The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2949


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First Volume Chapter 297

“I knew that the Eight-day Temple would usher in great changes, but it was useless to think that it would be a congenital god, and it would still be the eight-day god. If it grew up, would it be more terrifying than the previous eight-day gods?”

“That’s inevitable, because he has eight kinds of solar powers, and he didn’t have the eight Japanese gods.”

“I don’t know who has become a congenital god. This potential is also shocking enough. It will definitely affect the progress of Chaos World in the future.”

“I am also curious who is the innate god!”

“I got some news that I am a person with a very mysterious status, not only unifying the eight-day shrine in the place of Extreme Yang with the thunder, and taking this to soar into the sun, and finally become the new sun god?”

“It is mysterious person again? How many mysterious people are there? It seems that the 12-month immortal soaring is also soaring with the help of a mysterious person. The last time caused the thirteenth moon to come down, I lived for so long I haven’t met such a thing several times.”

“I faintly feel that major events will happen. Various shocking geniuses are born at this time. I don’t believe it without major events.”

“Um, I think so too. I haven’t been concerned about other periods recently, and I stayed in my house honestly and didn’t want to mess with anything.”


Everyone in Longdi smiled, countless people did not know that this innate god made them their Young Lord.

The black clothed old man laughed heartily said, “I haven’t been this happy for a long time!”

The old man of the silver dragon horn said happily, “Me too, I really did not expect our Young Lord to become a congenital god, and now all forces are inquiring about the identity of the Young Lord, so that they will never think that it will be our Dragon. Race Young Lord.”

The old man in purple clothed smiled and said, “I was still worried about the danger of the Young Lord. I thought the Young Lord would come back when he got the Origin. I really look down on the Young Lord. I have no opinion on the Young Lord’s decision. “”

The blue clothed old man said with a smile, “We are still low-key, don’t divulge the identity of the Young Lord, and affect the Young Lord’s plan to awaken the Paragon Supreme Emperor Star.”

The majestic old man said with some excitement, “I believe that the Young Lord will surely become the master of Chaos World. The entire Chaos World will be under the rule of our Dragon Race. I used to dare not think about it, but now with our Young Lord’s ability is possible.”

The black clothed old man said with a smile, “This is thanks to Long Wushui choosing a good heir. Without her choosing Young Lord as the heir, Young Lord will not become the heir to the dragon branch, nor will it become the ancient Dragon. Young Lord of Race.”

The majestic old man was nodded, “This time it was her who made a great contribution, and I was the master to help her undo seal, and now the Young Lord has also become a witch of the witch clan. 19459002]

black clothed old man nodded, “She is the Master of Young Lord after all, although Young Lord doesn’t say anything, but she really wants his Master to come out, only to continue to seal his Master for the sake of justice, we release the dragon without water, he It should be very happy.”

The old man of the silver dragon horn said with a smile, “Well, let’s go to unlock the seal together now.”

The old man in purple clothed said, “I think it’s better to call some people from the Wu people. After all, it’s their Wu people who seal the dragon and there is no water. We must also deal with the Wu people.”

The majestic old man was nodded, “Um, I will immediately send someone to inform the Matriarchs.”

December Palace.

Month Fairy started talking, “Did you see that golden Giant?”

Many women ordered nodded.

Yue SainteSS said, “Now it is certain that he collected eight kinds of solar powers and became a new congenital sun god.”

Yue Yao is nodded, said with a smile, “Although that Giant looks like he has several points of, but the breath that comes out, we are still very clear, that is the guy.”

Moon Cardamom lightly snorted, “That guy obviously went to collect eight kinds of Origin Rili, but still concealed us, did not want to tell us what he did, if not we know his breath, maybe he will be deceived.”

Yue Qianqian was nodded, “I also don’t understand that we are all other women, why he would hide from us.”

Yue Shumin said with a smile, “I think there are his reasons, and he is very good to us.”

Yue SainteSS whispered Um and said, “Although it is good for us, but when he comes back, we still have to tidy him up. We can’t be busy with anything.”

Yue Fairy suddenly said, “Actually, his purpose is now very clear, that is to awaken the Emperor Star of Paragon Supreme.”

Yue Qianqian asked, “The Emperor Star of Paragon Supreme is a legend in Chaos World. It is an impossible thing for us. Do you say he is possible?”

Yue Wuxing said with a chuckle, “Of course it is possible! As our man, he must be better than us, and the two keys to awakening Paragon Supreme Emperor Star, Origin RiLi and Origin YueLi have both been obtained, now There is still an opportunity.”

Yue Fairy smiled and said, “Dancing star, what you said is very good, and now we don’t know his true identity, maybe he still hides some kind of powerful strength.”

Yue SainteSS missed and said, “I don’t know when he will come back, it makes people think of him a bit.”

Yue Yao joked, “I think you are Sichun!”

Moon SainteSS blushed, “I don’t have one!”

Yue Wuxing said with a blush, “I miss him a little too!”

A few girls frolicked, without the appearance of usual coldness.

Yue Fairy looked at the void ahead, and did not know when Zhao Fu would return to the Moon Palace. She also thought of Zhao Fu in her heart. After all, Zhao Fu was her first man.

But the slag of Zhao Fu is now happy and happy, not at all think of the moon palace many women, enough to make people spurn.

A few days later, Japanese and English snuggled in Zhao Fu’s arms and asked softly, “Now that you have collected eight types of Origin, what do you want to do next?”

Zhao Fu thought for a while, now that Origin’s monthly power has been collected, and the Bloodline is not limited. In the end, there is one thing left, which is to collect Origin’s bronze fragments. Zhao Fu did not intend to tell Japan and Britain , Said with a smile, “I didn’t want to do anything.”

Ri Mo Yi Mei said with a smile, “Then you have been staying on the sun, OK? You are the sun god and you should stay on the sun, we don’t want to be separated from you.”

Many women looked at Zhao Fu and nodded in response.

Zhao Fu said apologetically, “Sorry, I still have a lot of things to deal with, and I can’t stay on the sun all the time.”

Sun Devil’s angry lightly snorted.

Many women are also somewhat lost. They have waited countless years to meet Zhao Fu. Now they are so disparate from Zhao Fu in such a short time.

Looking at them, Zhao Fu comforted, “I have time to come to accompany you, and now this soaring sky is very easy for me to come.”

This is how GoddeSS calmed down.

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