The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2939


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First Volume Chapter 387

Zhao Fu directly interrupted the neutral woman, “You are too simple tests, I can’t help me, I want to skip it directly.”

A sexy woman with short hair next to her said, “I also feel that there is no need to waste time. He already has five suns, and those tests can’t stand him.”

A tall figure, a woman with high temperament said, “Um, I also feel that there is no need to continue, or just go to the final test.”

Hearing these words, the short-haired neutral woman nodded, “Well, now the final test begins, you need to beat us 12.”

Zhao Fu frowned, these Goddess are on top of ordinary Supreme Being, how can he beat it, this test is almost impossible to complete, saying, “Our cultivation base is so different, I am not your opponent.”

Short-haired neutral woman said, “We will suppress the same cultivation base as you.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “Then you are not my opponent!”

Short-haired woman said with a smile, “Are you so confident?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Of course!”

A seductive figure with a wild woman said with a smile, “I think you brat is so arrogant, I first stepped forward to try him.”

The other woman smiled nodded.

The wild woman came to Zhao Fu, confidently said with a smile, “I let you take the shot first, as long as you can beat me back, I will admit that you won.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I think you are too confident!”

The wild woman smiled and replied, “I don’t think you know our power. Although we have the same cultivation base as you, we can still crush you. Don’t think you can have five kinds of Origin Power to arrogant.”

As soon as her words were finished, Zhao Fu reaching out pushed forward, and an invisible strength took her a step back.

The wild woman’s expression was stunned and she hadn’t responded yet.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You take a step back, I won!”

Wild woman lightly snorted, “if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, you won.”

The wild woman returned to the crowd and reminded, “This kid is a little weird, you have to be careful.”

A sunny and beautiful woman said with a smile, “Um, but you have just been too careless, I will test him at this time.”

many women complied.

Sunshine woman came to Zhao Fu and said with a smile, “I am the same, as long as you can make me take a step back, then you…”

Before she finished her words, Zhao Fu reaching out pushed again, an invisible strength gently pushed the sunshine woman, and let the sunshine woman take a step back.

Sunshine woman looked stunned.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I won!”

Sunshine woman lightly snorted and turned back to many women.

The wild woman laughed and said, “How is it now? I will tell you that boy is not simple, you still don’t listen.”

Sunshine woman said, “I am prepared, but I don’t know if I took a step back.”

A mature woman said with a smile, “I’ll go and see!”

Zhao Fu looked at the mature woman who walked in front of him, said with a smile, “Are you going to take a step back even if you lose?”

The mature woman chuckled and said, “My conditions are a little different than theirs. As long as you let me take two steps back, I admit that you won.”

Zhao Fu nodded, the body disappeared in place instantly

The mature woman’s face was startled and she hadn’t responded yet. One hand raised her snowy chin and looked at Zhao Fu with a playful smile in front of her, mature woman heart startled, her body took two or three steps backwards, mature The woman’s body was stiff, and she took two steps back.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I won again!”

The mature woman glared at Zhao Fu and turned back to her original place.

Wild woman said with a smile, “You can’t do it!”

The mature woman said, “That kid’s strength is extremely terrifying, and may be invincible of the same rank, otherwise I won’t lose so easily.”

A woman of a tall figure said with a smile, “Let me go!”

The tall figure woman came to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “How many steps back to lose?”

Tall woman said with a smile, “I’m not like them, as long as you knock me down, then you win.”

Zhao Fu lightly smiled, his body disappeared at once.

The tall woman immediately became alert and sensed all around, but a silhouette still threw her body, looking at Zhao Fu who was crushing herself, the tall woman blushed.

Zhao Fu looked at the charming Goddess and kissed him with an impossible to bear.

Gao Fu hurriedly pushed away Zhao Fu, ran blushing back to the crowd and wiped his lips.

Short-haired neutral woman looked at Zhao Fu wrinkled frowned, “You are too much!”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “What’s the matter, anyway, you will be my woman sooner or later, I won’t hide you, I have all the Goddess of other suns.”

hearing this, many women thought that Zhao Fu became such a god son, then he let them serve, they really can’t refuse, their faces are different, somewhat angry, some don’t want, some shy, some expectation, some expressionless.

Tall woman’s face is ashamed, thinking about the feeling just now, the heartbeat is faster, and she has no objection to becoming a Zhao Fu’s woman.

A gentle woman next to him asked in surprise, “You won’t be captured by him like this?”

The tall woman blushed hurriedly said, “No!”

But what she looks like is totally like Zhao Fu, and she is also shy to argue.

Gentle woman looked towards Zhao Fu, “This person in front is more terrifying than they thought.”

Neutral woman started talking, “This time I will come and compare with you, as long as you win me, then you will pass the test, and you are willing to serve you, but I want to raise the cultivation base to the virtual realm, if you fail please You leave immediately, are you fighting?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No problem!”

Neutral woman came to Zhao Fu, a huge strength burst out, her body emits strong golden rays of light, and a wave of air blows all around.

Zhao Fu also exudes a powerful imposing manner.

Neutral woman rushes towards Zhao Fu very fast and shoots towards Zhao Fu’s chest. Zhao Fu uses one hand to block the neutral woman’s arm and neutral woman’s other hand towards Zhao Fu Fu hit him in the abdomen, Zhao Fu hurried back.

Neutral woman kicked hard with one foot, Zhao Fu blocked his hands in front of him, but he was kicked back a few meters.

Zhao Fu’s strength is invincible at the same level, but if there is a virtual cultivation base, this is very unfavorable to Zhao Fu.

Neutral woman kicked Zhao Fu, and her palm slammed forward, a flame burst out of her body, forming a huge flame Fierce Tiger, hit Zhao Fu with strong force.

Zhao Fu injected a strength into his fist, and the fist emitted golden rays of light, striking forward.


A huge explosion sound, countless flames splashing around, Zhao Fu also flew out by the strength.

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