The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2940


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First Volume Chapter Three hundred and 88

Neutral woman caught up with Zhao Fu who flew out, and took another shot on Zhao Fu’s chest, stroking Zhao Fu out of 100 meters, spit a mouthful of blood.

Zhao Fu rose from the ground with a cold face.

Neutral woman is also a little surprised, with her powerful blow, Zhao Fu seems to have just suffered a slight injury, started talking, “Although your Emperor Heaven Realm is invincible, but your cultivation base has not reached the virtual realm, you are not My opponent, leave early!”

Zhao Fu coldly snorted, “This is not always necessary!”


Zhao Fu broke out a powerful strength, crystal stone from his forehead shot a golden beam, and shot a neutral woman with a powerful strength.

The neutral woman reached out a hand, and a golden strength emerged, forming a golden semicircular hood.


A dull voice sounded, and the neutral woman was shot and flew out, showing a surprised expression, her strength could not defend against that golden beam.

This is the Origin of Zhao Fu who gathers the five suns, which is extremely powerful for neutral women.


Zhao Fu shot another golden beam on his forehead, and shot a neutral woman with a strong strength.

Neutral woman is not choosing to resist at this time, but chooses to dodge.

After avoiding this golden beam, the neutral woman rushed towards Zhao Fu. Although Zhao Fu suppressed her a lot on the strength, her advantage was still very strong.

Watching her rushing to Zhao Fu was not unhurried, raised the head to the crystal stone on the forehead, emitting a huge golden strength, five golden suns flew out of the crystal stone, and a golden light wave With the strength of terrifying spread, the neutral woman flew out.

The neutral woman’s body stopped and her face became dignified.

Zhao Fu controlled the five suns to fly into the sky, the Power of Heaven and Earth gathered quickly, and the five suns instantly became very huge, exuding a hot strength.

More than a neutral woman, all the women present, under the rays of light, feel that their strength is suppressed by a strong strength.

Neutral woman coldly snorted, bursting all strength, the body exudes strong golden rays of light, and rushed to Zhao Fu like a light warrior.

Zhao Fu stood with full confidence under the five suns, stretched out a hand and grabbed the neutral woman, the five suns in the sky exuded five powerful Sun Power, forming a golden color Sun God’s hand grabbed the neutral woman,

The neutral woman quickly rushed to the side, and the Sun God’s hand slammed directly to knock the neutral woman’s body out and fell to the ground, with a trace of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.

Zhao Fu raised his hand again.

bang bang bang…

A huge sound sounded, and one after another golden beam of light blasted towards the neutral woman with an amazing strength. The neutral woman immediately dodge quickly, and that golden beam of light knocked the ground out of each and everyone pit.

Neutral woman attacked Zhao Fu’s by this time attack, punched Zhao Fu fiercely, and the powerful fist strength turned into a fierce tiger at once.

The five suns in the sky emit a strength, and countless golden rays of light fall down, forming a golden light wall in front of Zhao Fu,


The flame Fierce Tiger hit the golden light wall, and it turned into countless flames. The golden light wall just shuddered.

Zhao Fu struck hard, and a terrifying golden force hit the neutral woman.

The neutral woman flicked to the side again, avoiding Zhao Fu’s blow.

bang bang bang…

At that moment, five golden beams of light fell from the sky and hit the neutral woman together. The neutral woman uttered a scream, spit a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Now I advise you to admit defeat! As a Sun God woman, even if you use the strength of the virtual realm, it is still suppressed by the five kinds of Origin daily strength, and the general virtual realm cultivator is no longer mine. Opponent.”

Neutral woman did not speak, looks a little unwilling.

The sexy woman sighed, “Let’s forget it! This kid’s strength is really too strong, at least he needs to use Spirit Realm or more cultivation base to win him, we are too careless at this time.”

Gao Leng woman ordered nodded, “Um, but now it’s too late to know, and I don’t know who this kid is.”

The heroic woman said calmly, “Actually, I had expected to lose because the five Sun God women in the past all knew allegiance against him. How could we be an exception, this might be destiny.”

The woman of tall figure said disappointedly, “If he gets the strength of our sun, he will get the sixth kind of Origin Power, and finally there are two kinds of him, he will get all the Origin day power. New changes.”

The innocent woman said, “Now it is acknowledge allegiance to him, I don’t want to say anything, and I have no opinion.”

Zhao Fu looked towards a neutral woman and smiled, “Are you denying losing?”

Neutral woman pondered for a moment, gently nodded.

Zhao Fu took back the five suns in the sky with a smile, and saw that the five suns flew into the crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead and changed back to five small suns.

Zhao Fu stepped forward and squatted on the ground to hug a neutral woman.

Neutral woman’s face is cold, “What do you want to do?”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Forget what you just said?”

Hearing this, the neutral woman blushed and was useless.

On the 2nd day, Zhao Fu looked at the neutral woman in her arms said with a smile, “It’s up! I haven’t absorbed Origin’s power.”

The neutral woman blushed and left Zhao Fu’s arms.

Gao Leng woman asked, “Can we have Origin RiLi?”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile, “Yes, you can not only get Origin Sunpower, but also the hostess of the temple now, in the future everything is left to you.”

A smile appeared on Gao Leng’s woman’s face, “It’s still a bit of a conscience for you, and we’ll give it to you without loss.”

These 12 Goddess are all virgin bodies. The former Japanese gods seem to have little interest in them, and finally they are cheaper Zhao Fu.

A sexy woman said with a smile, “I knew it this way, we should acknowledge allegiance earlier. Those previous tests were a waste of time.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Yeah, I wasted a lot of time. You haven’t hated me before.”

Neutral woman blushed and said, “You hurry up too, let’s go to get Origin Ri Li.”

Zhao Fu got up from the ground with a smile, many women also got up one after another, walked into the shrine together, and came to that divine throne.


Zhao Fu exuded Supreme’s divine force once, a golden sun wrapped Zhao Fu’s body, exuded countless golden rays of light, and walked forward.


It didn’t take long for a rumbling sound to sound again, Zhao Fu easily boarded the divine throne, a wave of golden light spread out, and the temple exuded golden rays of light to welcome the new master.

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