The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2933


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First Volume Chapter 301

The young man looked at Zhao Fu who appeared in front of him and shouted in fear, “Outsider!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I want to know something. If you tell me, then I won’t kill you, let me kill you.”

The young man’s eyes shouted firmly, “I won’t tell you, you killed me, the goddess will avenge me.”

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and grabbed the void, and an invisible hand grabbed the young man, and the terrifying strength seemed to instantly catch the young man.

The young man’s face was painful, his face flushed red, and there was no trace of resistance.

Zhao Fu continued to ask, “Do you say anything now?”

A silhouette in the forest sounded, “You let him go!”

Zhao Fu looked over and saw a girl with a delicate face and a red dress. She ran out from the side and smiled, “I just need to know some information. If you tell me, you can let go of you two.” ”

The red clothed girl looked at the young man who was about to die, and came nodded.

The young man shouted hard, “Goddess, don’t mind me.”

Zhao Fu threw the youth in front of the red clothed girl, and asked in surprise, “Are you the goddess?”

The red clothed girl first looked at the youth on the ground and found no injuries, facing Zhao Fu nodded.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I thought it was the goddess next to the Sun God.”

The red clothed girl said, “That’s the Great God woman. We are just the ordinary goddesses who are in charge of the temples around the world. The identity of the two is very different.”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

The young man said beside him, “Goddess is Outsider, I saw it with my own eyes.”

The red clothed girl said seriously, “I know that his strength is very terrifying, and it is the most terrifying person I have ever seen except the Great God woman. We are honest, he can wipe us out.”

The young man showed a shocked expression and didn’t seem to think that Zhao Fu was so powerful.

Zhao Fu heard them and asked, “Are you very much outsiders?”

The woman in red said, “Um, because you outsiders are doing a lot of bad things in our place, we all hate you very much.”

Zhao Fu wrinkled frowned and asked doubtfully, “A lot of people are flying to the fifth sun?”

red clothed girl asked strangely, “What is the fifth sun?”

What the young man thought, looked at Zhao Fu in surprise, “He is not an Outsider, he is a person who soared from the lower realm.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “Yes, I am flying up from the lower realm.”

The girl looked at Zhao Fu with a stunned face and soared into the sun. They had only heard of what happened in ancient times. They thought it was just a legend, but they didn’t think it was true. They saw it with their own eyes, others Never seen it in my life.

But now there are still people who can fly up, and what identity and ability does Zhao Fu have to fly up from the lower realm. The two were full of curiosity about Zhao Fu,

Zhao Fu asked, “You tell me what is an outsider first.”

The red clothed girl explained to Zhao Fu.

It turns out that after the sun god disappeared, the nine Great God women of the fifth sun were divided into two factions, one group had five Great God women, and the other had four Great God women. As they split, they lived on the sun Countless people are also divided into two factions.

In order to compete for the temple, the two factions also fought a huge war, causing countless souls to die. The last five Great God females won the victory and mastered the temple, which can be called the guardian.

People of another faction were expelled, living in marginal areas, and they became vandalism.

Outsiders in their mouths are the saboteurs, because the marginal areas are short of materials and the terrain is dangerous, and the people there are also very vicious. They often go to the guardian’s place to snatch supplies, and also murder and set fire to do many evil things.

This is also the reason why the guardians dislike Outsider so much. Generally, they will attack when they see it, so the young man will attack Zhao Fu, but did not expect Zhao Fu’s strength to be so terrifying.

There are not many people living on the Fifth Sun now. There are about ten million people on this side of the guardian. The destroyer is only a million, and the guardian has enough advantages. Dare to resist the guardians.

The Great God women of both factions are now in a deep sleep. It is the little goddesses who manage these places.

After listening to the words of red clothed girl, Zhao Fu also pondered. He did not expect that the fifth day was more complicated than he thought. Originally Zhao Fu planned to go directly to the shrine and climb to the divine throne as before to obtain Origin. Power.

Now this method may not work, who knows what the Great God women will do to him.

Finally, Zhao Fu thought about it and said, “I think you will take your city.”

Zhao Fu intends to investigate some information before making various decisions, focusing on safety.

The red clothed girl said, “Yes, but you wear it like this. When someone looks at you as an outsider, you need to dress up.”

Zhao Fu took off his black cloak and asked, “How should I dress?”

The two looked at Zhao Fu’s unsurpassed appearance, and immediately stood there, looking at Zhao Fu stupidly. He had never seen such a good-looking person, and his heart was beating violently.

Zhao Fu started talking, “What happened?”

The two came back to his senses, and the red clothed girl’s face showed a blush and shook.

Subsequently, the red clothed girl took out various things to dress up Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu’s clothes were replaced with a purple long coat, the material is the material of this region, and the red sun mark was also painted on the arm.

The red clothed girl looked at Zhao Fu in changed clothes. Compared with before, there was a little more noble mysterious temperament, exuding an invisible charm, like a noble Young Master, let the red clothed girl’s heart beat quickly.

Zhao Fu glanced at the dress and asked, “Is this all right?”

red clothed girl shook the head, “You look so good, you must bring this.”

red clothed girl handed a wooden mask covering the upper half of the face.

Zhao Fu took the mask and brought a thank you on his face.

red clothed girl said happily, “You are welcome!”

The young man looked at the red clothed girl who was fascinated by Zhao Fu, and he understood very well in his heart that he was almost confused by Zhao Fu as a man, let alone a woman.

His relationship with red clothed girl is just a good friend, no other relationship.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and a dozen treasures appeared in front of them. Zhao Fu smiled and said, “These are my rewards to you.”

The youth looked at the spirit light emitted by the treasure, which was very precious treasure for him. There are still so many, the expression of the youth was excited, and thanked Zhao Fu quickly.

The red clothed girl looked at such a precious treasure, and it also reflected that the gap between her and Zhao Fu’s identity revealed a somewhat lost expression.

Subsequently, Zhao Fu followed the red clothed girl into the city.

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