The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2937


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First Volume Chapter 385

The five Great God women who guarded one faction saw another Great God woman who had just arrived, and their expressions were stunned. The other four Great God women who stood there looked at the five Great God women who stood outside the temple. Hell.

The two sides said in unison, “Aren’t you the Temple Lord?”

After hearing what the two sides said, they also determined in their hearts, not to deal with becoming the Temple Lord, but also sighed in relief, divine throne is not so easy to board.

However, since it is not the other party, who is the new God Temple Lord, everyone’s eyes continue to look towards great hall.

At this time, a young man with a mask came out slowly.

Seeing Zhao Fu coming out, Nishiberry was stunned, and she couldn’t think of how Zhao Fu would become the God Temple Lord, Nishibing looked away towards Risu and Rihuan, this one was the one they brought in With the help of two of them, they can also explain why Zhao Fu can come here easily.

Sunberry immediately confessed, “Great God woman is the one brought in by Rihuan and Risu.”

hearing this, five Great God women with a look of anger, looked towards both Rihuan and Risu, a mature woman cold voice said, “Say, why bring him in without giving us an explanation, I will kill You two.”

The quiet Great God woman also said with anger, “I trust you so much in Risu, but you betrayed me.”

Rixiu and Rihuan complexion changed.

The other four Great God women showed a smile, and one of the charming Great God women said with a smile, “What is good to follow them five? Now you submit to me, maybe we will keep yours Life.”

Rixiu and Rihuan are just about to talk.

A light laughter sounded, and everyone’s eyes fell back to Zhao Fu’s body, Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You seem to have forgotten, I am the God Temple Lord now, the two of them are my people, I do not allow You hurt them, otherwise don’t blame me.”

Mature woman coldly snorted and said, “Yes, you are God Temple Lord, but I don’t believe you can hide in the temple for a lifetime, and you dare to threaten us, I tell you to die.”

Zhao Fu took off his mask to reveal the crystal stone on his forehead and Zhao Fu’s perfect look.

Numerous Great God female face shocked, mature woman shouted, “How do you have four Origin day power?”

Zhao Fu said with a confident smile, “Don’t you ask me who I am? Now I am already the Son of the Four Suns, and the Goddess of the other four temples follow my orders, I tell you, I will not If you die, you will probably die.”

Hearing this, numerical Goddess’s complexion became a little serious.

Rihuan said in this brief moment, “You promised us that you will not hurt our people.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “The premise is that they will not force me!”

Mature woman lightly snorted, “Every of our suns has its own rules. The temple and the temple’s previous affairs cannot intervene, and each manages its own power.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “But don’t forget, I’m the god son of the four temples now, Goddess wants to obey my orders.”

The mature woman did not speak, because she also understood that Zhao Fu was right.

The quiet woman asked, “Can you tell us who the hell are you? Why can you be the son of the four temples?”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “I am a person who soared from the lower realm, the purpose is to collect eight kinds of Origin daily strength, the strength your sun has is the fifth Origin daily strength I have collected.”

Zhao Fu’s identity becomes very terrifying after hearing this.

They also knew why Zhao Fu could easily board divine throne, but they couldn’t.

Another group of charming women chuckled and said, “You are the Temple Lord now, and you will become the Son of the Fifth Sun in the future. The four of us are willing to acknowledge allegiance to you.”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

Guarding all the factions, with a dignified face, now Zhao Fu becomes the Temple Lord, but they have become outsiders, and there are four other Sun God female helpers, if they do not choose to learn allegiance, the situation will become extremely difficult.

Rihuan said, “Dear Great God women, now you know that allegiance is due to him, and it is also destiny, not only our fifth Sun God Temple, he will unify the eight suns, which is also our willingness to help him Reason.”

Risu also persuaded softly, “The sun god has disappeared for so many years, the temple has also been split for so many years, it is time for you, the Great God girls, to change.”

Mature woman exhales one breath saying, looked towards other Goddess, asked, “What do you think?”

Tranquil woman replied, “We have no other choice!”

A woman nodded with a hot figure, “The key is not that we are alone in the shrine, the eight-day shrine may all usher in great changes.”

A beautiful and alluring woman said, “Now I don’t have any other ideas, it’s acknowledge allegiance to him!”

Finally, the mature woman looked at Zhao Fu with a hint of grievance and said, “We are willing to acknowledge allegiance to you, are you satisfied now?”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile. “Now you two groups submit to me, and they are also my people. I think you will fuse together again.”

The mature woman glanced at the charming woman and said, “We don’t have an opinion, they may not agree, it was the four of them who rebelled.”

The charming woman chuckled and said, “Now it can be different. Before, we didn’t want to obey your orders. Now we are following the orders of the Temple Lord. I have no opinion on integration.”

A voluptuous woman said with a smile, “Um, I am also a little tired of the days of fighting and killing all day. I also support fusion.”

Another somewhat vicious woman said plainly, “I am not against it.”

A woman with an attractive temperament smiled and said, “I have no opinion,”

The guardians heard what they said and did not say anything.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You are willing to submit to me, then I will not treat you badly, I see you with the body not at all true Origin Power, you and I go in together to absorb Origin’s daily power.”

The mature woman asked in surprise, “Really?”

Zhao Fu ordered nodded.

Numerous Goddess smiled and were quite excited. They waited too long for this moment, and now they will get the strength of the yearn for something even in dreams.

Japanese eyes looked at Zhao Fu and asked softly, “Can we also go in?”

Zhao Fu replied with a smile, “Great God women and senior Goddess can go in!”

Hearing this, numerous senior Goddess all smiled a little.

Sunberry’s face is a little embarrassed. She just offended Zhao Fu and Rihuan Rixiu and said, “I’m sorry about the matter just now!”

Zhao Fu felt that she had done nothing wrong without her, but she had a different stance and didn’t care. “This time is fine!”

A smile appeared on Sunberry’s face, and his eyes looked at Zhao Fu. In addition to Zhao Fu’s so terrifying identity, Zhao Fu’s own appearance and temperament have great appeal.

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