The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2923


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First Volume Chapter 370

There was a slight change in crystal stone, and Zhao Fu also felt that all around was not so hot and continued to fly upward.

The round crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead continues to emit a numerical golden golden light, absorbing the heat of all around and reducing the pressure of Zhao Fu’s ascent.

Two hours later, Zhao Fu stopped again.

The heat above reaches a limit, causing the voids to be distorted, like the same distorted fire-colored painting, exuding a breath of fright.

Zhao Fu can only stop and continue to absorb heat first.

I saw the round crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead, emitting more intense golden rays of light, covering a square number of ten thousand meters. Within the distance of these ten thousand meters, the temperature dropped linearly.

This heat is estimated to be difficult for Supreme Being in general. As a prophet, I have had eight days of Divine Fire and the result is still so difficult.

Zhao Fu absorbs a lot of heat, the body also emits powerful heat, the flames ignited are greater, and the crystal stone on the forehead has a hint of golden.

Now, with some preparations, Zhao Fu continues to soar upward.

At the moment when Zhao Fu flew up, he only felt a heat twisting Zhao Fu’s body, as if to break Zhao Fu’s body.

Although Zhao Fu withstands that heat, the twisting force formed by this heat is not so easy to resist. With this twisting force, Zhao Fu cannot continue to soar upward.

Finally, Zhao Fu returned, thinking about how to pass here.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu thought that he has now transformed into the Sun Fire Physique, an energy body, and there is no need to continue to condense into the adult form, so Zhao Fu makes the body a flame and continues to soar upward.

When entering that area, Zhao Fu still feels the power of twisting, but Zhao Fu’s body has turned into a flame, let the twisting power twist, the body continues to move forward, and looks like a slowly moving one Fire-colored earthworm.

After a while, Zhao Fu stopped once. Zhao Fu was about to pass this area, but was blocked by a huge twisted vortex, and the small area of ​​Zhao Fu could still pass, but such a big twisted vortex, Zhao Fu will be sucked into it as soon as he approaches, then he will not be able to come out.

In the face of such a twisted vortex, Zhao Fu has no choice but to choose to bypass slowly and finally pass through this area.

Through this area, Zhao Fu finally reached the barrier of the boundary, and sighed in relief in his heart, as long as he passed the barrier of the boundary, he could reach the space where the eight suns are located.

There are separate spaces for the 12 moons and the eight suns. There is no connection between the two spaces. If they are together, Zhao Fu can enter the solar space directly on the moon, and it is not as difficult as it is now.

Zhao Fu’s body became humanoid again and flew upwards. The moment he touched the barrier of that world, Zhao Fu felt a pain and immediately retreated.

The heat contained in this barrier is more than ten times as high as the outside, and with the laws of the sun, the temperature inside the space must be more terrifying.

Zhao Fu controlled the round crystal stone on his forehead, emitting a golden defensive cover, and continued to fly upward.

I saw the one that touched the barrier of the world. Numerous flaming silk threads stretched out, lightly melted through the golden defense cover, and continued to reach Zhao Fu. As soon as Zhao Fu’s body touched the flaming silk thread, I also felt a huge burning sensation.

Finally, Zhao Fu can only stop with a headache, and finally get here, will the barrier of this world not pass?

Zhao Fu stayed in place thinking.

There seems to be no way to pass now. The only thing Zhao Fu relies on is the round crystal stone on his forehead. If it is useless, then Zhao Fu has no other way.

Looking at the barrier of that world, Zhao Fu’s heart flew across and continued to fly upward.

Zhao Fu’s body touched the barrier of that realm, and countless fire-colored threads stretched out, stretched towards Zhao Fu, and penetrated into Zhao Fu’s body. Zhao Fu’s body immediately felt a strong burning pain, As if the body was roasted by fire.

Zhao Fu endured this pain and began to absorb these fire-colored threads, wanting to use the heat of this terrifying to form a new sun Fire Physique, so that there is no need to worry about the heat in the space.

I saw that numerous silk thread extended into Zhao Fu’s body, Zhao Fu swallowed this heat, and the body also exuded a terrifying heat, so that all around the void appeared some departure, Zhao Fu did not care about these, Continue to absorb those silk threads.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, a powerful heat burst out of Zhao Fu’s body, the flame ignited by Zhao Fu’s body disappeared, and a fire-colored human body appeared in place, although it did not burn like before Flames ignited, but the heat emitted was more terrifying.

The round crystal on the forehead has also become pale-gold. Now it can be said that the quality of Zhao Fu’s body has changed, and the pain of the burning is worth it.

Continue to fly upward and touch the barrier of that world, Zhao Fu does not feel the burning sensation, the numerous fire-colored silk thread extends out, and penetrates into Zhao Fu’s body, and Zhao Fu also has no feeling, continue Flying forward, the body disappeared.

Following the power of traction, Zhao Fu continued to soar upward, the temperature he felt became more and more terrifying, and finally passed the barrier of the boundary.

Eight incomparable gigantic sun appeared in front of the eyes, emitting countless dazzling rays of light, making Zhao Fu unable to open his eyes.

The space is white, and the temperature of all around has reached an extreme point. This space is like a Heaven and Earth furnace, which can burn everything in the world. Zhao Fu is like a grain of dust inside, as if there is no any Resistance to resistance is average.

The human-shaped energy body that Zhao Fu formed before appeared some signs of collapse, and Zhao Fu stood still and could not move forward.

This heat is dozens of times outside. In order to prevent the sound of collapse, Zhao Fu can only sit in the void immediately and continue to devour this heat. The temperature still has not decreased, Zhao Fu still Feeling in the furnace.

After holding on for a while, Zhao Fu was a little surprised and found that although this heat is painful, it can enhance the Constitution, and the effect is not weak.

If the average person can withstand this heat, bring it here for a while, they will definitely get a very strong Spirit Physique. Of course, if a real ordinary person comes in, they will be burned into charcoal in a second, no Any room for resistance.

Zhao Fu absorbed this heat for a period of time. The body adapted to this heat at a time, and felt that it was not as hot as before. The round crystal stone on the forehead completely became golden. Zhao Fu endured the stinging of his eyes. Looking towards the eight incomparable gigantic suns in front, flew towards the nearest sun.

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