The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2946


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First Volume Chapter 340

Zhao Fu came to the room where Origin Sun Energy was stored. This room was also a fire sea, but the crystal stone floating in midair was about three meters in size, emitting countless golden rays of light, like a small one. sun.

Zhao Fu walked forward, many women stood honestly, looking at Zhao Fu expectantly.

Coming to the bottom of the crystal stone, the crystal stone on Zhao Fu’s forehead shot a golden beam, hitting the crystal stone in mid-air, and a powerful Origin daily power injected into Zhao Fu’s body.

Zhao Fu closed both eyes to absorb the huge Origin of daily energy.

As time passed, the imposing manner of Zhao Fu’s body became more and more terrifying. Many women felt a little panicked at this strength, and felt what terrifying things are gestating.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, a small sun appeared in the crystal stone on the forehead, Zhao Fu exuded a huge strength, and the body exuded countless golden rays of light, just like a human-shaped sun .

Zhao Fu’s body is blurred, as if it does not exist there, but many women apparently saw him there, but could not sense Zhao Fu’s existence.

At this time, Zhao Fu looked solemn, stood up from the ground, and walked over to many women.

Many women watched Zhao Fu coming, wondering, not knowing what happened, why did Zhao Fu become like this.

Niu Ling started talking, “Hey! What do you guys want to do?”

Zhao Fu did not answer, only to see that he continued to move forward, his body actually passed through Qiling’s body, and continued to move forward through Richun, Riyu’s body, and then through several people’s bodies, coming To the outside of the room,

Many women are all surprised.

Japanese and English asked, “He passed through your body, did you feel anything?”

Nisshun many women shook the head, repeated, “There is no feeling!”

Japanese and English wrinkled frowned, “What is he doing?”

The people followed Zhao Fu all the way forward, and finally came to the door of the temple. His body flickered into eight golden illusory shadows, and the remaining seven became a stream of light disappeared, leaving only one standing on the spot.

The silhouette then turned into countless golden light spots, sinking into the ground.

The crowd stood tightly knit.

Riyu asked, “What is happening? How did he disappear?”

Ning shook the head, “I don’t know, such a thing has never happened before.”

Japanese and English said, “I had expected that the fusion of the eight kinds of Origin will have amazing changes, but I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

Nissun seriously said, “I feel that he has become an unknown existence. It is surprising that we and other cultivation bases cannot sense him.”

Hu Ling asked with concern, “Now that he is gone, what shall we do?”

Japanese and English thought, “Now we have no way to do anything, we can only choose to wait. I think there will be changes after a while, but I don’t know how long to wait.”

Japanese Magic Cloth said with a grudge, “I don’t want to be separated from him for a moment now. She is the man who fascinates me the most, as if I were with him every day.”

Many women’s complexion flushed out.

Niryu cheeks slightly red, “He does have an intangible charm, no matter from the identity, Bloodline, appearance, strength, there is no such a woman who will be unimpressed, there are almost no such perfect people in the world.”

Nisshun is a bit shy, “I like his appearance more.”

Ri Ning chuckled and said, “I prefer his overbearing character!”

Feng Ling said calmly, “I prefer his identity. Now he can become Temple Lord.”

Said with a smile of slutty, “I can do nothing, just like that ability. He is the first man who made me willing to be a slave, even if the gods could not do it before.” ”

Many women don’t know, the numerous golden light spot that Zhao Fu turned into, continuously extended to the ground and flew over, and finally came to the core of the sun, which is a sun core with a hot temperature, like a pure fiery crystal Stone, seems to be able to burn everything, almost no creatures can survive.

The numerous light spot that Zhao Fu turned into, formed a watermelon-sized ball of light, floating above the solar nucleus, absorbing huge daily energy.

The other seven silhouettes also flew to different suns, the body turned into a numerous light spot, fell toward the ground, passed countless obstacles, and came to the sun core to become a ball of light, absorbing the vast Sun Power.

Eight Sun God women waited for a long time and found that there was no response, so they went back to their own sun.

The ball of light absorbs the vast solar power and emits strong rays of light, and the volume also becomes larger and larger, but only one day becomes a 1000 meters ball of light, which emits A terrifying strength.

But the ball of light seemed to be not satisfied with the strength in the middle, and flew to the Japanese nucleus of the incomparable gigantic, slowly blending into the Japanese nucleus.

At that moment, the eight suns shook violently, and a great force was released. Countless Spiritual Gods felt only one extremely small, like a grain of gravel in the universe,

Numerous Goddess knew that it was caused by Zhao Fu, and continued to wait with a serious expression.

The numerous moon fairy on the twelve moons immediately sensed the changes of the eight suns. It was said before that the sun and the moon belong to both Heaven and Earth Origin strength, but also the relationship of mutualism and mutual restraint.

Numerous moon fairies show serious expressions, they feel that this matter is not simple, it must be a huge change in the eight suns.

But the eight suns have not changed for a long, long time. Fortunately in December, although the moon immortals soared, there are still generations of moon immortals, but the eight-day shrine disappeared, and the eight-day shrine disappeared directly There will be no movement.

Numerous Yuexian felt that things were important and gathered together to discuss.

Month SainteSS said curiously, “This is how many years. The eight suns are still the first time such a change has happened.”

Moon Dance Star guessed, “Will there be a Sun God coming back?”

Yue Yao said with a chuckle, “how is this poSS ible? The Sun God disappeared for such a long time, it is unlikely to come back suddenly.”

Yue Qinxuan was nodded, “I don’t feel like it, it should be caused by something else.”

Yue SainteSS asked again, “The key now is what happened, I faintly feel that it will have a great impact on us in December, after all, we are in a relationship of mutual restraint.”

Moon Cardamom said softly, “I also have this feeling, now I only hope that it is not a bad thing, otherwise the situation will be very serious.”

Yue Yao suddenly said, “Do you think it will be related to the husband?”

hearing this, many women’s expressions were stunned, and suddenly thought of Zhao Fu, who had been away for a long time, although Zhao Fu did not say what to do, Zhao Fu came to the moon and land to collect December force, then collected the month force Won’t you collect Rili? Both strengths are Heaven and Earth Origin Power from Chaos World.

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