The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2931


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First Volume Chapter 279

Zhao Fu looked awkward, he thought it would be better to come to the temple, but now there are magic colors outside the Formation, and there are numerous goddesses inside the Formation. Although he also likes beauty, he doesn’t want to be forced.

What should I do?

Zhao Fu didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t fight, he couldn’t escape. Zhao Fu finally shouted, “I am a two-day god son. If you are not afraid of a two-day goddess for me?”

Enchanting woman chuckled and said, “We are not afraid, now we have reason to suspect that you have a conspiracy.”

The mature woman came to Zhao Fu, stretched out her white hand to raise Zhao Fu’s chin, and said charmingly, “You can rest assured, honestly, my door will not hurt you.”

Many women also came around with a smile.

Mo Yan looked at the scene in front of him, and he was almost blown away. He was not allowed to kill all the people at once, angry cursing outside, and fierce attack on Formation.

The beautiful and alluring woman, headed by, also had no control, looked at the scene in front of him, and joined it directly.

Finally, in the case of Mo Yan voluntarily blocking the cultivation base, Zhao Fu still satisfied her, and in the future, she did not have to worry about her threats.

After a few days of hard work, Zhao Fu looked at many women lying in the doorway of the temple and fell asleep. There was a helpless smile on their faces. They were too crazy. This should be the reason of the god of the sun, and there is no limit to them. Who they are with, they within the body also have true Origin daily power, which should be absorbed through the Origin.

Now they are also taking advantage of their lethargy, Zhao Fu can enter it to get Origin daily power, without wasting time, Zhao Fu immediately entered the temple, came to the divine throne, exude a Supreme divine force, sit Divine throne.


A huge wave of light spread again, covering the entire temple in an instant, and the temple emitted golden rays of light, ushering in the new owner.

Many women who were sleeping at the entrance of the temple were immediately awakened by this strength. Without clothes, they hurried to the great hall. Zhao Fu was already sitting on the divine throne.

Zhao Fu looked at the many women who ran in, and there was no panic. Now he is the Temple Lord, who is qualified to expel these women.

Mo Yan said with a chuckle, “You are so good, you are so good.”

Many women did not expect that Zhao Fu can board divine throne in such a short time, but this divine throne can only be boarded by the sun god, they can’t even go up, how does Zhao Fu do it?

Beautiful and alluring woman looked at Zhao Fu and said, “I knew you were not a Son of God, but it didn’t matter anymore, talk about your plan!”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I have already told you that, I just came to get the Origin, no other plan.”

Mature woman softly said, “So what are you going to do to us?”

Mo Yanmei said with a smile, “Good friends, people want you to drive them out of the temple, and I will serve you alone.”

Enchanting woman attractive with a smile, “Xiang Gong! How can she compare to our twenty-seven sisters alone, I think she will be driven out of the temple, I also tell you that this woman’s ambition is not small, When the Sun God disappeared, she wanted to become the Temple Lord and the new Sun God.”

“The result is not only blocked by us, she is also backlashed by God’s Sun, you can’t stay with such a woman.”

Mo Yan coldly snorted, “If it is not for you guys, the old lady may really become the god of the sun. It is because you have caused the old lady to suffer the pain of the thousand years of backlash. This old lady will definitely report.”

beautiful and alluring woman said, “Even if we don’t stop you, you can become an imperial god, because the rule must be a man, the same as the moon immortal must be a woman, you can’t change the two rules.” [ 19459002]

Mo Yan twisted her head, cold voice said, “The old lady doesn’t care, it’s you who caused it anyway.”

Enchanting woman said with a chuckle, “Xiang Gong, you can see that she is such a person, now we can seal her forever as long as you want.”

Mo Yan immediately said charmingly, “Good dear friend! Are you willing to seal me? I used to be because the sun god disappeared, now I have you, and I will certainly be 100% surrendered to you, you are a hundred times more powerful than that person. , I am willing to be your woman, even slave girl.”

hearing this, many women couldn’t help but think of what happened in the past few days, and a blush appeared on her face.

Zhao Fu has a headache, “I don’t care about your business, now you get along well, if you don’t perform well, I will expel you immediately.”

Many women are also nervous, they are far stronger than Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu is the Temple Lord, Zhao Fu can expel them at any time.

The voluptuous woman and Mo Yan glance at each other, and are not talking.

Zhao Fu asked, “Where is the Origin?”

Beautiful and alluring woman said with a smile, “Xiang Gong, I will take you there!”

Zhao Fu nodded.

Everyone came to a golden gate. Zhao Fu stepped forward and pushed open the gate. I saw a fire sea inside. There was a round crystal stone of one meter size in the air.

The Origin crystal here is relatively small, and should be absorbed by other goddesses, so they have Origin Power within their body, and strength is not weak.

Zhao Fu came under the crystal stone. A beam of ray of light was shot on the forehead crystal stone and shot into the crystal stone in the midair. A powerful Origin daily power injected into Zhao Fu’s body.

Many women looked at Zhao Fu, who absorbed Origin’s power, and the mature woman said, “I feel that his identity is terrifying. Maybe he can integrate eight kinds of Origin Power and become the new sun god.”

Enchanting woman said with a smile, “I also have this idea. The former Japanese god disappeared for so many years, we also tried our best to be loyal to him, but now we also have to plan for the future, I don’t know what strength he has, I Has been hooked on him.”

beautiful and alluring woman replied, “We have no other choice.”


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and a small sun emitted golden rays of light, emerging from the crystals on Zhao Fu’s forehead, and a powerful imposing manner spread out.

Everyone saw this scene and found that Zhao Fu had mastered the third day power and became a real 3rd day god son.

Mo Yan was also confirmed in her heart that they had also absorbed Origin Sunpower before, but not at all became God Son, but Zhao Fu absorbed Origin Sunpower to become God Son, this day God can only be a man, she has no ability to change this rule, Not so angry in my heart.

Zhao Fu smiled, stood up from the ground, came to the door and said, “I’m leaving!”

beautiful and alluring woman asked, “Is it going to the other sun to get Origin’s daily power?”

Zhao Fu smiled nodded.

The voluptuous woman said with a smile, “Don’t go fast, stay with us for a few days.”

Mo Yan lightly snorted, “The old lady has not enjoyed enough, you have to stay a few days longer, otherwise the old lady will not let you go.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “Come on!”

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