The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2932


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First Volume Chapter 380

Coming to the fourth sun, here is a piece of lava, there are no plants, no animals can be seen, all around is full of silence, the temperature is not very high.

Zhao Fu had the last lesson, came to this sun a little more carefully at this time, first sensed all around and found that there was no danger, and then walked forward.

It didn’t take long for Zhao Fu to come to the shrine. This shrine also has two tall lava statues. It looks like a majestic Divine Weapon in armor, armed with weapons, and looks divine. Inviolable.

Zhao Fu exhibited the strength of the Holy Sun Envoy. The Formation in front of the temple did not stop Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu easily entered the temple and continued to walk towards the temple.

Coming to a great hall and watching divine throne all around empty, Zhao Fu is a little strange, “Is there no goddess managing the temple here?”

However, no one here is beneficial to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu releases a Supreme divine force. A golden sun wraps Zhao Fu’s body at once, exuding strong dazzling rays of light, like a real Sun God generally, walked forward.

Less than a while later, Zhao Fu boarded the divine throne and successfully became the Temple Lord.

Zhao Fu came to a golden gate again and pushed the door vigorously. I saw a fire sea in strength. There was a golden crystal of one meter size in the air, emitting countless golden rays of light. .

Under the crystal, there are eight women with fire-colored hair, sharp ears, and a beautiful face. The tall figure woman is sitting on the ground, absorbing Origin’s daily energy intently.

Zhao Fu thought there were no goddesses, they were here, Zhao Fu didn’t disturb them, and sat on the side of the crystal stone. A golden beam was emitted from the forehead at once, and a strong solar energy was injected into Zhao Fu’s body.


An hour later, a huge burst of Sun Power burst out of Zhao Fu’s body. Zhao Fu’s body became a body composed of golden light at one time, and crystal stone on his forehead emitted numerous golden rays of light.

The powerful fluctuations caused the eight cultivation goddesses to open both eyes and look at the strange man in front of them, showing an expression of consternation.

They have been cultivation here for countless years, and they have been focused on it. Their minds have long been immersed in it, and they have not managed other things. If they do not have strong fluctuations around them, they will not wake up from the cultivation.

A sweet-skinned woman asked curiously, “Who is he? How did he appear here and still absorb Origin’s daily energy.”

The noble woman shook the head, “Not sure, but now he is on the divine throne and became the Temple Lord. Now he absorbs the Origin of the Sun and becomes the Son of the Holy Sun.”

Leng Yan woman said seriously, “This is a trouble! We are too immersed in cultivation, and we don’t even know such a big thing happened.”

The mature woman said, “This place was special, we can’t sense the changes in the temple,”

The noble woman asked, “There are already three types of Origin in this person. What should have happened during this period of our cultivation.”

Sweet woman said with a smile, “We will ask him when he wakes up.”

A small golden sun emerged from the crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s head, Zhao Fu’s body slowly transformed into strength, and a powerful imposing manner was released.

Zhao Fu opened both eyes and found that many women were watching him.

Sweet woman said with a smile, “Who are you?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I am a man in the lower realm. This time I came to collect eight kinds of Origin daily power on the sun.”

The noble woman said, “You have such abilities, and your identity must not be simple. Now that you are the God of the Temple, and you have the Origin power, we can’t change. We recognize your identity.” [19459002 ]

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face.

The mature woman looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “You tell me something happened recently, we feel a lot of things happened.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I don’t know if you want to hear what happened on the sun or what happened in the lower realm.”

Mature woman replied, “All must!”

Zhao Fu told many women all the things that happened recently.

Many women learned that various things happened and showed complex expressions, and the special eight-day shrine in the lower realm made them angry and uncomfortable, as well as some sadness.

The noble woman said with a smile, “The eight Japanese angels did not know what prophecy to use, and they predicted your existence, and we also believe that you will have a great revival under your rule. “”

Zhao Fu said modestly, “You have won the prize!”

Leng Yan woman asked, “You haven’t said why you should collect eight kinds of Origin, and why you have such ability, and your future plans.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “This is my secret, I won’t tell you for the time being.”

The mature woman smiled and said, “Um, we understand you, and I wish you to be able to integrate eight kinds of Origin, and believe that at that moment is the time when the Eighth Temple will usher in the final change.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I am going to the next sun.”

many women nodded.

Zhao Fu got up and left the room, flying towards the fifth sun.

After Zhao Fu left, the mature woman asked seriously, “Do you say he will become the new Sun God?”

Leng Yan woman said, “He will be a new sun god, but he will certainly be the day sun god, and can not be compared with the innate sun god, but the Eight Day Temple with Spiritual God big existence, will be reborn.” [19459002 ]

The sweet woman said, “What about us? What should I do?”

The noble woman said, “Of course we are devoted to cultivation. He needs us to help him as much as possible. We are honestly cultivation now and wait until Cheng Xian’s day to find the missing sun god.”

The sweet woman grumbled and said, “We are Sun Elf, and we have endless life on the sun, but the cultivation base is rising too slowly.”

Noble woman said with a smile, “We continue to concentrate on cultivation, maybe the next time we wake up, the imprint will be Immortal.”

Sweet woman nodded with a sweet smile.

Everyone continued to close both eyes and absorbed Origin’s daily energy.

Zhao Fu has come to the fifth sun, and Zhao Fu has a lot of accidents here, because it is covered with purple red plants, the ground is dark red, the temperature is not very high, suitable for people to live, Zhao Fu also saw several small beasts running past.

This fifth sun is obviously more alive than the previous four suns, Zhao Fu flew to the side with a smile.


A fiery-red arrow shot quickly towards Zhao Fu. The strength of this arrow was weak. Zhao Fu just glanced at it, and the arrow spontaneously burned into a numerous ashes.

Zhao Fu looked towards the ground and saw a young man who was afraid to run away, showed a smile, disappeared in place, and appeared in front of the young man.

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