The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2944


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First Volume Chapter 132

Zhao Fu boarded the divine throne, a wave of golden light spread out, and the entire temple exuded golden rays of light. Zhao Fu became the new master of the temple.

Watching Zhao Fu become the Temple Lord, the ladies also understand why Zhao Fu can become six Sun God sons, the person in front of him is above the innate Spirit God, all restrictions on him are all taken by that Divine force weakened.

Zhao Fu looked at the beautiful women said with a smile, “How is it now? Can you prove it?”

Feng Ling is nodded, “Now we have nothing to say!”

Niu Ling held his hand lightly snorted, “Even if we have opinions, now you are all God Lord, how can we take you?”

Qi Ling’s eyes looked at Zhao Fu, the expression became a bit soft, and it was useless as ice-cold at first.

Hu Ling asked with concern, “Can you allow us to leave?”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile. “You can take Xiaohuling away at any time, but come back after playing outside.”

Hu Ling nodded with a smile.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay! I’m going to absorb Origin, do you want to go together?”

Qi Ling glanced at Zhao Fu and said, “We can absorb it at any time, you should go alone!”

Zhao Fu looked at her and said with a smirk, “You must come, I can help you cultivate.”

Qi Ling is overbearing to Zhao Fu, but somewhat angry can’t violate Zhao Fu’s order.

Come to the room where Origin is located. The crystal stone here is less than one meter. It is the smallest crystal stone in the seven temples. It seems that the seven beast spirits are usually absorbed because it is the sun spirit, so there is no need to worry. Lifespan consumption.

Zhao Fu picked up Qiling and started cultivation.


A rumbling sound sounded, Zhao Fu sat on the ground, his body exuded a strong golden light, and a small golden sun emerged from the crystal stone on his forehead, emitting brilliant rays of light.

There are already seven small golden suns in the round crystal stone, emitting a vast Sun Power, it is better to be one, Zhao Fu collects all the sun spirits.

Zhao Fu looked at a ruddy and charming beast lying on the ground, said with a smile, “I’m going to the last sun to get Origin’s day power,”

Qi Ling while playfully pouting said, “You go quickly and you know you are bullying us.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I’ll pack you up when I come back.”

Qi Ling blushed.

Zhao Fu came to the last sun. The ground of the sun was scorched and black. There were hardly any plants or creatures. There were hot air in some places, and colorful balloons appeared along with it, which made me feel dreamy.

Coming to the gate of the temple, Zhao Fu released the strength of the Japanese angel, but found that he still could not enter the temple. Now the temple seems to be closed, forbidding everyone to enter.

The strength of the Sun God does not work, Zhao Fu does not know what method to use, and the strength of other suns is even worse.

Zhao Fu stood in the distance and shot a huge golden beam of light, shooting at the temple with an amazing strength. The temple released a huge semi-circular cover to resist the golden beam.

The beam was useless and caused no damage. Zhao Fu wanted to use this method to wake Goddess in the temple and let them come out to open the enchantment and break such a powerful enchantment with his own strength impossible.

After waiting for a while, Zhao Fu wrinkled frowned, “How come no one came out yet?”


Zhao Fu released a larger golden rays of light, shot with a stronger strength on the defensive hood, made a loud noise, and an amazing imposing manner spread out.

Still no response.

Zhao Fu wrinkled frowned, “What’s the matter?”

After a while, Zhao Fu tried several times, but still no effect, no response from the temple, and no one came out.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu decided to call all seven Sun God women. Since the temple enchantment could not be opened, and the enchantment was broken together, so many Goddess should be able to do it.

Zhao Fu condense seven ball of light, sealed his words in it, and then the seven ball of light shot quickly in different directions,appeared.

The numerous beauty of the seventh sun came to the eighth sun as soon as possible.

Qi Ling looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “What’s going on here? Why can’t the temple open?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I don’t know, so I’ll call you over.”

Qi Ling observed the temple for a while, and said, “It may be the Goddess of the Eighth Sun, sealing the temple and them forever. Without the Sun God himself, there is no way to open the temple.”

Zhao Fu said, “I intend to forcibly break the temple barrier.”

Qi Ling said, “We may not be able to do it with our seven strengths. The enchantment of the temple is the strongest enchantment arranged by the Sun God.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “So I called Goddess of all the seven suns!”

At this time, the neutral woman and many women of the Sixth Sun came here. They were called Sun Ning, Sun Bead, Sun Embroidery and Sun Sunny.

Ri Ning came here, watching the seven beautiful women flushed, knowing what happened, but didn’t care, asked, “What happened?”

Zhao Fu said, “I tell you to break this barrier together!”

Ning glanced at the enchantment, “Um!”

The mature woman of the Fifth Sun also came here. They had a total of nine people. They looked at the many women and showed a smile. They were called Ri Liu, Ri Yang, Ri Bird…

Numerous senior Goddess did not come.

Eight women with fire-colored hair, pointed ears, and a beautiful face. The woman of tall figure also flew down. They are Goddess of the fourth sun. Now Zhao Fu has not touched a few of them, but they can’t escape. Zhao Fu this lecher.

They are called Riye, Rifei, Rimi…

The sun demon and the voluptuous woman many women of the third sun also came, called Sun Devil Clothes, Ri Qiu Li, Ri Clear Moon, Ri Xiao Xiao……

Impatient came to Zhao Fu as soon as they came and looked at Zhao Fu with a smile on their face. They are very tempting, generally men can’t stand it.

Ten Six Paths silhouettes fell from the sky, the mature women of the second sun, Zhao Fu, when they first saw them, they were grooming in Lava Lake.

They landed on the ground and looked at the many women in front of them. Most of them were a little bit ambiguous with Zhao Fu, and they all gave Zhao Fu a glance.

Finally came the heroic woman of the First Sun, all smiled, looking at the people present, their names were Japanese and English, Japanese painting, Japanese flower, Japanese dai…

Goddess of the eight suns knew each other, and Japan and Britain looked like Big Sister, smiling. “Long time no see everyone!”

Ri Moyi said with a smile, “Um, long time no see, you should be like him first! Why not let him go to us earlier?”

Japanese and English blushed, “You are serious!”

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