The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2930


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First Volume Chapter 780

Zhao Fu started talking, “I don’t have time to play with you!”

beautiful and alluring woman lightly snorted, “You don’t think it’s okay to hide in the temple, there’s the ability to not come out in your life, and the old lady is very satisfied with you. It’s a hundred times better than the god of the sun god, I won’t let it go Past you.”

Zhao Fu said strangely, “who you are?”

beautiful and alluring woman said with a smile, “Lao Niang was born in Sun Lava, a Sun Demon, and was also the concubine of the Sun God.”

Zhao Fu asked back, “Since you are the concubine of the Sun God, why can’t this temple be close?”

The sun demon somewhat angry said, “It’s nothing, just something happened with those sluts, they were forbidden to get close to the temple.”

Zhao Fu figured out the status of the beautiful and alluring woman, had no interest in her, and turned to the temple.

The Sun Demon yelled, “What are you doing in the temple? I can give you whatever you want, as long as you are my pet, no, it’s my man.”

Zhao Fu turned his head to look at her and said, “I’m here to ask Origin, do you have this thing?”

The Sun Demon smiled a little, “Of course the old lady has.”

The Sun Demon stretched out a hand, and a powerful Origin of solar energy poured out, forming a ball of light above her palms, emitting dazzling rays of light, like a little sun.

Zhao Fu asked in surprise, “How do you have Origin?”

The sun demon said with a smile, “The old lady said, I was born the sun lava, like the sun god, but the innate spirit bred by the sun, of course, can have a real Origin day power.”

Zhao Fu was surprised. Didn’t expect the Sun Demon in front of him is the same as the Sun God, but their strengths are very different. It should be that a large part of the Sun gave birth to the Sun Demon, and a very small part gave birth to the Sun Demon.

Sun Momei said with a smile, “How do you want? As long as you are willing to be my man, I will give you Origin Power.”


Zhao Fu refused without thinking. Although he could get Origin’s daily power, he lost his freedom in the future and accompanied her daily.

An angry face on the Sun Demon, a fierce claw, grabbed Zhao Fu, and saw a purple red sharp claw heavily caught on the Formation, making a huge noise, but the Formation did not suffer any damage, This completely relieved Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Goodbye, wait for your time to play with you.”

The Sun Demon showed a more angry expression, thinking that Zhao Fu would be imprisoned in the cave when he came out, and she would have fun every night.

Zhao Fu continued to walk towards the gate of the temple.

At that time, the temple door opened slowly. More than twenty faces were beautiful, with a fire crystal short corner on his forehead. The woman was mature and sexy. She came out in a fire-colored dress.

Seeing Zhao Fu a little surprised, and looking towards the sun demon outside towards the formation, the woman who was also beautiful and alluring said, “Mo Yan! What are you doing in the temple again?”

Mo Yan coldly snorted, “Do you think the old lady wants to come here? The old lady doesn’t want to see your group of sluts. Hurry up and hand over the man. The old lady will leave immediately.”

A sexy woman exclaimed angrily, “Dare you talk to us like this? Don’t think we will really do anything to you, if you dare to talk like this, we will force you to seal you forever Stay under lava.”

Mo Yan shouted, “Do you think the old lady is afraid of you? Have the ability to each and everyone.”

Mo Yan is definitely the strongest in terms of personal strength, because she and Sun God are the same strength of Heaven first, but if everyone goes together, Mo Yan is not an opponent.

Another enchanting woman lightly snorted, “Why should we go to each and everyone? What can you do if we go together?”

Mo Yan scolded, “You sluts are shameless!”

The sexy woman shouted angrily, “We go out together to teach her.”

Many women agreed one after another, they were about to charge ahead, and Mo Yan was immediately ready to retreat. Although her mouth was so strong, she knew that she was not an opponent of these women.

At this time, Zhao Fu, the beautiful and alluring woman reaching out, stopped everyone and looked towards the side watching the drama, asking, “who you are? Why are you here?”

Zhao Fu has not answered yet.

Mo Yan said with a smile, “His origin may be not so simple, with within the body, there are more than two pure Origin daily powers, and it can still linger with me for a few days, and finally I was conquered by him. As long as you give him to me, I can ignore the previous things.”

Many women looked at Zhao Fu with a surprised look, I don’t know if it was because Zhao Fu had two kinds of Origin daily power, or for several days.

Beautiful and alluring woman looked at Zhao Fu and said, “You tell yourself what you are?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I am the Son of the Two Suns, and the Lord of the Nether Sun God, this time soaring last day, I want to merge the eight types of Origin.”

Everyone was even more surprised, and they also wrapped up Mo Yan. I don’t know how many years. In the past, no one had soared up. The sun god in the lower realm made them think that they had already disappeared, but they didn’t expect them to exist.

beautiful and alluring woman asked, “You have the ability to fuse eight kinds of Origin Power? The Origin Power of our temple is impossible to outsiders.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “All you need is to take me to divine throne.”

beautiful and alluring woman asked, “Why should I take you? I have said that the Origin Power of the Temple will not be given to outsiders.”

Zhao Fu had no choice but to say, “I am the Son of God Sun Temple, you take me to divine throne, I have a way to prove that I am,”

The beautiful and alluring woman said, “The God of the Sun said before that there will be no God Son of mine, I think you are lying, you must have other purposes.”

Zhao Fu has some difficulties, this move doesn’t work here.

The voluptuous woman looked at Zhao Fu a few times and said with a smile, “I think he has other purposes, I will take him down to torture him.”

A charming woman smirked and said, “I will go too!”

Other women also asked for it.

Mo Yan said angrily, “He is the old lady, and the old lady clearly caught him. If you treat him to his old lady, you will definitely not let you go.”

The voluptuous woman gave Mo Yan a sneering look, held out a wave, and lifted the cape of Zhao Fu to reveal the perfect face.

Enchanting woman said fascinated, “No wonder that Mo Yan desperately wants to wait for him, he does have this charm, I saw such a good-looking person for the first time.”

A charming woman said with a smile, “Um, I see my heart moving.”

A mature woman said with a smile, “I think it’s a god and a god who is afraid of us being lonely and gives us a gift specially, then I’m welcome.”

Mature woman a pair of eyes staring straight at Zhao Fu, the eyes seem to be eating Zhao Fu.

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