The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2921


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First Volume Chapter 369

With a smile on his face, Rihu said, “All of this is a credit to the Son of God. The Son of God is a prophet, and everything can’t fail.”

Riyue also said with a smile, “The Son of God unified the originally chaotically scattered eight-day shrine in a short time, and also transformed the eight-day shrine. I think no one else can do it.”

Ri Xuan also smiled nodded, “There is a Divine Son in the Eighth Temple, which is our blessing.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “Okay! I’m going to other temples to merge Divine Fire. You are here to wait until the eight groups of Divine Fire are merged to re-form the eight-day god land.”

Everyone smiled nodded,

Zhao Fu came to the God Sun Temple, and once flew into the idol, sending out a huge suction, a golden beam fell down, and a bloody rune floated out of Zhao Fu’s chest, staying on Zhao Fu’s chest Before, countless golden rays of light poured into it.

A huge noise came out, a powerful strength spread out, and the bloody rune collapsed into a golden flame.

Zhao Fu put away this group of golden flames, and went to another temple, flew into the temple to continue to merge the golden flames.

After half a day, Zhao Fu merged the golden flames of the eight regiments and returned to the original Haori Temple.

Zhao Fu stood on a platform, with eight golden flames floating all around.

Eight people in the daytime also stand in eight directions centered on Zhao Fu, with the help of eight Japanese god envoys, it will be easier for Zhao Fu to create the eight-day god land.

I saw eight people extending a hand during the day, a strong strength poured out from their hands and injected into Zhao Fu’s body within the body, the eight people in the day were so stunned expression, they eight were Supreme Being level existence, but the strength is injected into the body of Zhao Fu, and it only feels that the body of Zhao Fu is like a huge black hole.

Most people who suffer a little of Supreme Being’s strength may explode to death. Eight of them want to use strength to support Zhao Fu, but they feel a little unlikely.

The eight people further realized that Zhao Fu’s is powerful, and it is not so simple that the people who predicted it were so simple, they couldn’t help but respect Zhao Fu’s.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and eight people exuded a stronger strength, which was injected into Zhao Fu’s body.

Zhao Fu’s body emits golden rays of light, and with the eight groups of golden flames around him, he flies up to the sky and comes to the sky. Zhao Fu forms a seal with his hands, and the eight groups of golden flames spread out from Zhao. Fu has the distance of several hundred meters.

Zhao Fu’s eyes looked towards the eight suns in the sky, his pupils opened, and a strong strength emanated.

Now, Zhao Fu has absorbed eight kinds of divine forces, which are absorbed by the way when the Divine Fire is integrated, and now Zhao Fu is performing these eight kinds of divine forces.

The eight suns in the sky emit more intense rays of light, and a huge Sun Power falls from the sky. The eight golden flames absorb this Sun Power and slowly grow larger , The breath that comes out is getting stronger and stronger.

The last eight groups of golden flames absorbed Sun Power and turned into eight groups of three meters wide and six meters high. It looked like a burning golden flame, exuding a terrifying imposing manner.

Zhao Fu’s hands formed quickly again, the round crystal stone in the center of his eyebrows floated out a golden ball of light, and flew to the top of Zhao Fu’s head, generating a suction force, and the eight groups of flames turned into a flame. In that golden ball of light.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and that golden ball of light spread out with a huge strength, covering the area of ​​each and everyone at once, and finally covering the entire Extreme Yang land.

From a distance, the location of Extreme Yang is enveloped by a layer of golden rays of light, exuding a powerful imposing manner, as if it is the place where Spiritual God cares, giving a very shocking feeling.

Countless people in Extreme Yang’s land immediately sensed this strength, and looked all around with a strange expression.

The eight sun rays in the sky seem to be a little weaker, not as hot as before, and even more strange things happen. Countless golden clouds appear in the sky, and then densely packed to cover the sky.

hong long long!

A thunder sounded, countless golden raindrops fell from the sky, and a golden rain began to fall. The place of Extreme Yang seemed to have been drought for a long time, and finally ushered in a burst of rain. The high temperature emanating from the earth was receding. A vitality spread.

I saw everyone and everyone on the ground where grass started to germinate and grow. Originally it was a Desert area. There were a lot of green plants and the scenery was beautiful.

Everyone living in Extreme Yang, weeping with joy when they saw this scene, they did not expect to see this scene with their own eyes. They often heard what their ancestors said before, but never saw it with their own eyes. The picture in front of us now should be what the ancestors said.

Some people happily run on the grass, some people gently sniff the grass, some look at the sky with a smile, some people happy laughter and cheerful voices.

The eight Japanese angels looked at the changes of all around and showed a smile. This scene is also a picture they really want to see. Their hearts are full of emotions. This is all over how many years. The place of Extreme Yang is in Once alive.

The current 8th God Land is still a weakened version, and the plants that grow out are just some ordinary plants. Although they seem to be many, they have little effect.

A true eight-day god land can grow Spirit graSS spiritual medicine into a piece of Extreme Yang.

Of course, this can only be done now. It takes not only a long time to restore the appearance of the former Extreme Yang land, but also eight powerful Sun God fires, which can only be fetched from the sun.

Zhao Fu fell from the sky.

Everyone came to Zhao Fu during the day and said in unison, “Thank you God!”

Zhao Fu asked a bit strangely, “Thank you for what?”

During the day said with a smile, “We sincerely thank you for everything you have done for our eight-day shrine. It can be said that you are our Savior. The previous predictions are also verified by one by one, and our hearts are full of you. Respect.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Now God Earth can only do this. When I fly to the future, I can see if I can get back the real Divine Fire of the Eight Regiments. At that time, Extreme Yang’s land can be restored to its previous state. ”

Riqing looked surprised and said, “Son of God, are you going to fly to Japan?”

Others also looked at Zhao Fu in surprise.

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile, “Only soaring to the sun can you truly get Origin’s daily power, which is also one of the purposes of my coming,”

Sun Youth said worriedly, “This is a very dangerous thing for the Son of God. With our ability as the Sun God, we can’t even fly to the sky. You can’t do such a thing.”

I also said during the day, “Son of God, you are the hope of our eight-day shrine. I don’t allow you to have a mortal danger. Please give up this idea and don’t fly to the sky.”

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