The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2919


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First Volume Chapter 367

Sun Youth thinks for a moment, nodded, “I am willing to support the Son of God!”

The sun and youth have expressed their position, and the other two envoys also expressed their willingness to support the reform of Zhao Fu. If they do not support them, both of them may be abolished as the identity of the sun god, and they can always promote a new sun god. Make.

Zhao Fu nodded with a satisfied smile, “First of all, I want to announce that the two systems will be abolished. The first angel will not collect materials from other villages, and the second will abolish the maid system.”

These two systems Zhao Fu was abolished when he served as the Palace Lord. Later, considering that the fluctuations caused were too large, it was temporarily suspended. Now Zhao Fu has become the Temple Lord of the Eighth Day and has the highest power. It is also time to proceed New changes.

Sun Youth said, “God Son, these two systems have been in operation for a long time, and the objections may be very large.”

Sun also persuaded, “The Son is so much resistance, not equal to me, we come step by step, don’t be so anxious.”

Rihu also said, “Um, which affects the interests of many people, the resistance will be great.”

There will be a lot of resistance, and Zhao Fu has long expected it, because Zhao Fu was greatly assisted when he abolished the two systems in the White Temple, and Zhao Fu’s solution was also very direct, that is, they killed all dead.

Maybe take it slowly, it will reduce some resistance and casualties, but Zhao Fu does not have that many time to stay here.

Zhao Fu said, “Um, I know there will be a lot of resistance. Now you have assembled the strength of the eight temples and distributed them in various places in Extreme Yang. Once there is a rebel execute without any mercy.”

Several Japanese envoys looked at Zhao Fu with some surprise, but did not expect Zhao Fu to be so decisive and directly kill those who rebelled against the order. At this time, I don’t know how many people will die, and the Eighth Temple will also Suffered a lot of losses.

Sun Young and Unable to Bear said, “The Son of God, if so, will die a lot of people, which will have an adverse effect on the Eighth Temple.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I understand that there will be a lot of losses, but without destruction there can be no construction, only by sacrificing these people will we usher in a more thorough and brand new eight-day temple.”

hearing this, Rising Sun didn’t say anything.

Zhao Fu looked towards everyone, “What else do you have to say?”

Everyone was silent.

Zhao Fu said, “Then follow my orders!”

“Yes!” the numerous sun god ambassador said

The assembled eight temple armies were distributed to various places in Extreme Yang according to Zhao Fu’s order, and the abolition of the two systems was announced at the same time.

Of course, the most happy people are those in the villages and towns and those who are persecuted, the disabled to bear directly eases, and even some people cry in excitement.

The prophecy has really come true. The prophet will make their days better and the Japanese will become stronger.

Of course, there are also some people who are not convinced, originally their own interests will not be greatly affected, and even thought that there will be more benefits, but did not expect that.

Some people have chosen to bear it, and now the prophet has taken control of the eight-day temple, and their rebellion is equal to courting death.

Some people can’t stand it, and they directly summon their troops and want to resist the orders issued by Zhao Fu.

At this time, the army distributed in various places played a role.

An army of troops easily invaded a town. Those who rebelled wanted to escape in fear, and the army pursued them fiercely.

Finally, the mayor of this town was caught, a middle-aged man with a big belly, who was dragged by two people in front of a young man in armor.

middle-aged man cried and begged, “I dare not, please let me go once, I am willing to obey all orders.”

The young man gave orders indifferently, “God has orders, everyone who violates the orders kill without mercy.”

The middle-aged man was dragged down, and the soldiers drew out a large knife to cut off the middle-aged man’s head, and blood spewed out like spring water.


There are countless screams in the town, people feel a fear, bloody smell spread everywhere.

Killing numerous rebels, young people let these bodies be hung on the city wall to warn other people.

There are also rebels in other places, but they have just moved, and the army guarded on the side immediately slammed into them, killing all the rebels, and it is useless to surrender. The bodies are also piled together to form a hill , Blood flowed into a Xiaoxi. It makes people feel strong fear.

Under the repression of this bloody killing, the signs of rebellion have been eradicated before it has grown, and the rest of the rebellious people dare not take any rebellious action.

After a short period of chaos, the Temple of Eight Days quickly calmed down, and it can even be said to be dead. Whether it is a person who wants to rebel or a person who supports change, he dare not make any sound under this bloody killing, fearing himself. Will also be killed.

The Eight Sun God Envoys became very careful in front of Zhao Fu, and they were afraid that they would anger him. Watching the Eight Sun God Temples change to another look in a short time, the Eight Sun Gods also surprised them.

Zhao Fu waited for a few days to calm down the killing, continued to issue some orders, and issued some announcements at the same time, I will not arbitrarily murder, killing some damn people, they are against my order The person who is also hindering the transformation of the Temple of the Eighth Day.

Zhao Fu issued another order inviting people from various villages, towns, and forces to come to the temple together to discuss the direction of the temple for the next eight days and solve problems in various places.

Knowing this, originally worried about cheering at once, and not worrying about being punished, he wholeheartedly supported Zhao Fu as a prophet.

People everywhere came to the temple with a smile and hope. When they saw the legendary prophet, they became excited and excited.

Zhao Fu does not have any high posture, but sits gently in the position of God, listening to various things in various places, and making some replies, although it may not necessarily solve their affairs in various places, but there are also An attitude.

The last banquet entertained everyone.

After these people go back, they will talk about what happened, let countless people know what kind of person Zhao Fu is, and his views on the Temple of the Eighth Day, as well as his personal philosophy, the capital of Extreme Yang Boiling up, everyone became crazy about Zhao Fu’s likes and respects.

It can be said that no matter what spirit is given by Zhao Fu now, they will never want to execute it, and they are full of confidence in the future of the Eight-day Temple.

The Eight Sun God Envoys looked at the changes in the Eight Day Temple and became more respectful of Zhao Fu’s. They understood that Zhao Fu was not just a prophetic person, and his strength was also extraordinary. The future is also full of expectations.

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