The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2920


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First Volume Chapter 368

The former village, white-haired old man and numerous villagers, watched the change of the temple on the 8th. With a smile on his face, he even felt honored, because it was they who discovered the prophet, and their village was also the starting point for the change of the prophet.

white-haired old man Xiaohehe said to several children, “I want to apologize to you. At first I blamed you. Without you, the prophet will not come to our village. I should thank you.” [ 19459002]

The villagers next to me said happy with a smile.

“Yes! The prophet not only saved us, but also changed the eight-day shrine. Now our good days are given by him, and now I am a firm believer in the prophet.”

“Yes, I am also a firm believer in prophecy, he is too great.”

“Um, I believe that the future will be getting better and better. I will always support the prophet. In the future, I will also become a god envoy.”

“I want to become a god envoy too. Now the Temple of the Eighth is different from before, and I want to change back to the temple that I respected and loved before.”

A few children didn’t quite understand the meaning of adults, but they also stood there with a happy smile, and the village was lively.

On the other side, Zhao Fu asked several Japanese envoys what happened in those days and why such a large mutation occurred in the place of Extreme Yang.

Sun Youth replied for a moment, “We haven’t been very clear about things for many years, but we also know some.”

Zhao Fu has always been curious about what happened in the past, why Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique is related to the Temple of the Eighth Day, and said, “You tell me what you know.”

Sun Blue complied, “It seems that there was a person named Zili who broke into our eight-day shrine and wanted to steal the eight-day Divine Fire of our eight-day shrine. On the eighth Divine Fire was the eighth The eight flames taken by the innate god from the eight suns have extremely pure Origin solar power.”

“Our eight-day shrine relies on the eight regiment Divine Fire to form an eight-day god land in the Extreme Yang land, so various spirit plants are prosperous, species are numerous, birds and beasts are in groups, and they are full of vitality,”

“The Eight Mission Divine Fire was stolen by the man of the oak, so the Eighth God Land disappeared, the Extreme Yang land was eroded daily by heat, the plants withered, the birds and beasts migrated, and finally gradually became such a desolate and ruined amount now. Look,”

Zhao Fu curiously asked, “Divine Fire is so important to you, how did the man named Zigong steal the Divine Fire of your eight-day shrine?”

Ri Qing also wondered, “We don’t know, anyway, he was stolen.”

Zhao Fu continued to ask, “How did the eight Japanese angels who left the prophecy die?”

Sun Youth seriously replied, “We are not very clear about this, only know that it is related to the eighth Divine Fire,”

Zhao Fu continued to ask, “Why did the eight Japanese angels leave prophecies?”

Sunshine shook the head.

Zhao Fu feels a little strange, that the person named Zi Li seems to be the first evil fairy, but because the cultivation base was extremely weak at that time, it was unlikely to steal such an important Divine Fire, the eight Japanese gods The disappointment is suspicious, and I don’t know why they left their prophecies in this world?

Is it possible for the eight Japanese gods to predict everything early and take the initiative to give the first group Divine Fire to the first evil fairy, the first evil fairy relies on the eight group Divine Fire to create Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique, forming another kind of not Weaker than the strength of Innate Origin Power.

The Eight-Day Temple lost Divine Fire, the Eight-Day God Land began to collapse, the Power of Heaven and Earth began to exodus, and the Eight-Day God Envoy tried desperately to stop it, and failed to die.

The reason for the prophecy was that they had expected that such a person would appear, so they gave the eight regiment Divine Fire to the first evil fairy, and they got the first evil fairy legacy, and finally returned to Extreme Yang To realize what they predicted.

All this is Zhao Fu’s guess. I don’t know if it’s accurate or it’s difficult to explain these things.

Finally, after thinking about it, Zhao Fu is not entangled with these things, and strives to make the Eight-day Temple better, so that the Japanese can prosper, so that they can absorb their Origin daily power and owe them nothing.

Zhao Fu asked again, “How is the Eighth God Land formed?”

Sun Blue replied, “Using the eight regiment Divine Fire as the basis, the sun set by the eight suns in the sky was transformed into a divine force, covering the entire Extreme Yang land.”

Zhao Fu said for a moment, “I want to condense the eight groups of Divine Fire to form a new eight-day god land.”

Hearing this, everyone was a little surprised.

The sun is unable to bear to remind Zhao Fu to say, “Son of God, Divine Fire is not so easy to condense. Divine Fire is a flame on the sun, which has been bred for countless years and is relatively rare on the sun,”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I will try it first.”

The young people in Zhaoqing looked at Zhao Fu without blocking, and they were not sure if Zhao Fu could do it.

Zhao Fu came to the statue of Haori Temple and flew into this golden statue, creating a huge gravitational force.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and a huge golden beam fell in the sky, and a huge sun power spread on the idol.

Everyone in the young and blue looked at the idol seriously.

Zhao Fu absorbs that huge Sun Power in the idol, now Zhao Fu’s intends to split part of the strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique and then convert it to Divine Fire.

Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique was created by Eight Group Divine Fire for Origin, which should be able to change back to Divine Fire, but Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique has formed another terrifying strength. This strength has nothing to do with Origin’s strength. Zhao Fu didn’t know if he could do it, so he said he wanted to give it a try.

A bloody rune floated out of Zhao Fu’s chest, staying on the position of Zhao Fu’s chest, countless golden Sun Power quickly gathered to the bloody rune.

That bloody rune kept absorbing this Sun Power, that kind of perverted and twisted breath, and began to fade a little, a hot and bright breath slowly emerged, emitting strong golden rays of light.


A huge noise came out, a terrifying strength spread out, and I saw that the bloody rune collapsed and changed into a golden flame the size of a coin, fluttering on Zhao Fu’s chest.

Zhao Fu smiled, took this little golden flame, and flew out of the golden statue.

When everyone saw the golden flame in Zhao Fu’s hands, they immediately showed a shocked expression, but did not expect Zhao Fu to really do it.

Sun Youth couldn’t help but say, “The God Son is so capable, I sigh it better.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “This is just a small part of Divine Fire’s strength, I can’t restore Divine Fire’s strength all.”

said with a chuckle during the day, “This is already very good, although it is a little weaker, but it can also form an eight-day god land, and the Divine Fire’s absorption of daily power will gradually become stronger. At that time, the place of Extreme Yang It will return to its previous state.”

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