The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2935


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First Volume Chapter 383

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I have heard some news and am ready to go to the Great God Temple. I will say goodbye to you when I come back.”

Ri Yan said reluctantly, “Is it so fast?”

Zhao Fu replied, “Um, I want to resolve this matter as soon as possible, there are other things to deal with, we will still meet again in the future.”

Ri Yan smiled nodded.

Ryeo listened beside, feeling that Zhao Fu did something extraordinary, and asked, “What is it? Maybe I can help you.”

Ri Yan smiled happily and said to Zhao Fu, “Sister Riyu is a Middle Level goddess, she should be able to help you.”

Zhao Fu looked at Ryukyu and said, “I want to enter the Great God Hall to get Origin’s solar power.”

Ryukyu was ready in his heart, but was still taken aback by surprise. He didn’t expect this to happen. His voice shook a little and said, “who the hell are you?”

Ri Yan explained with a smile, “Sister Ri Ryu, he is a person who ascended from the lower realm, and has already obtained four Origin Power.”

Ryukyu looked at Zhao Fu and surely asked, “Is it true?”

Zhao Fu took off the mask, revealing the crystal stone on his forehead, which contained four small suns, exuding pure Origin’s solar breath.

Ri Ryu was astonished. Zhao Fu possessed four kinds of Origin solar power, and she looked so beautiful, so that her heart jumped quickly after disappointing, and a blush appeared on her face.

Riyan said with a smile, “Sister Riyu he also said in the future that we would change our status on the fifth day without worrying about the harm of Outsider in the future.”

Ryukyu came back to his senses, thinking that Zhao Fu has already obtained four kinds of Origin Nikli, this ability is not only extraordinary, but also necessarily related to other Sun God women, Ryukyu believes that Zhao Fu can do it, smile Say, “Um, I can help you, my cousin’s youth is a senior goddess.”

Zhao Fu was a little surprised, then the matter was very simple, said with a smile, “Thank you!”

Riyu said with a smile, “You’re welcome, I think your identity may be much more noble than we think, you can change the status of the Fifth Sun, which is a great thing.”

Zhao Fu said, “Let’s go!”

Ryori nodded with a smile.

Riyan Unable to Bear asked, “Can I go with you?”

Zhao Fu thought, light Um snorted.

Ri Yan smiled.

The three people left this place and spent most of the day arriving at the place where the Great God Temple is located.

Ryukyu said, “Now I will take you to my cousin’s house.”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

Ri Ryu asked, “What will you do if you see my aunt? Won’t you tell him your identity directly? This may be dangerous.”

Zhao Fu replied, “I will be careful!”

Ryukyu said with a smile, “Um, I want to use your identity, and my aunt dare not treat you.”

Then the three came to a building, and a handsome young man ran out laughing hehe and said, “Are you coming cousin?”

Ryori nodded with a smile, “Is Aunt there?”

The teenager replied, “My mother will come back later.”

Ryukyu chuckled and said, “Um, then we will wait here for a while.”

The handsome boy looked towards Riyan next to Riyu and asked with some gratitude, “Who is her cousin?”

Riyu laughed hehe and said, “She is Riyan, she is an ordinary goddess, and she already has someone she likes.”

“Oh!” The teenager lost complied.

Riyan cheeks slightly red, quietly glanced at Zhao Fu.

The three sat on the stone bench Superior outside the pavilion, and it didn’t take long for a mature woman with a serious face and a gentle woman to walk in from the outside.

Ri Ryu shouted with a smile, “Aunt!”

The serious-looking beauty woman turned her head towards Ryukyu and asked, “How come you are here?”

The serious beautiful woman named Rihuan, one of the 12 senior goddesses, and the gentle beautiful woman next to her named Rixiu, also one of the 12 senior goddesses.

Ri Ryu said with a smile, “I have something very important for you!”

Rihuan said, “What are you talking about?”

Ryukyu mysterious said, “This matter is quite significant, we still find a place where no one is talking.”

Rihuan sees this, nodded.

Everyone came to a room, and Rihuan said, “What can you say now?”

Ri Ryu said with a smile, “I will introduce to you, he is a person who ascended from the lower realm, and is the owner of the four Origins.”

Zhao Fu also took off his mask, revealing the crystal stone.

Rihuan and Rixiu looked at Zhao Fu in shock, and after a while, they calmed down. Rihuan and Rixiu glanced at each other to understand how important this matter is.

Rihuan asked seriously, “What are you doing with us?”

Zhao Fu said, “I am here for the Origin Power of the Fifth Sun!”

Rihuan just wanted to say how Zhao Fu can get Origin daily power, but another thought Zhao Fu already has four Origin daily powers, naturally it is also possible to get the fifth Origin daily power, Rihuan thought about it Say, “How do you get the Origin of the Sun’s Origin?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “It’s very simple, as long as you board the divine throne and become the Temple Lord.”

Rihuan asked in doubt, “How can you board the divine throne?”

Zhao Fu said confidently, “It’s almost impossible for you, but it’s very simple for me, otherwise I won’t say that I want to collect eight kinds of Origin.”

Rihuan asked again, “What is your relationship with the Great God girl of other suns?”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Are they? I am now all women, but now I am in cultivation and I am alone in the Fifth Sun.”

Many women looked surprised, and Rihuan said, “Great God can only serve Spiritual God, how can you be your woman?”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “Because I have become the Son of Sun God and the Temple Lord, they naturally have to obey my orders.”

Many women looked even more shocked.

Riyan and Riyu have some inferiority complexes, so strong God girls have become his women, how can they compare?

Neither Rihuan nor Risu has doubts, because the four suns on Zhao Fu’s head are the best proof.

Rixiu’s eyes looked at Zhao Fu, “If you master the Origin of the Fifth Sun, will there be no accidents that you will become the Son of the Fifth Sun?”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

Risu continued to ask, “If you become the fifth Sun God son, what good is it for us?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I will end the status quo of the Fifth Sun, you don’t have to worry about the other factions, as for your power, there will be no change, and I can guarantee that you will not be in any danger, I will let other goddesses come when necessary.”

This also gave Rixiu and Rihuan enough confidence that things will not endanger them no matter whether they succeed or fail, and the fifth sun will also change.

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