The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2929


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First Volume Chapter Three hundred and 77

Hearing this, many women really can’t do anything to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu a pair of eyes looked at many women and looked at their hot bodies. Today’s hobby of the gods, Zhao Fu also likes, saying, “You all come!”

Many women blushed and understood what Zhao Fu wanted to do to them, but walked over.

2nd day.

Zhao Fu raised the chin of a mature woman and looked at her flushed face, said with a smile, “I have said that you will be my people!”

The mature woman glanced at Zhao Fu for a while, “Now we are all yours, do you still want to be so shameless?”

Zhao Fu laughed hehe and said, “Okay!”

Wen Jing woman asked Zhao Fu with her arms around her, “who you are?”

Zhao Fu said, “This will not tell you for the time being, but also you and I will go to the room where Origin Power is located, we will absorb the real Origin Power together.”

The mature woman said unexpectedly, “You mean we can also get Origin Power?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Of course, you are now my women, not the Spirit God’s maid, I will treat you well.”

The mature woman smiled and said, “I believe in you!”

Then everyone came to that room, and the door of the room was made of gold. In addition to the opening of the Temple Lord, the numerical woman could not open.

Zhao Fu stepped forward and pushed the door open, and a burst of heat came out. Inside it was a fire sea like the previous room, with a two-meter-wide circular crystal stone floating in the air.

Many women were excited when they saw that crystal stone. They used to come here following the Sun God, and they could only stay outside the door each time. Today they can also enter it and get the real Origin. It will be of great help to them.

It’s all because of the man in front of me. Many women are not only physically and mentally willing to submit to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said, “Let’s go in!”

Many women nodded with a smile.

After entering the room, Zhao Fu is also the same as before. The crystal stone of the eyebrow emits a ray of light beam, into the crystal stone in the sky, and a powerful Sun Power is injected into the body of Zhao Fu along the beam. .

Zhao Fu condenses the rays of light in his brain to form a golden ball and continues to absorb a lot of daily energy.

Many women sat cross-legged and absorbed attentively.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and a terrifying Sun Power burst out of Zhao Fu’s body. The body also became a light body. A small sun emerged from the crystal stone on the forehead, emitting dazzling rays of light.

Many women only noticed at this time that the round crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead had two small suns inside.

Waiting for Zhao Fu to return to normal. The mature woman asked with concern, “You already have two kinds of Origin Day Power, do you want to get all Origin Day Power?”

Zhao Fu smiled nodded.

Wen Jing woman has some concerns and asks, “One Origin is extremely powerful, you really have to integrate eight kinds, can your body withstand it?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You can rest assured, this is nothing to me.”

The mature woman smiled and said, “Um, I am also curious about how you will change the fusion of the eight kinds of Origin, which might become the same existence as the innate Spiritual God.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You look at me too small, if you want to say divine force and Constitution, I have already surpassed the innate Spiritual God.”

The mature woman also reacted, said with a smile, “Um, almost forgot, your divine force is more advanced than Sun God.”

Zhao Fu said, “Now I am going to other suns to continue to get Origin Power.”

Mature woman nodded.

Pure woman cheeks slightly red, said shyly, “You come back early, don’t be fooled by other sun goddesses.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I know, you are here to continue to absorb Origin Power, and you will be the hostess of this temple in the future, there will be no restrictions.”

Pure woman smiles nodded.

The gentle woman said suddenly, “Can we call you a relative?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Do you still have to ask me?”

The gentle woman smiled and said, “Xiang Gong I understood!”

Zhao Fu came to the third sun again.

The environment here is even worse, almost all of them are lava, and those lavas are still flowing slowly. You have pieces of cracked and burnt black rocks, there are no plants here, and the temperature is relatively high, if it is ordinary People may be baked into corpses.

Zhao Fu hasn’t moved yet. A fire whip was drawn to Zhao Fu from one place. Before Zhao Fu responded, his body was caught by the fire whip and pulled into the lava.

Fortunately, Zhao Fu’s body was already immune to lava, and did not suffer a little injury. Finally, he was dragged into a large cave.

A pair of black horns on his head, beautiful and alluring face, long purple hair, sexy and hot, just covering some important parts of the body with some simple cloth, holding a fire-colored long whip in his hand It was she who brought Zhao Fu here.

The cave is large, the rock walls are shiny black hair, there are some stone palace lamps placed on the wall, stone tables and chairs are placed in the middle, and there is a stone bed covered with fire-colored animal fur. It looks rough and original.

Zhao Fu felt the power of the woman and immediately started talking, “I am the god son of Hao Ri God!”

The woman licked her lips and smiled coquettishly, “I care who you are, the old lady has never seen a man, you can’t escape today.”

The woman stepped forward to grab Zhao Fu’s clothes, lifted Zhao Fu up, walked over to the bed and threw Zhao Fu onto the bed.

A few days later.

Chaos in the cave, Zhao Fu looked at the woman who was sleeping in her arms, sighed, he had just come to the third sun, and did not expect this to happen,

This woman doesn’t seem to be a goddess, she doesn’t know what her identity is, but it doesn’t look like she’s not afraid of the identity of God’s Son. , I am simply unable to resist.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to flee here first, carefully pushed away this beautiful and alluring hot woman, but fortunately she did not wake up, Zhao Fu left here immediately and flew to the other side, on the ground They are all flowing lava, without seeing any living things.

After flying for more than a day, Zhao Fu found the temple. This is a temple floating on lava. The area is also very large. The color is fiery-red and it looks very beautiful.

Zhao Fu stepped forward and was blocked by another Formation. Zhao Fu immediately exhibited the strength of God’s Day and successfully passed the Formation.

In this brief moment, a coquettish voice sounded, “You have left me and ran away before you have played enough?”

Zhao Fu heart startled, turning his head to look, it was the beautiful and alluring hot woman.

However, Zhao Fu thought that he was within the realm, and he was not as fearful as before. He did not believe that this woman could catch him through the Formation.

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