The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2926


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First Volume Chapter 374

Zhao Fu said, “Don’t you say that only the Divine Son can get Origin solar power? How can I prove that I am the Divine Son?”

The heroic woman chuckled and said, “If you can board the divine throne, it can be called the Son of God, and we will also obey your orders.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I want to give it a try!”

Noble woman lightly snorted, “We can give you a chance, if you can’t board the divine throne, don’t blame us for disposing you.”

Zhao Fu looked at the noble woman and asked, “How do you want to deal with it?”

The noble woman thought for a while and said, “Just be our servant, follow all our orders, do whatever you want,”

Hearing this, there is no mortal danger, Zhao Fu sighed in relief, said, “Okay!”

A heroic woman said with a smile, “Are you sure? If you fail, you will stay here in your life, and I feel that you should not be the Son of God.”

A beautiful and alluring woman said, “Don’t persuade him, there are so many creatures left in the temple, and I want one more servant for me to play with. I’m tired of sleeping here for so long.”

A charming woman smiled and said, “I am the same, how about you brat? Take off the cloak and show it to me. I am not interested in ugly men. If you look bad, I might Kill you.”

The temperament and sunshine woman said with a smile, “This is not necessary, you can let him do other things.”

At this time, Zhao Fu took off his cloak to reveal the perfect face, and he could see the numerous god envoy somewhat absent-minded, and he had never seen such a perfect appearance.

The noble woman said in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to look so beautiful!”

The charming woman said with a trace of regret, “Unfortunately we can only serve Lord Spiritual God, otherwise I don’t mind playing with you, some pity your face.”

A hot woman said with a smile, “Although I can’t do those things, it is also a delight to have such a perfect slave.”

Zhao Fu started talking, “Are you really so confident?”

beautiful and alluring woman said with a chuckle, “Why do you think you are really the Son of God? If you are the Son of God, we would have sensed it earlier, and giving you the godship is just a try for you.”

Hearing this sentence from the sap next to him, he sinks in his heart and says, “Zhao Fu, otherwise we should leave here first.”

Zhao Fu started talking, “I want to give it a try!”

The hot woman said happily, “Um, yes, I appreciate you.”

The heroic woman said with a smile, “Everyone gave me a try.”

Hearing this, sixteen women withdrew their strength, and then stood aside, looking at Zhao Fu with their eyes, and some of them smiled and discussed how to deal with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu walked forward.


The divine throne exudes a powerful imposing manner, and countless golden rays of light are emitted. The divine throne seems to be as tall as a mountain, and mortals cannot get close at all.

Zhao Fu took a step forward.

A golden strength spread from the divine throne.

The noble woman said with a chuckle, “I knew that he was not the Son of God. If the Son of God could go directly to the divine throne, there would be no such reaction at all.”

beautiful and alluring woman Mei Xiao said, “I have figured out how to deal with him, he looks so perfect, I want him to wear a woman’s clothes and dance to show me.”

A lively woman laughed at hehe and said, “I also have this idea, he is really beautiful.”

Noble woman lightly snorted, “I don’t have your weird interests, I’m going to tune him into a good servant to me.”

A heroic woman said with a smile, “You also have a strange idea, I treat him like a normal slave, and she takes care of me every day, then it will be alright.”


A rumbling sound sounded, many women heard the sound and looked at it. I saw that Zhao Fu’s body also emitted strong golden rays of light, and a golden ball of light wrapped his body like a golden sun. , An ultimate divine force spread out.

Many women felt this imposing manner, their bodies seemed to fall into the abyss, a fear appeared in their hearts, many women showed a shocked expression.

This divine force is not the divine force of Haori’s Spiritual God, but a divine force exuded by the higher-level Spiritual God, but it also contains part of the divine force of Haori’s Spiritual God.

Zhao Fu walked forward.

divine throne exudes a strong golden strength spreading all around, a strong strength wants to blow Zhao Fu out, Zhao Fu stepping on the ground, the golden ball of light wrapped around the body, emits A strong strength resists the diffused golden strength.

Zhao Fu continued to walk forward step by step, and the divine throne kept emitting one after another powerful divine force, trying to push Zhao Fu away.

Many women are surprised,

beautiful and alluring woman asked, “What should we do now? This kid has a very terrifying origin, and he actually has such a terrifying divine force.”

Noble woman seriously said, “We looked down upon him, and what is his identity? We haven’t seen anything like him for so long.”

A gentle woman asked, “Should I stop him from boarding the divine throne?”

The heroic woman said, “According to the rules, as long as he boarded the divine throne, he can be called the Son of God, and he has a strong Sun Power within the body. I think it’s better to stop it. I believe it is also an arrangement of fate.”

hearing this, many women nodded.

Zhao Fu has reached the divine throne stone steps, stepping on the stone steps, a powerful divine force blasted from the sky.

Zhao Fu fully exerted within the body all strength related to Spiritual God, forming an invisible force field, which actually invalidated that terrifying divine force.

Continue to move forward.

bang bang bang…

divine throne releases one after another powerful divine force, which can bomb all nearby Spirit God. No one can resist such terrifying divine force.

However, this divine force has been invalidated by the force field released by Zhao Fu, and the body of Ten Thousand Gods of Zhao Fu can become the body of ten thousand Spiritual Gods, with strong tolerance and can be used as various All kinds of divine force.

Zhao Fu came to the divine throne, and the divine throne also released all the divine force, pressing against Zhao Fu’s body like several mountains.

Many women also looked at Zhao Fu in astonishment, heartbeat quickly.


A huge sound came out, Zhao Fu resisted that divine force and sat on the divine throne, the body exuded countless divine light, and there was a huge sun behind him, just like the real Sun God.

A huge golden wave of light spread out instantaneously, covering the entire Haori Temple, and the Haori Temple welcomed his new owner.

Many women also reacted, kneeling on the ground one after another, “Worship the God Son!”

Zhao Fu smiled a little and recovered all strength. “Do you remember what you just said?”

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