The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2947


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First Volume Chapter Three hundred and 95

Yue SainteSS chuckled and said, “It’s possible, his identity is already very mysterious, and it’s useless to collect the power of eight days.”

Yue Qianqian smiled and said, “Um, and he has extremely terrifying ability, and I feel that only he has the ability to make mutations in the eight suns.”

Moon Cardamom nodded with a smile, “Although he is just an Emperor Heaven Realm cultivation base, we are really admired by men who think they are incomparable, but unfortunately he does not want to stay in the Moon Palace, otherwise our Moon Palace will definitely become Chaos World The strongest.”

Moon dance star said with a smile, “Um, it’s a pity that his heart is not with us, we can’t keep him, and I am very curious about what he is.”

Yue Fairy said contemplatively, “If he masters two innate Origin Powers, what amazing changes will happen?”

Yue Shumin said seriously, “It’s shocking and scary just to think about it. This is something that no one has ever done. The last time the thirteenth moon appeared, I still remember that scene.”

What SainteSS thought of the month, “You said that he did everything for the purpose of awakening Chaos World’s supreme Emperor Star? There are rumors that you want to awaken Chaos World’s supreme Emperor Star, you must collect Chaos World’s two innate Origin Power “”

May Fairy smiled and said, “If only that would be fine, with Supreme Emperor Star, not to mention Chaos World, it is also unbeatable in Immortal World.”

Yue Shumin said with a smile, “Um, this will be of great benefit to us, but we should not be too happy, maybe it is not the change he caused. Recently, there have been many terrifying people in Chaos World.” [ 19459002]

Many women ordered nodded.

The place of Extreme Yang.

Everyone looked at the sun in the sky, emitting strong rays of light. Countless Japanese people only felt the immersed Bloodline, vaguely recovering, and their bodies seemed to be hot.

“What happened?” Countless people looked at the sky in shock.

Looking at the sky during the day and saying, “I think the Son of God should be smooth on the sun, this should be the change he caused.”

Riyue nodded with a smile, “Um, I admire him more and more now.”

Rihu said with a smile, “There was a prophecy, he will lead us to glory, and now the eight-day shrine has today’s changes, and it’s all depend on him. Without him, we can’t do anything.”

Ri Xuan calmly said, “He is my heartfelt admiration. Although I am Supreme Being, I feel nothing in front of him.”

Niu Niu said with a chuckle, “Everyone has this feeling, and the potential of the Divine Son will definitely become an unreachable existence.”

Rihu looked at the sky and said, “I don’t know when the Son of God will come back. We must celebrate the whole family.”

Ri Xuan said, “We have no way of knowing this, and honestly wait for then it will be alright.”

A few days passed.

The people of Chaos World wrinkled frowned and looking at the eight suns in the sky, they had a feeling that the weather was getting hotter and hotter.

These ordinary people feel that they are also talking about this matter.

The old man who planted some spirit fruit strangely said, “The weather has been abnormal recently, and the sun is so big, I can’t bear the spirit fruit I planted.”

His son said, “Um, and the time during the day seems to be longer. It will be dark after a long time. I don’t know what happened. Wait a minute when I enter the city to find out if there is any news.” [19459002 ]

A glamorous woman sweating all over, fanning with fan, irritated and scolded. “What the hell weather, why suddenly became so hot?”

A maid next to him said, “Young Lady, it seems that all parts are very hot. I don’t know what happened. Now many people are inquiring about the investigation.”

Hearing this, the charming woman asked, “Is there any news there?”

The maid looks at the head, “There is no news, but this thing also attracts a lot of powerhouse attention, there should be some news after a while.”

The voluptuous woman nodded and continued fanning.

An old man with red hair stands on top of a mountain and looks at the sun in the sky, “What the hell is going on, the eight suns have become so hot, the general natural phenomenon has caused a change in the area, but now The entire Chaos World is affected.”

An old man in Tsing Yi came to his side and said, “This matter may have something to do with the Eighth Temple!”

The red-haired old man said in surprise, “The eight-day shrine? The long-lost eight-day shrine?”

The old man in Tsing Yi ordered nodded.

Red-haired old man said with a smile, “If you don’t say it, I almost forgot its existence. It was a miracle that they disappeared for so long after the eighth ascent disappeared.”

The old man in Tsing Yi said, “I heard that a mysterious person came from the Eighth Temple, and he unified the originally scattered Eighth Temple and became the Son of the Eighth Temple.”

The red-haired old man is nodded, said with a smile, “Then what?”

The old man in Tsing Yi calmly said, “Then he will fly into the sun!”

The old man with red hair froze, “Really? Someone even soared into the sun? I can’t do this.”

The old man in Tsing Yi said, “It is true, so I said that this mutation might be caused by the Eighth Temple.”

The red-haired old man became serious, “Then did you inquire about that person’s identity?”

The old man in Tsing Yi replied, “It seems to be the person who once prophesied by the Eighth Day Envoy!”

The red-haired old man said in surprise, “Is the death of the Eighth Emperor’s Angel related to this matter at that time, or is this a move they arranged?”

The old man in Tsing Yi expression was serious and ordered nodded, “Intuition tells me that there must be a relationship between them, otherwise how could such a powerful strength suddenly become like this, if everything is the plan of the eight-day temple, it may be long silenced The eight-day shrine will shock the world at once.”

The old man with red hair said, “The Temple of the Eighth was once one of the strongest forces in Chaos World. This matter is indeed very important. Should we go to the Temple of the Eighth to see it.”

The old man in Tsing Yi said, “It’s not necessary, that person has already ascended to the sky, unless we can also fly up in person, we can know all the plans of the Eighth Temple.”

The red-haired old man sighed, “This is still forgotten!”

The old man in Tsing Yi said, “Now we don’t have to worry, we just need to be prepared to meet the arrival.”

The red-haired old man asked, “What do other forces think of this?”

The old man in Tsing Yi replied, “Like us, there is nothing to do, but it is best to prepare for major events, but there are also many people who visit the Eighth Temple, in the future The Eighth Temple may go in one go Brilliant.”

The red-haired old man said with a smile, “Um, then let’s send some! You can also re-understand the current eight-day shrine.”

The old man in Tsing Yi is nodded, “I will let someone do it immediately!”

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