The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2945


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First Volume Chapter 303

Ri Mo Yi said with a chuckle, “Neither of us in the Third Sun are serious people!”

The solar power of the Second Sun said, “Let’s first ask what happened!”

Kirin explained, “The eighth Sun God Temple is in a permanent sealed state and needs to be forcibly broken to enter the temple.”

Ni Mo Yi Mei said with a smile, “No problem, he is now our man, whatever he wants us to do.”

Ri Liu of the Fifth Sun said, “We are fine!”

Many women of the Fourth Sun looked at many women around them and felt that these women had an ambiguous relationship with Zhao Fu, and some even admitted that he was their man.

Many women have some doubts about what happened between Zhao Fu and them. They have a good impression of Zhao Fu’s.

Japanese and English started talking, “Let’s start now!”

Many women ordered nodded, stood in different positions, stretched out a hand, one after another terrifying strength gathered in their hands, forming a fist sized golden ball of light, which seemed to be small but exuded An annihilating breath.

Many women looked at the golden ball of light in their hands and gently lifted their hands. The numerical ball of light quickly shot towards the front defensive cover.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

A huge noise came out, the numerous golden ball of light exploded, countless golden rays of light emanated, and a wave of terrifying air surged out.

This qi wave is too terrifying. Without the help of Qiling around him, Zhao Fu may be lifted out by this qi wave.

All the fluctuations dissipated, and I saw that the shield was shot out of a big hole, Zhao Fu sighed in relief. Now the shield is broken and you can enter the temple.

Zhao Fu walked forward, and others followed Zhao Fu.

Walking into the temple, to the great hall where the divine throne is located, I saw ten rock coffins in the great hall, ten of them were lying in white skin, with fangs and purple hair. Woman wearing a purple red dress.

Japanese and English said, “Their consciousness fell into deep sleep, but their bodies merged with the prohibition in the great hall, forming a guardian force. With your strength, you can’t pass through here, let’s do it!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “many thanks!”

Ri Mo Yi said with a chuckle, “What are you polite with us, wait for you to repay us then it will be alright.”

Niryu face slightly red, said, “Let’s step forward to activate the ban!”

Many women stepped forward and saw that the numerous lines on the ground lit up, and ten coffins gathered towards the front, and ten terrifying breaths radiated out, because here was the eighth place, and the bleSS ing was banned from the temple on the eighth day Next, the ten terrifying imposing manners are stronger than any Goddess present.

The ten women in the coffin slowly walked out, clumsy movements, expression wood, like ten puppets, giving a strange and terrifying feeling.


Ten women came out of the coffin and immediately attacked the crowd, rushing towards many women with terrifying strength.

Although the strength exuded from the ten women is extremely strong, the number of people on both sides of Japan and Britain is not too nervous to face the ten women.

Japanese and English said with a smile, “Let’s do it together! Try not to hurt them.”

many women complied.

I saw many women reaching out a hand, their palms exuded golden rays of light, gently pressed down, a huge strength pressed against ten rushing women, ten women directly Being crushed to the ground is like being crushed by a mountain, and cannot move a trace.

Zhao Fu asked, “Can I pass now?”

Japanese and English said, “Now only need to wake them up!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I’m going to wake them up!”

Japanese and English asked, “How are you going to wake them up?”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Of course I use my method.”

Japanese and English faces were slightly red, and Zhao Fu gave a white glance, “Are you a bad guy, are you afraid of retribution?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Not afraid!”

Zhao Fu walked in front of ten women and started to awaken many women. Zhao Fu’s method worked quite well. It didn’t take a moment to wake up many women.

Looking at the scene of chaos and fierceness in front of him, Ri Mo Yi said with a chuckle, “I’m welcome!”

Goddess of the Third Sun ran to Zhao Fu with a smile.

Many women blushed and went over.

Qiling many women glanced at each other and walked towards Zhao Fu.

Japanese and English looked towards other Goddess, cheeks slightly red, “You go first, this guy is a scourge.”

Other Goddess chuckled came one after another.

In the end, only the fourth sun’s Nisshun many women, who were blushing, now only they have no relationship with Zhao Fu.

Nissun blushed and said, “Let’s go out first!”

Ri Fei said with interest, “Do you really want to go out? You see they are all his people, shall we also join?”

Riye wrinkle frowned, “You go first, I’m going.”

Rimi blushed and said, “I’m gone too. We are the maid of Lord Sun God and can’t betray Lord Lord Sun.”

The eyes of the imperial concubine looked fiercely at the scene and said, “Sir Sun God has never touched us, and he is now the Son of God, we should take orders from him.”

Riye said, “We will go first, don’t care about them.”

Rimi blushed nodded.

But at the moment when the two of them were about to leave, a strength grabbed both of them and pulled them into Zhao Fu’s arms, Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Am I letting you go? You are all mine Don’t even want to run.”

Zhao Ye blushed Zhao Fu with a white face. It was considered a fate, and there was no resistance, because it was the Son of the Fourth Sun.

Ri Fei chuckled, also joined.

Time is coming to the fourth day, Zhao Fu is now sitting on the divine throne, becoming the eighth god Temple Lord, there are still two women sitting in her arms, one is Japanese and English, and the other was sleeping in the coffin before. Intellectual woman named Sun Heart Dance.

Zhao Fu asked curiously about heliocentric dance, “How do you choose to sleep like this forever?”

Heliocentric dance snuggled in Zhao Fu’s arms, blushing and said, “Before Lord Spiritual God was our center, without Lord Spiritual God we didn’t have the meaning of being, so we all chose to sleep forever and wait The day Lord Spiritual God returned.”

“However, now that we have changed, you are our center, we are all about you.”

Zhao Fu nodded with satisfaction and smiled.

Japanese and English chuckled and said, “Now you are the masters of the eight temples, or you get all Goddess, how do you feel?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I am honoured to have you such beautiful beauties.”

Japanese and English said with a smile, “Nice to say what you say, now go to absorb the eighth Sun’s Origin Rili, we can always look forward to this day, I don’t know as the first person to integrate eight kinds of Origin Rili What are the heaven-shaking changes.”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile, I also waited a long time on this day.

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