The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2936


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First Volume Chapter 384

Rihuan smiled and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

Zhao Fu said with a slight smile, “many thanks!”

Everyone started to discuss how to enter the Great God Hall, especially where Divine Throne is located. There are a lot of prohibitions and Formulations, even senior Goddess are difficult to get close to.

There must be a token of the Great God woman in order to break through these prohibitions. It happens that Rixiu has a Bloodline relationship with a Great God woman and is also valued by the Great God woman. She has a token in her hand and can borrow this The letter breaks the ban.

After the plan was made, Risu and Rihuan took Zhao Fu to the Great God Temple, because Rixiu and Rihuan were both high-level Goddess, and no one dared to question them on the road.

Just before entering the place where divine throne is located, a voluptuous beauty just happened to pass by. Her name is Sunberry and she is also one of the Great God women,

Sunberry said with a chuckle, “Is there anything wrong with you two coming here?”

Rihuan said calmly, “Nothing, just come and have a look.”

Sunberry was chuckled and didn’t care. When he was about to leave, he looked at Zhao Fu and asked with a trace of interest, “Who is he, it seems he has never seen him.”

Rihuan said, “He is just the subordinate I just received.”

Riberry chuckled and said, “Let him take off the mask and let me see how it looks.”

Rihuan wrinkled frowned, “Don’t overdo it.”

Sunberry said with a smile, “Okay, I won’t do it anymore!”

Rihuan said, “Let’s go!”

Zhao Fu honestly followed behind Rihuan, hiding all the breath, without any changes, try not to let people see what is wrong.

Sunberry did not care too much and left this place.

After she walked for a while, Rihuan took Zhao Fu to the great hall. In front was the golden divine throne, which was more than ten meters high and more then 300 meters away from Zhao Fu. Walked over, but the surroundings were covered with prohibitions, extremely dangerous.

Rixiu took out a round jade ring with some patterns carved on it, and a palm sized. Rixiu threw the ring forward. The ring flew out and stayed in midair, emitting a numerous white rays of light.

A two-meter wide halo appeared, standing in front of everyone, emitting a slight ray of light.

Risu said, “You will not be subject to a banned attack if you enter from here.”

Zhao Fu nodded, entered that aura, and at that instant he felt his body turned into a stream of shadows, and came to the divine throne very soon.

Rixiu was unable to bear some worriedly said, “Can you say he can board the divine throne?”

Rihuan looked at Zhao Fu and said, “There should be no problem. He has got four kinds of Origin daily power. Also, if we leave here first, he may cause a lot of fluctuations. The two of us just help at most. He is here,”

Risu gently nodded.


A rumbling sound sounded, and Zhao Fu released a Supreme dive force, a golden sun wrapped Zhao Fu’s body, and Zhao Fu took this powerful sun imposing manner and walked up to divine throne.

The divine throne naturally released one after another powerful strength to prevent it, but it was still suppressed by the divine force exuded by Zhao Fu, and finally Zhao Fu boarded the divine throne.

A wave of golden light spreads out quickly, and the entire temple emits golden rays of light.

Numerous senior Goddess have a strange face and do not understand what is happening and why there is such a change in the whole temple.

Rixiu and Rihuan were shocked. They had expected that Zhao Fu might board the divine throne, but did not expect Zhao Fu to board so quickly, as if they had not left for twenty minutes.

At this time, they have not found that the temple has a new master, because these high-level Goddess, although the Great God female manager temple, but not the master of the temple, has been used to managing for so many years.

bang bang bang…

A Mountain of Flames has a big hole with five fiery-red jade stone beds on which are five beautiful-looking women dressed in a red-clothed woman, opening both eyes , Released a powerful divine force, senior Goddess can not sense the change, but they can feel that the temple has a new master.

Their first thought was that the other group of people did not know what method was used, and they obtained the management power of the temple. Whoever obtained the temple was equivalent to gaining a huge advantage, and they could absorb Origin’s daily power.

After the five women opened both eyes, they turned into five streams of light and flew towards the temple.

On the other side of the underground cave**, four fire-colored jade stone beds, four beautiful-looking women dressed in a red-clothed wake up.

They are the four Great God women of the Destruction Sect. They also sensed that the temple had a new owner. At the same time, they first felt that they were guarding the faction and found a way to become the new God Palace Lord. Then they are very dangerous.

There are five Great God women in the guardian school, and they only have four in one group. They can barely resist the five Great God women, but if those five Great God women absorb the true Origin Power, the difference between their strengths is Big.

bang bang bang…

A rumbling sound sounded, and they also exploded into a strong strength, which turned into a fire-colored beam towards the location of the Great God Temple.

The five Great God girls who guarded the school arrived first, standing in the sky and exuding a huge imposing manner, which turned the sky into fire.

Twelve senior Goddess watched the emergence of several Great God women, with unexpected expressions, and hurried out, gave a salute, “Well, see you Great God women!”

Five Great God women saw 12 senior Goddess expressions staggered, according to their thoughts, it should be another group of people forcibly entered the temple, 12 senior Goddess should be guarded with all their strength, but they look like nothing but No.

A mature Great God woman, scolded with a trace of anger, “You a group of waste, the temple has a new master who does not know yet.”

hearing this, 12 Goddess were shocked, the temple has a new owner? Is the change caused by the golden rays of light from the temple?

A quiet Great God woman said, “They don’t even know about it. It must have been the other Great God women sneaking into it before they became the Temple Lord. Let’s go to Divine Throne first.” ”

A hot Great God girl said anxiously, “We hurry up, the longer the time delay, the more disadvantageous we are.”

Several Great God women quickly flew in the direction of divine throne.

The faces of 12 Great God women are ugly. When such a big thing happened, they did not notice anything. It can be said that they have made a huge mistake. I don’t know their identity is hard to guarantee. There may be a mortal danger. They hurried over. .

Everyone came outside the great hall, a pair of both eyes looked seriously at the great hall.

Mature woman is about to speak.

bang bang bang…

Four rumbling sounds sounded, and four silhouettes of fire appeared in the void, exuding a powerful imposing manner, spreading like a wave of air.

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