The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2924


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First Volume Chapter Three hundred and 72


Zhao Fu just flew a short distance, a huge wind blew towards him, this wind is the solar wind, with an extremely high temperature, can burn the rock into powder,

Zhao Fu immediately exhibited an energy hood, but he couldn’t resist the gust of wind, and was blown back to the spot, and his body suffered some injuries. In addition to the extreme heat of the solar wind, there was also a terrifying wind. You can cut Zhao Fu’s body.

Looking at the sun in front, Zhao Fu thought about it, and the crystal stone on his forehead emitted strong golden rays of light, forming a golden defensive cover at once. Zhao Fu continued to fly forward.


The solar wind blew Zhao Fu’s body back, but fortunately, it was not blown out directly like the last time. Zhao Fu controlled the crystal stone on his forehead, releasing a stronger strength to resist that one Thrust, fly forward with difficulty.

In this way, Zhao Fu slowly moved forward, using 7th and 8th hours, and finally set on the first sun.

The moment when it fell, it was a little unexpected. Looking at the sun from the outside, the rays of light were dazzling and people couldn’t open their eyes, but after falling on the sun, the light was not so strong, but it was brighter than the moon. some.

The ground is a kind of scorched black. Zhao Fu squatted down and grabbed a handful, and found that the soil was warm and there was a smell of sunlight, like the smell of quilts basking in the sun.

All around there are some plants, the color of those plants is purple red, the number is relatively rare, there is a Xiaoxi on one side, which flows not brook but lava, but it does not look very hot, all around and the moon It seems that there are no animals and it is still quiet.

No one has been here for a long time, and Zhao Fu has no one to guide him. Zhao Fu walked forward carefully because he didn’t know what would happen.

After ten minutes, Zhao Fu came to a huge tree. This tree is not very tall, only a few meters, the crown is large, the leaves are numerous, the leaves are purple, the trunk is black, and the trunk grows There is a face, a very beautiful woman,

As Zhao Fu approached, the face on the tree looked at Zhao Fu with a smile and said, “No one has been here for a long time.”

Zhao Fu looked at this big tree and asked, “What are you?”

That face said with a smile, “I am an ordinary small tree on the sun. After countless years of growth, I have wisdom.”

Zhao Fu hearing this was a bit disappointed and thought she had something to do with Spiritual God. It turned out to be an ordinary tree. Zhao Fu asked, “Do you know where the temple is?”

The tree smiled replied, “Know, do you want to go to the temple to get Origin’s day power?”

Zhao Fu nodded.

The tree somewhat happily said, “I also want to go there to get some Origin Rili, because there is forbidden protection, can you take me in?”

Zhao Fu thought about it, “Yes!”

The tree said with a smile, “Thank you!”

I saw that the tree started to change. The branches and trunks were retracting into a tall figure, with purple hair and a few leaves on the head. The face was extremely beautiful. A black robe.

Zhao Fu’s eyes were fixed, and she felt the divine force emanating from her humanity, and found that she had become a Spiritual God, which was regarded as the Spiritual God in Chaos World.

The tree said with a smile, “Let’s go!”

Zhao Fu asked, “What is your name?”

The tree was replied, “You can call me sap.”

Zhao Fu nodded.

The sap leads the way, and Zhao Fu follows.

The sap asked while walking, “I’m curious who you are, why there are eight kinds of Sun Power within the body?”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “I don’t know what it is.”

The prophet is the prophecy of the eight Japanese gods. The eight innate gods have nothing to do with it. Zhao Fu absorbs no Lord God power in the temple, so it is not the legatee of the innate god,

The sap was replied, “Oh! But since you can come to the sun, you should be able to enter the temple.”

When Zhao Fu heard this, he did not know if he could enter the temple. Before he was on the moon because of the moon immortal, he could enter the moon palace, otherwise he could not enter the temple. He said, “Wait until the temple is behind Give it a try.”

The two walked up to a temple built of gold. This temple was very large in size, giving a sacred and majestic imposing manner.

Zhao Fu walked forward, and was really bounced off by an invisible strength, as expected, Zhao Fu could not enter here,

The sap frowned said, “What now?”

Zhao Fu is also thinking about ways, this temple can be used to enter the temple, fortunately, Zhao Fu absorbed part of the strength of the temple.

This sun is the sun believed in the Haori Sun Temple. It can be called Haori Sun. Zhao Fu released the strength of the Sun God Envoy of the Haori Sun Temple, and a golden ball of light floated out of his heart, slowly drifting forward, Disappearing in the void, a three-meter-wide golden light hole appeared.

The sap smiled in surprise, “Okay!”

Zhao Fu smiled Um and walked towards the light hole. The sap followed Zhao Fu. The two passed the light hole and came to the temple gate.

The gate of this temple is also made of gold. Two mighty gods are also engraved on it. Zhao Fu stretches out on the door and pushes the door slowly open with a hard push.

It is a pity that Zhao Fu is not the legende of Spiritual God, otherwise he directly becomes the master of the temple, but the Japanese gods are not very useful here, nor are they the masters of the temple.

The Sun God Envoy and the Moon Immortal are two different types. The Moon Immortal is the legacy of the Innate Moon Immortal, and the Sun God Envoy has a part of the divine force no matter how strong it is. Not a legacy person.

Entering the temple, walking through the long corridor, came to a very large great hall, which contains a divine throne a dozen meters high, which should be the divine throne of the innate Spiritual God.

In front of that divine throne, there were still sixteen beautiful faces, graceful figure, purple hair, and wheat skin, woman wearing a long skirt, closed her eyes, divided into two lines, standing Divine throne is motionless in front, like a statue.

The imposing manner they distribute is very powerful and very old, it feels that they are the same period as the innate Spiritual God.

The sap asked, “What now?”

She didn’t dare to run around in this temple. Although she is a rare acquired God, she accidentally will die here. She understands the terrifying here.

Zhao Fu walked forward.

At that moment, sixteen women opened both eyes unanimously, revealing purple eyes, and looked at Zhao Fu who walked in. One of the heroic women asked, “Who are you?”

Zhao Fu thought about it, replied, “I am the Sun God Envoy of Hao Ri Temple!”

The heroic woman was a little surprised, “Is it? I don’t know how many years, there are even Japanese angels coming to the temple.”

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