The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2922


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First Volume Chapter 370

Zhao Fu said, “I have my own plan. If it is very dangerous, I will give up myself. You don’t have to say more.”

hearing this, everyone can only sigh, now Zhao Fu is the hope of the Temple of the Eighth.

Zhao Fu also began to prepare for soaring to the sun, because the sun emits terrifying heat, which can make steel instantly become molten iron, which is much more dangerous than soaring last month. Zhao Fu did not care about it, and prepared carefully.

Whether it is soaring to the sun or soaring to the last month, we must first have the power of traction. It is easy to get lost in other spaces without using the power of traction.

Zhao Fu has absorbed the divine forces of the eight temples, and has sensed the traction of the eight suns, and can follow the traction to reach the sun. This should be no problem, and Zhao Fu already has the ability to ascend the moon , Soaring the sun at this time will be easy.

In addition to these, the most important thing is to resist heat. The heat emitted by the eight suns is not affordable to ordinary people.

Zhao Fu thought about it and planned to transform his body into the Sun Fire Physique first, that is, to energize his body, so that he might withstand that terrifying heat.

After making a decision, Zhao Fu let the Sun God Envoy build the sun stage and help in the future Sun God Envoy soar to the last month.

During this period, Zhao Fu stayed alone in the temple and began to transform into the Sun Fire Physique. I saw eight huge golden beams falling from the sky, emitting a hot strength, as if I could burn everything.

Zhao Fu was under eight beams of light, absorbing this huge and hot strength, the body gradually burned, and the body began to become energetic, and finally Zhao Fu became a fireman, emitting countless golden Flame, there is a huge high temperature.

With these preparations in place, Zhao Fu came to the constructed sundeck, and the eight Japanese god envoys looked at Zhao Fu, who was slightly flaming, still worried.

Persuaded during the day, “Are you sure you want to fly to the sky, Son of God? It’s too late to regret it now.”

Rihu also persuaded, “Flying to the Sun has been difficult to succeed since the death of the eight Spiritual Gods. This is too dangerous. I hope the Must must think clearly.”

Zhao Fu said, “I have already made a decision on this matter, you can leave it!”

The people were not talking, they just stepped aside.

The sundeck is made of gold, high several hundred meters, all around Now there is no one, because this time the sundial did not tell other people, because Zhao Fu such an important person wants to fly to the sky, it will cause great Turbulence.

Zhao Fu chose to fly during the day, because there is a sun during the day, which is good for Zhao Fu’s ascent, and soars to the last month at night, because there is a moon, so good at night.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, the eight suns in the sky emitted strong rays of light, and a vast Sun Power spread out, turning the entire sky into golden.

Countless people raised the head and looked at the golden sky, and it was unclear what happened.


A huge rumbling sound resounded everywhere, and a powerful traction force fell down, holding Zhao Fu’s body like a fireman vertically upward.

The picture is very magnificent. Like Zhao Fu’s people who are called by the gods, his body keeps rising straight up and the silhouette is getting smaller and smaller.

The eight Japanese envoys who were all around, could only stand on the spot and looked up at Zhao Fu silhouette disappearing in front of their eyes.

A long sigh during the day, “Hope the Son of God is fine!”

Rihu opened his mouth and said, “He is a prophet, maybe he can reach the sun. Over the years, some people have ascended to the sun, and they don’t know what the sun looks like on the rock.”

Sun Qing seriously said, “We as the sun gods have no ability to ascend to the sun, and it will be very shameful to speak out. We need to cultivate as soon as possible. If our cultivation base reaches Half Immortal, I think it may be possible to ascend. It was last month.”

Risheng looked sad, “It’s so easy to break into Half Immortal, let alone say, if the Eight-Day Temple has eight Half Immortal existence, then the Eight-day Temple will immediately return to Chaos World’s top power.” [ 19459002]

Rihu thought for a while, “It’s not so absolute, hasn’t a major event happened recently? That December person soared to the last month with the help of a mysterious person, and the cultivation base also successfully broke into Half Immortal, in December instantly became one of the strongest forces.”

Riyue nodded. “They have mysterious person help, we have prophetic people, and all 12 of them broke through to Half Immortal. Eight of us can certainly do it. I believe that the prophetic person will not be weaker than others.”

Other people agree with the nodded, but they don’t know that Zhao Fu is the mysterious person.

December immortals cultivated on 12 moons, because of the close connection between sun and moon, they also noticed a slight change in the sun.

However, they still not at all care too much and continue to stay in the cultivation of the Moon Palace.

On the other side, Zhao Fu’s body keeps rising straight up, unlike flying up last month, the higher the temperature is, the higher the temperature is, as if you can evaporate a bottle of water in an instant. Ordinary people flying to this distance may become a dry body directly .

However, Zhao Fu has now been forwarded to the Sun Fire Physique, and in the face of this terrifying temperature, it has not been affected.

Of course, this is still the most basic temperature, as the temperature continues to rise, the temperature will become higher and higher.

Zhao Fu continued to soar upward.

The heat of the terrifying dyes the voids into red, which looks very scary. If you throw the weapon out, it will probably become molten iron.

Although Zhao Fu has the Sun Fire Physique, he can be affected by this terrifying heat, and he also feels some discomfort, not as relaxed as before.

Continue to rise straight up.

The increasing temperature makes Zhao Fu’s body very uncomfortable, as if the body is assimilated by that heat.

This is happening before it reaches the barrier of the world. No wonder soaring to the sun is far more difficult than soaring to the last month.

If it continues to be assimilated by this heat, Zhao Fu will eventually become part of the Quartet. Naturally, this will not work, Zhao Fu began to absorb a heat in turn, using this method to counteract the assimilation of that heat.

The effect is not bad. Although Zhao Fu absorbs slowly, it can resist that heat assimilation.

After soaring for another distance, Zhao Fu was forced to stop, because the heat was even hotter, the flames from Zhao Fu’s body were swallowed by this heat, and Zhao Fu’s absorption rate also became extremely slow.

Zhao Fu sits on the spot, the round crystal on his forehead shoots out countless golden rays of light, engulfing the heat of all around, Zhao Fu intends to adapt to this terrifying heat to continue to fly upwards, otherwise The body can’t bear it.

As Zhao Fu devoured countless heat, there was some change in the crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead, with a hint of golden.

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