The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2928


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First Volume 370 Chapter 6

Coming to the second sun, it is different from the first sun. It is a piece of lava lake. You can hardly see any plants, the temperature is not very hot, and all around is very quiet.

Zhao Fu walked forward, not very long came to a huge lava lake because I heard a voice here.

I saw more than a dozen beautiful women who had been grooming and playing in the lava lake. They all had hair of flaming color, different looks, temperament and dust, quietness, sunshine, purity, and dullness. Moe, but they are extremely hot.

Zhao Fu hasn’t seen it yet.

A mature woman discovered Zhao Fu because no one came to the sun for a long time, and they did not pay attention to privacy. Now not only a person, but a man.

The mature woman said, “Sisters put on their clothes quickly, there are men!”

hearing this, some people still didn’t believe it, turned around and looked towards Zhao Fu in the back, and found that there was really a man, and the horse went to the other side, and put on a fire-colored robe.

Many women encircled Zhao Fu angrily.

Zhao Fu gave a salute, “Goodbye Senior!”

Mature woman lightly snorted, “Who are you? How come it came to our sun?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I am the Son of the Haori Sun Temple, and I want to get the Origin Power of the Sun Temple in the Sun Temple.”

The mature woman asked in surprise, “God still leaves legacy? Didn’t expect there is a god son.”

A quiet woman next to him said, “Big Sister! Don’t believe him lightly. At that time, the eight Japanese gods did not at all leave the legacy, there is simply an impossible god, let him be the first one.”

Many women are nodded, looking towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu immediately exhibited the Origin Power of Hao Ri. Numerous golden rays of light were shot out, and a powerful force of the sun enveloped many women.

This is the Origin Origin, many women show a surprised expression.

Wen Jing woman looked stunned, but did not expect Zhao Fu to be a real god son.

The mature woman asked again, “You just said you want to get the Origin Power of our Temple of Heaven and Sun?”

Zhao Fu nodded.

The mature woman said, “Although you are the God Son of Haori Sun God, but not the God Son of our Heaven Sun God, we cannot give Origin Power to you.”

A pure woman blushed and said, “You should also be punished a little if you peep at us.”

The gentle woman said, “If you are not the Son of God, we may kill you directly. We are the servants of the God of Heaven, although you are the Son of God, you cannot be exempted from punishment.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “But just look at it, how do you get punished?”

Wen Jing woman lightly snorted, “I didn’t think of the god son of Haori Sun, such a rogue.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay! Take me to your shrine soon, and wait for more than just watching, you are all mine.”

hearing this, many women are somewhat angry.

The mature woman looked at Zhao Fu with a cold face, “We are the servants of the god of the sun, so you are despising the god of the sun, do you think you are a son of the gods, we will not do it to you?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Actually I am also the god son of the god of the sun, do not believe you can let me test it.”

Hearing this, the mature woman looked strange.

The quiet woman said at once, “This impossible, our Heavenly Sun God has absolutely no legacy, and there will be no Divine Son, we are very clear about these.”

The gentle woman also said seriously, “Aren’t you the god son of Haori Sun God? Even if the day god has legacy, but you are already the god son of Haori Sun God, then impossible is the god son of our day sun god, two This kind of strength cannot be merged.”

Zhao Fu said confidently with a smile, “I said it all, you can try it if you don’t believe it.”

The mature woman thought for a moment and said, “Okay, we will give you a chance.”

Gentle woman said, “If you are not, we will punish you more, then don’t blame us.”

Zhao Fu smiled at Um.

Everyone came to the divine throne of the god of the sun, the mature woman said, “Only you can go on board, then we will recognize your identity.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay!”

Zhao Fu walked forward, because with an experience, this time Zhao Fu did not have a little pressure.


The divine throne also exudes a powerful imposing manner, with Supreme’s divine might make people dare not to take a step, under this terrifying strength, there is a trace of fear in the hearts of many women, and slowly lowered his head .


A huge roar sounded again, Zhao Fu stimulated all the divine forces of the body, a huge sun wrapped the body of Zhao Fu, a more supreme divine force enveloped the temple, as if suppressing the divine throne .

Many women showed a shocked expression, did not expect Zhao Fu’s divine force to be more advanced than Sun God’s divine force, and the heart was unable to bear to beat quickly.

Although the Sun God is the innate Spirit God, it has the Origin day power, but Zhao Fu’s divine force is also the God of Creation power. With Myriad Gods Power, the fusion of the two Paragon forces, Zhao Fu has the strongest strength, In addition to Divine Race Emperor Star, the power of the three is definitely stronger than the innate Spirit God.

Zhao Fu walked forward.

divine throne keeps releasing one after another powerful divine force, want to push Zhao Fu away, do not want to let Zhao Fu approach, but the divine force distributed by Zhao Fu still resists.

A quiet woman looked towards a mature woman and asked, “What should we do now, Big Sister?”

From the current situation, Zhao Fu is not a god at all, but his divine force level is above Sun God.

Other women are also looking at mature women, this matter they are difficult to choose. Both options can have huge consequences.

The mature woman said in a moment of contemplation, “We have waited for many days for the Sun God, and today may be the time to change, I think it is still natural.”

Wenjing woman thought about it, nodded.

Pure woman said with a blush, “He just said that we are still his people, shall we stop it?”

Gentle woman replied, “We are just the maid of the sun god, if he becomes the son of the god, we can’t refuse to ask us to serve her.”


A loud sound sounded, and Zhao Fu was already sitting on the divine throne. At this time, even if many women wanted to stop it, it was too late. A golden light wave spread out and covered the whole temple.

The strong fluctuations of divine throne spread out and all around returned to normal. Zhao Fu sat on the divine throne with a faint smile, looking at the sixteen women below, “Now I am the master of the temple, what else do you have? Words?”

The pure woman said, “We bet you are a god son, but now you are not a god son, it should be counted as our winning.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “But I am now the Temple Lord, and immediately absorb the Origin Power of Haori, and I will become the real Son of God.”

Pure woman while playfully pouting said, “You are a rogue!”

Zhao Fu laughed hehe and said, “Now how can you take me again?”

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