The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2927


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First Volume 370 Chapter Five

Many women’s faces are awkward, replied, “Remember!”

They really didn’t expect Zhao Fu to be able to board divine throne, and this thing is indeed very strange. They can be sure that Zhao Fu is not a Divine Son, but he is now boarding divine throne.

Zhao Fu said with a smile again, “I became the Son of God, did I become your new master, you in the future will obey all my orders?”

many women nodded.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Then come here!”

Many women walked to Zhao Fu in doubt.

After the 2nd day, the temple was in disarray. Zhao Fu looked at the heroic woman and the noble woman in her arms and said with a chuckle, “Do you know anything wrong now? Dare you treat me like before?”

Noble woman hugged Zhao Fu and said with a smile, “Dare, I like how you treat me like this.”

The heroic woman blushed and said, “We are originally serving Lord Spiritual God. Now that we have belonged to you, you can treat us freely, and we are also very happy.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I am also very satisfied with you and very happy.”

The sap said next to him, “Now can we get the Origin?”

Heroic woman nodded, “Now he is the Son of God, we all obey all his orders, Origin RiLi is already his thing.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You take us there!”

Heroic woman nodded.

Many women’s face was ruddy and moving, and they walked with Zhao Fu and sap to the golden door.

A heroic woman said with a smile, “Origin is here, only God can open it.”

Zhao Fu smiled Um, and stepped forward to push the golden gate open, and a huge heat wave came out. Inside is a fire sea, in the void there is a two-meter-sized round crystal stone, emitting dazzling rays of light, like a little sun.

Here is also the same as the Origin space of the Moon Palace. The Origin’s daily strength is also a pure daily strength extracted from the sun, and only a trace can be extracted every year.

Origin’s daily energy in the shrine has crystallized, indicating that the solar energy is drawn more and the time is longer than the Moon Palace.

The lunar palace is gradually declining. At first, there are still moon immortals that can fly to the lunar palace, but only one generation is not as good as one generation. Finally, no one can ascend.

The eight sun gods of the temple disappeared and disappeared directly. The sun gods of the lower realm were not qualified to come up, and they were not qualified to obtain the true Origin day power.

This comparison makes it clear why Origin has already crystallized.

Zhao Fu turned his head and looked towards the sap and said with a smile, “I fulfilled my previous commitment and you come in with me to absorb Origin’s daily strength.”

The sap is sweet and nodded with a smile.

The noble woman shouted, “Son of God, we also want to go in.”

Zhao Fu’s expression flustered, “You don’t have a real Origin?”

Noble woman nodded.

The British woman was somewhat lost and explained, “True Origin RiLi can only be possessed by Lord Spiritual God. Although we are more honorable than the Sun God behind us, we are actually just a maid.”

Zhao Fu stepped forward to hug them a few said with a smile, “All come in! And you will be my woman in the future, not a maid, you don’t need to call me God Son.”

Many women are happy to show a smile. For the first time they received such attention, and they felt warm in their hearts.

A heroic woman shouted shyly in Zhao Fu’s arms, “Sang Gong!”

Zhao Fu Um said.

The noble woman also apologized and said, “I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that before, and I will serve you well in the future.”

Zhao Fu smiled, “It’s okay, don’t say more, let’s absorb Origin’s daily power together.”

Many women nodded with a smile.

Entering this room, that piece of fire sea didn’t do much harm to the people of Zhao Fu. The people came under the crystal stone, sat on the ground, and began to absorb Origin’s daily energy.

The other woman’s body exudes one after another powerful suction, a sliver of golden strength falls from the air and floats into many women’s body.

The round crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead emits a golden beam, and on the crystal stone under control, a huge Origin day power follows the beam and is injected into Zhao Fu’s body, a powerful Sun Power spread from Zhao Fu’s body.

This made other women look surprised, but when they wanted to be Zhao Fu’s, they didn’t need to compare with Zhao Fu.

That huge force of Origin was injected into Zhao Fu’s body. Zhao Fu only felt the body shake and his mind was filled with intense light. Zhao Fu immediately condensed these golden lights.

I saw that the golden rays of light kept condensing and finally turned into a golden ball.

Zhao Fu’s body continues to absorb Origin’s daily power. A large amount of Origin’s daily power is poured into Zhao Fu’s body and poured into that golden ball. The golden ball continuously absorbs rays of light and becomes more and more The larger, the stronger the imposing manner that comes out.


That golden ball of light burst into a huge strength, Zhao Fu’s body turned directly into light, to be precise, the body composed of golden light, inside the round crystal stone on the forehead, a radiant glare The golden light beads appeared. Not very big and green beans.

Many women in cultivation opened both eyes and looked at Zhao Fu in front of them, beautiful and alluring woman was surprised with a smile, “Now Xianggong owns the strength of Lord Spiritual God, now he is a real son of God.” [ 19459002]

The heroic woman smiled and said, “Um, it seems that our previous choice is a very correct thing.”

A noble woman said with a smile, “We are too good for each other!”

Zhao Fu slowly opened both eyes, the body also changed back to the entity, the breath emitted became stronger, and he also carried a kind of burning aura.

Looking at the many women who are still absorbing Origin, Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You continue to absorb here, I’m going to the other sun.”

The heroic woman asked in doubt, “Mr. Gong, what are you doing in the other sun?”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “Of course, to absorb other Origin’s daily power!”

The heroic woman reminded, “It’s difficult for the two types of Xiangli to integrate into the body, and there will be a lot of conflicts, which will be very bad for you. I think you will stay here, as long as you master this Origin, you also Will become a peerless powerhouse.”

Wen Wan’s woman also said, “That’s right, Xianggong, you still have to master a strength, and try again later,”

The noble woman also said, “Xiang Gong! You still do not go, stay here to accompany us.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “This has no difference for me. Now I have eight kinds of daily power, and the purpose of my coming here is to absorb the daily power of the eight suns.”

Hearing this, the heroic woman said, “Be careful, Xiang Gong, and you go to the side and say it is our God Son, they shouldn’t be hurt you.”

Zhao Fu smiled nodded.

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