The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2948


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First Volume Chapter Three Hundred 96

ninth day, the eight suns in the sky emit strong sunlight, a vast heat scorches the earth, countless creatures live in a steamer, some plants and animals are slain by this terrifying sunlight.

The time during the day becomes longer and longer, and the time at night becomes shorter and shorter, almost no clouds can be seen in the sky, and the sky becomes very blue.

Everyone raised the head and looked at the sun in the sky, and did not know what would happen to this situation.


A rumbling sound sounded, and the eight suns radiated more intense sunlight, making the sky seem to be flooded with rays of light.

Goddess on the eight suns felt the powerful imposing manner, complexion changed from the sun, and they gathered together one at a time. They understood that things would change dramatically.

I saw eight hundred kilometer large golden balls of light slowly floating out of the eight suns, emitting countless rays of light. Like the eight huge suns, Origin Power is extremely vast, and countless creatures are trivial ant.

These eight golden ball of light absorb the natural Origin daily power, which is also the greatest strength that Zhao Fu can withstand. Such a large ball of light may take more than a thousand years if it is extracted according to the Origin. .

Numerous Goddess looked at the eight ball of light and also showed a surprised expression.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and I saw eight huge balls of light with Heaven’s Power slowly gathered towards the center, and then collided together. Countless rays of light hiding the sky and covering the earth generally shot away, A strength that shakes Heaven and Earth spread.

The rays of light are so dazzling that numerous Goddess can’t break his eyes. Under the terrifying strength, the body also feels an ice-cold chill.

Countless people on the ground, seeing the countless golden rays of light shining from the sky, make the world become golden and unclear.


A rumbling sound that shakes all directions sounded again. Power of Heaven and Earth is like one after another huge river, gathering into the sky, exuding a huge sound.

To the east, west, south, and north, countless creatures feel the gathering of the huge strength, and also feel their own smallness and fragility. The body is stiff in place, and the mind is blank, and some cannot think.

Countless powerhouses in Chaos World were awakened and looked at the sky solemnly.

The numerous moon fairy in December also looked seriously at the sky.

The people of Wanjian City, the people of Dragon Land, the countless people of Wudi, the countless people of Bloody Gate, the Dragon of Water of Land of Sealing, all looked at the sky dignifiedly.

As the Power of Heaven and Earth continually gathers into the sky, an extremely great strength spreads, and the innumerable living beings feel a pressure, as if the sky dominating the sky is coming.


A heaven-shaking loud noise erupted, and countless rays of light were disappeared at that moment.

A golden Giant able to support both heaven and earth appeared. He had no hair, a strong face, and an imprint of eight rings on his eyebrows. He had no clothes on his upper body, revealing a hardcover muscle, and there was another behind him. A huge **, like a huge golden sun.

He exudes an imposing manner that dominates the world, drives out all darkness, Heaven and Earth everything is so small and humble in front of him.

Countless Goddess looked at the golden Giant in front of his face with amazement, and his heart was beating fast, because that Giant had become an innate Spiritual God, more accurately it should be the god of the eight days.

Goddess knelt respectfully on the ground.

Countless Japanese tribes in the place of Extreme Yang looked at a Giant and knelt on the ground in shock, without any blank thoughts in their minds, as if instinctive.

Because the Bloodline on them was fully activated, until now their Japanese did not have the Spirit God of Faith, Bloodline also fell silent, in this brief moment they had the new God of Faith.

Numerous powerhouses were also surprised. They didn’t expect to witness the birth of a congenital Spiritual God. Under this imposing manner, it seems that Immortal will be bombarded. Their Supreme Being is ants. .


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and that Giant released a huge wave of golden light, spreading out instantly with an imposing manner sweeping Heaven and Earth, and covering the entire Chaos World in less than a moment.

Various plants, animals, and races of Chaos World are covered by a golden light.

Plants are growing fast, animals are getting bigger, countless people are also showing surprised expressions, only feeling that the destiny power on the body is strengthening, and the purity of Bloodline has been improved.

“I didn’t expect that the birth of a new sun god would be so good for them,” everyone showed a surprised expression.

As one of Chaos World Source of Life, the emergence of the sun will inevitably affect the entire Chaos World.

The huge golden Giant dissipated into countless light spots, Zhao Fu’s body reappeared in the void, Zhao Fu slightly wrinkled frowned, that golden light wave was not emitted by Zhao Fu actively, but by some strength Traction.

Numerous Goddess came to Zhao Fu happily and said, “Congratulations on being an innate Spiritual God!”

Zhao Fu’s eyes looked towards many women, also showing a smile, not thinking too much.

The crowd returned to the ground.

Zhao Fu felt the huge daily strength within the body. Now he can be said that Chaos World has the strongest daily strength, and also has the innate Divine force of Spiritual God, Chaos World’s divine force can be extremely powerful.

Finally, there is another good thing, that is, Zhao Fu’s evil fairy Bloodline, directly breaking all the restrictions, that is, Zhao Fu raised Bloodline said that the restrictions faced by all disappeared, Zhao Fu can directly devour insect beast Bloodline, the evil fairy Bloodline Ascend to the top.

Zhao Fu thinks that Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique was created by the 8th Origin Power. Now he has such a strong strength, so Zhao Fu Bloodline is affected and there is no Bloodline restriction.

This thing is a good thing for Zhao Fu. Because of the limitations of Bloodline, Zhao Fu has become extremely slow to increase the speed of Bloodline. I don’t know how long it will take, and the Eight Prohibited Bloodline is also the awakening of Supreme Emperor. One of the keys to Star.

Riying said with a chuckle, “I vaguely guessed that you will become a sun god, and I didn’t expect you to be a sun god, or such a powerful inborn sun god.”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “Um!”

Qiling face slightly red said with a hint of sorry, “Now I recognize you as my man!”

The devil’s clothes said charmingly, “you guy makes us worry about nine days, how can you compensate us?”

Zhao Fu reaching out Put Qi Ling and Ri Mo Yi Lou into his arms, “I will compensate you well.”

Many women smiled and walked towards the temple together.

Zhao Fu is happy and happy on the sun, and the pot is completely fried on the ground. Countless people are discussing this matter. This is a new innate god, which is enough to affect the existence of the entire Chaos World.

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