The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2942


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Zhao Fu came out of the temple a little uncomfortably, but was kicked out to be precise.

The cold woman stood at the gate of the temple and watched Zhao Fu leave, waved a golden rays of light, and added another prohibition at the gate of the temple, making Zhao Fu unable to enter the temple.

Zhao Fu thought to himself, “I must take care of this woman if I have a chance.”

Gao Leng woman turned and left, and the gate of the temple closed again.

Zhao Fu left here and found a quiet place, thinking about how to solve this matter. Zhao Fu really wanted to call all Goddess together to capture the seventh sun.


Zhao Fu heard some sounds and flew along the sound, and came to a small island in the air. I saw a beautiful woman with a pair of horns on her head, a fiery-red long hair, and a full body. Playing with a little tiger with a pair of horns on his head.

The beautiful woman also saw Zhao Fu with a stunned expression and asked, “Who are you?”

Zhao Fu looked at her as the seventh Sun Spirit, and said with a smile, “I am a person who soared from the lower realm!”

Beautiful woman replied, “Oh!”

The little tiger made the voice of a little boy, “When will we be able to leave the seventh sun, I seem to go elsewhere.”

The beautiful woman said with a smile, “We, as the Sun Spirit, cannot leave the Seventh Sun without the order of Lord Spiritual God.”

Little Tiger’s eyes of Water Spirit looked at the beautiful woman and said, “But Lord Spiritual God has disappeared for so long, are we going to stay here all our life?”

The beautiful woman cannot answer the little tiger, if the god does not come back, they really have to stay here for a lifetime.

At this time, Zhao Fu smiled on the side and said, “Actually, I have a way to let you leave, no matter where I go first!”

Little Tiger asked happily, “What way?”

Zhao Fu took off his cloak to reveal the crystal stone on his forehead, “I came to the Seventh Sun to collect Origin Sun Power, but was blocked by another Goddess. As long as I became a Son of God, I can let you go, and you don’t have to doubt My ability, I am now the Son of the Six Suns.”

The beautiful woman also looked at the six suns in the crystal stone above Zhao Fu’s head in surprise.

Little Tiger happily said, “Mother, you promise it, OK?”

The beautiful woman hesitated.

Zhao Fu continued, “If you don’t agree, then I will go to the last sun. Your seventh sun is guarded by the sun spirit, but I don’t believe in the strength of the seven suns, and I can’t clean up your seventh sun, But by that time, your end will be miserable.”

The women’s faces are pale, and their sun spirits can protect and weaken others, but they can resist up to two or three suns. If seven suns attack them, they will definitely not be able to resist.

This is also the reason why Gao Leng woman did not dare to do Zhao Fu. If Zhao Fu directly uses all the strengths of the six suns, they are definitely not opponents.

Zhao Fu looked at her, with a hint of confidence in her heart, said with a smile, “I’m leaving now, and I’ll see you later on the battlefield!”

Beautiful woman hurriedly said, “Wait!”

Zhao Fu started talking, “You agreed?”

The beautiful woman lightly nodded, “But I also have the conditions, you must not hurt anyone in our seventh sun.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No problem!”

The eyes of the beautiful woman looked at Zhao Fu, “What are you going to do with me?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “First of all I need you to tell me about the seventh sun!”

The beautiful woman nodded, “I can tell you everything I know.”

Zhao Fu said, “Let’s find a place to talk first!”

After a while, the two found a hidden place. Zhao Fu began to ask the beautiful woman for various information, and also gave a bunch of delicious food to the little tiger. The little tiger happily ate on the other side.

After the conversation, Zhao Fu understood what the Sun Spirit is.

The Sun Spirit is a powerful Spirit Physique from the god Godense, this Spirit Physique has no consciousness, but is responsible for protecting the seventh sun, because it can mobilize the strength of the sun, the strength is very terrifying,

The seventh sun has seven beasts, first is Fire Qilin, second is fire fox, third is fire tiger, fourth is Fire Phoenix, fifth is fire snake, sixth is fire cow, and seventh is fire butterfly.

These seven species are all seven kinds of animal spirits bred by the sun, and also have the first Heavenly Spirit body, also the creatures of the same period of the sun god, and now the little tigers, little Qilin, and Small Fox are not beautiful women. They are also bred by the sun.

On the seventh day, the Sun will spawn Heavenly Beast spirits at intervals, but the time will be very long, and so many years have passed before the birth of seven small beasts.

Small beasts are born in the form of beasts. It can be understood that they are in their infancy, and they will not become humanoid until they are in their adolescence.

At the same time, Zhao Fu also learned to restrain the seven animal spirits. In the seventh sun, there is an extremely rare plant called the seven animal spirit graSS.

This grass has seven leaves, each of which has a different imprint, which is the imprint of seven beasts, such as the Fire Qilin imprint, the Fire Ox imprint, and the Fire Butterfly imprint…

If the seven beast spirits eat the leaves that belong to their mark, they will become weak and lose all strength. It will not return to normal until seven days.

Zhao Fu asked, “Do you have that kind of seven beast spirit graSS?”

The beautiful woman is nodded, “In order to prevent others from using this grass against us, as long as this grass grows on the sun, we will put it away.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I want to use this method!”

The beautiful woman thought for a moment and replied, “Yes, but you have to promise me that you can’t hurt the people on the seventh sun.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You can rest assured, I will not hurt you, I still want to rely on you to manage the Seventh Sun.”

The beautiful woman looked at Zhao Fu and believed Zhao Fu in her heart.

The beautiful woman and the tiger return to the temple.

At this time, the cold woman just summoned other beasts and saw seven women sitting beside a long mahogany table.

In addition to Gao Leng beautiful woman and plump beautiful woman, there are five beautiful women, one with a beautiful face, straight long hair with fire color, and a butterfly decoration on her head, she is a butterfly spirit, one on her head She has a pair of fire-colored horns, short hair, and a fit figure. She is Niu Ling.

A red dress with a noble temperament, a pair of red vertical pupils, and a pair of fire-colored wings, she is a phoenix spirit, a mature figure, charming temperament, a fire-colored tail, she is a fox Ling, the last voluptuous figure, beautiful and alluring, has a pair of snake pupils and she is the snake spirit.

Niu Ling said, “Are you looking for us?”

Qi Ling is also a cold woman and said, “Um, I really have serious problems with you.”

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