The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2925


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Chapter 173 of First Volume

A noble woman scolded, “Your trifling netherworld angel sees that we are not surnamed Li?”

hearing this, Zhao Fu knew that the sun god in the lower realm had a very low status. In the past, the noble people of the eight-day temple were all staying on the sun, and the lower realm were all people with low status.

The strength of these women is terrifying, Zhao Fu honestly gave a salute, “Well, see you adults!”

The sap also followed by a salute, and she also sensed that the other party was older than her.

The noble woman showed a satisfied expression.

The heroic woman asked, “What’s the matter with you coming to the temple?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I want to get Origin Rili!”

The noble woman, with a hint of anger, scolded again, “You humble servant still want to have the Origin?”

Zhao Fu was a little upset with this woman, but still tolerated it and asked, “Why can’t I have it?”

Noble woman is somewhat angry, she is going to start Zhao Fu.

The heroic woman stopped her and said, “According to the rules of Lord Spiritual God, you can only get the Origin’s daily power from the ordinary spirit, not the real Origin.”

Zhao Fu wrinkled frowned, did not expect that this would happen, the most honorable Japanese god with the identity in the lower realm, even the real Origin of the day power could not have. What should I do now?

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu said, “If I can get Origin Power as a friend?”

British woman started talking, “No!”

Zhao Fu has a headache, “I wonder if there is any way to get Origin’s daily power?”

The heroic woman replied, “Only the God Son chosen by Lord Spiritual God will be eligible to enter the Hall of Holy Sun to obtain Origin.”

This almost cut off Zhao Fu’s hope of gaining Origin’s power. He is not the god son chosen by the innate god, and the eight innate gods do not know how to disappear for many years, and Zhao Fu cannot find it at all.

Zhao Fu asked unwillingly, “I don’t know of any other ways to become a Son of God, such as what trial?”

Heroic woman replied, “Lord Spiritual God did not leave Legacy Trial!”

Zhao Fu sighed, now there is no way.

The heroic woman looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Is there anything else? You can leave the temple, and you must not touch anything in the temple, otherwise you will be severely punished.”

Zhao Fu was still unwilling to stand on the spot. He flew up so hard, and now he will be rushed back, and that many efforts are in vain, and he can’t beat these women, so he can’t fight hard.

The sap glanced at many women nervously, and whispered to persuade, “Let’s leave first!”

Noble woman lightly snorted, “We can do it if we don’t leave!”

Zhao Fu glanced at her and could only leave the temple first. The heroic women re-closed both eyes. They were all the servants of the Spiritual God and the manager of the temple.

They are generally like this in a sleeping seal, only then can they survive for so long, otherwise they will die old.

Leaving the temple, the sap asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Zhao Fu sighed, “I don’t know what to do!”

The sap was said to be lost, “I have no way, originally thought that I could get the Origin of the Sun by entering the temple, but I didn’t expect to have such a powerful existence to guard.”

Zhao Fu said, “I will not give up like this, and I will soar to the sky, I don’t want to go back like this.”

The sap smiled and said, “Um, I will give you my full support.”

Zhao Fu and the sap found a place to sit down and think about how to solve this problem. If they want to get Origin’s daily power, they must first become the Son of God, but the congenital Spiritual God has long disappeared, and there is no trial of legacy. How can I become a Son of God?

Thinking for a long time, Zhao Fu has a way in his mind, that is, to fake the Son of God on the strength. First of all, Zhao Fu owns Divine Race Emperor Star, and also has the body of Ten Thousand Gods, but it can also be said to be a very powerful Spiritual God, only But it belongs to Heaven Awaken World.

However, Zhao Fu can change the attribute to become the Spiritual God of Chaos World. This change is quite different from the real Spiritual God.

Zhao Fu also thought that the congenital divine bred from the sun, then his legacy power must be the innate divine force, as long as he finds the Spirit God of the same attribute, plus the disguise of the body of Ten Thousand Gods, said It may not be a fake son.

If the Spirit God in Chaos World Sun attribute is extremely difficult to find, but now there is a Spirit God in the Sun attribute around, but she belongs to the acquired form, not naturally nurtured out.

Zhao Fu looked towards her, asked strangely, “Is something wrong?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I thought of a way to try it!”

The sap smiled and said, “What way?”

Zhao Fu explained the method with a smile.

The sap blushed, thinking for a while nodded, “I am willing to pay for Origin Rili!”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I will not treat you badly, I can make a guarantee, as long as I get Origin, I will definitely give you a part.”

The sap blushed said in a low voice, “Thank you!”

A few hours later, Zhao Fu sat on the ground and began to refine the dive force of the sap. The sap was powerless lying on one side, flushed, and she was obsessed with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu’s method is to absorb the sap Origin divine force through dual cultivation, and integrate with his own body of Ten Thousand Gods. It should be able to pretend to be a god son. Of course, this is only Zhao Fu’s personal assumption. If this method does not work, Zhao Fu will have no choice.

Anyway, Zhao Fu will not go back like this.

The Sun God force spreads in Zhao Fu’s body, and gradually forms one body with Zhao Fu. Numerous golden breaths are also poured into Zhao Fu’s body like tide. Zhao Fu body emits golden rays of light,


A dull sound came out, and the body of Zhao Fu exuded a powerful Sun God force. This divine force was affected by the body of Zhao Fu Ten Thousand Gods and Origin Bloodline, plus the strength of Divine Fire, becoming As if it were the same as Spiritual God.

The sap smiled happily and asked, “Is it successful?”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile, “Now let’s try it in the past, you stay here first, maybe there will be danger.”

The sap said shyly, “Now I am yours, I want to go with you, maybe I can help you a little.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um!”

Before the two came to the shrine once, Zhao Fu went straight forward. The Formation of the Guardian God temple originally didn’t respond to Zhao Fu, it seems that Zhao Fu works well.

The sap also smiled, followed Zhao Fu and continued to walk forward, and finally came to that great hall.

The heroic woman opened the both eyes at once, and the noble woman with a rage, “Dare you dare to come here? Isn’t it telling you that only the Son of God can get Origin daily strength? I think you are looking for fights on purpose. ”

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