heard that someone bullied my Junior Brother, that is you guy.”

Shang Mi looked at the strong young man who appeared, and cried in surprise. “You must help me out. You have made me like this, but I have to squat, this is insulting you and Master.”

The strong young man’s face is more ice-cold, with a hint of twilight in his eyes. “I just said what the Junior Brother just said?”

Zhao Fu said disdainfully, “Now! I don’t want to waste time.”

When the people present heard this, they were shocked and realized that this battle could not be avoided. The young people of the strong had some understanding. The strength was very strong. They practiced at the 7th level and they did not dare to offend this guy.

The strong young man said fiercely, “Look at your appearance, you are only a minimum disciple, you can talk so arrogantly, today don’t abolish your hands and feet, you really don’t know how tall and thick.”


A huge momentum broke out from the body of a strong young man, and the atmosphere around him became dignified at that moment, and everyone dared to have a trace of fear.

The strong young man rushed over to Zhao Fu with this terrible momentum, just like a fierce beast, and felt that no one could resist.

Pā !

A crisp voice sounded, facing the fierce young man who rushed over, Zhao Fu extended a hand, a simple wave, a terrible strength fan on the youth’s face, directly flew the youth fan out and slammed into the crowd In the middle, it caused an exclamation.

The strong young man fell to the ground, his left face was swollen, and a blood flowed out of his mouth.

Shang Mi looked fear, what’s the matter? Originally his six or three, how to have such a terrible strength.

The people around them were afraid. They just underestimated Zhao Fu. They didn’t think that the strong young man who was playing a slap was not hurt.

Zhao Fu looked at the strong young man lying on the ground and said disdainfully, “A waste can dare to talk to me like this!”

The strong young man felt a huge shame, shouted, climbed up from the ground, exuding all the strength, and ignited a huge black mist, rushing toward Zhao Fu, the momentum is terrible.

Pā !

A crisp sound came out again, and Zhao Fu waved a hand, a huge strength waved out, and the fan was on the other side of the strong young man. The strong young man was fanned far away and hit a wall. Spit a big blood, then fainted.

Everyone was scared, only to feel that the opposite person crushed the strong youth, not a level of battle.

Shang Mi looked scared and bowed his head and dared not say anything.

Zhao Fu didn’t waste time here and went on to the fifth floor.

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu and disappeared at the 4th level. He breathed a sigh of relief and then boiling. They talked about what had just happened, and they also inquired about the identity of the person and were curious about that person.

The news also spread quickly. There was a low-level disciple who beat high-level disciples, and the strength was unfathomable.

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