The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2950


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First Volume Chapter 298

A few days later, Zhao Fu hugged many women and said, “Now I am leaving!”

Many women already knew that Zhao Fu was leaving, but he was still very reluctant, Qi Ling asked, “What do you do after leaving the sun?”

Zhao Fu said, “This matter cannot be told to you.”

Qi Ling is dissatisfied lightly snorted.

Japanese and English asked, “How do you deal with the Eighth Temple after you leave?”

Zhao Fu thought about it, “I will leave everything to you! Now you are useless, you can leave the sun at any time.”

Riying glanced at Zhao Fu, “You don’t know where to go and merry, throw this mess to us, and things are not as simple as you think, because the new Sun God was born, and the 8th Temple was also There is a need for change, and you still have eight kinds of divine power.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I will do whatever you say, I will cooperate with you completely.”

Now Zhao Fu has collected eight kinds of solar power. The things in the eight-day shrine are not too serious. I just want to deal with these things and continue to collect bronze fragments.

Japanese and English eyes looked at Zhao Fu, “I want to abolish the eight-day temple and rebuild a new temple.”

hearing this, many women were surprised and surprised.

Ri Chun looked at Japanese and English in surprise and asked, “Are you sure?”

Niryu said contemplatively, “I never thought about this day, are we really going to abolish the eight-day shrine and build a new one?”

Ri Ning wrinkled frowned slightly, “I don’t really think about it, we should have been loyal to Spiritual God before. This feels like betraying Spiritual God. Spiritual God used to be good to us.”

Japanese paintings are nodded, “I don’t want to, I don’t know why you want to abolish the Eighth Temple.”

Japanese and English seriously replied, “The new Sun God Great God, we should be based on the new Sun God, and the previous eight Spiritual Gods have disappeared for so many years, in the future will not come back, nor will we There should be hope for them, and we must also greet a new beginning, not immersed in the past.”

After hearing this, many women were silent.

Ni Moyi said with a chuckle, “I have no opinion anyway, just do whatever you want, but I agree with one thing very much. We have been waiting for so many years long enough, I think it should be a new start,” [19459002 ]

Ri Chun sighed, “Okay! I have no opinion. I have waited for so many years, and I have waited enough. I don’t want to wait any longer. Even if Lord Spiritual God comes back, I will not take orders from them.”

Niu Ling said with a chuckle, “I also approve of change. In the past, although we were distinguished, we were only the servants of Spiritual God, but now it is different. We are the hostess of the temple, not a servant, so I Support husband.”

Ri Ning smiled a little, “That’s right, our man is Zhao Fu, and we are the hostess of the temple. We manage everything in the temple. Our identity is different from that of the sun god. , It should be changed.”

Riyu softly said, “Since you all have no opinions, then I have no opinions.”

Japanese and English smiled, “Then I will continue to talk about my thoughts, the first thing the temple should be renamed.”

Ni Moyi said with a smile, “He will be called God Palace on the 8th. We will serve the hub here together. We can also help her collect the beauty of Chaos World. Should you be happy?”

Looking at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu laughed.

Japanese and English pinched Zhao Fu lightly, “You are serious, if you are like this, then I will not do these things.”

Zhao Fu stopped laughing, nodded, “You said, I listen.”

Japanese and English said, “I plan to rename the Eighth Temple as the Supreme Temple, and now you condensed the eight kinds of Origin Rili, and became a congenital god, can afford the word Supreme.”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

Japanese and English continued, “And now you are the Lord of the Eight Suns, you can change the eight sun scenes, how do you plan to change?”

Zhao Fu asked, “Changing the sun scene, can I make the sun full of trees and full of flowers? There are even rivers and lakes?”

Japanese and English hook the head, “No, rivers and lakes cannot exist on the sun, unless you open up a divine place with your own divine force, the change scene I said is to change on the basis of the original, such as our first The sun, you create mountains, plains, lava rivers, can also change the sky, and the heat emitted by the sun.”

Zhao Fu is not interested in these, nor will he stay in the sun for so long, so he smiled and said, “Wait a moment when I give power to you, what do you want the sun to become, then it becomes.

Japanese and English nodded, “Then there is the matter of the eight-day shrine below. Do you want to continue to develop the shrine, recruit countless believers, or keep the status quo?”

Zhao Fu think about it, “The Temple of Development!”

Japanese and English said with a smile, “Then we will create your core idol!”

Zhao Fu asked, “What is the core idol?”

Japanese and English explained, “The core idol is the core of all idols. Other large and small idols will be dominated by the core idol. Other believers can also obtain Sun Power through the idol.”

Zhao Fu suddenly thought that he was getting Sun Power through the idol, said with a smile, “You take me to see the core idol now.”

Japanese and English smiled nodded and said, “Then gather core idols by the way!”

The people left the room and came to an underground great hall. This great hall had an eight-meter-high altar surrounded by lava, and there was a statue on the altar, that is, the statue of God Hao, made of fiery crystal stone.

Zhao Fu looked at the statue and asked, “What should I do now?”

Japanese and English explained, “That is the Sun God platform, which can connect the entire sun. Others can get Sun Power through this core idol. You need to integrate your divine blood and Sun Power to create a god.”

Zhao Fu nodded, using his finger nails to cut his wrists, the blood flowed out continuously, under the control of Zhao Fu, formed a blood cell, the size of an egg, Zhao Fu centered on the blood cell, began to inject a powerful eight days force.

I saw that the blood cells emitted countless rays of light, a large amount of Sun Power gathered together, injected into that blood cell, and that blood cell began to crystallize.

Originally, the egg-sized blood cells became blood crystals, and then the blood crystals became bigger and bigger, and then became a fist sized. In the past, it would become a watermelon size, and finally under Zhao Fu’s control, it became a high Two meters, rectangular crystal with one meter wide.

Then Zhao Fu began to use strength to change the shape of the crystal, which became the way Zhao Fu wore a cloak. Zhao Fu didn’t want to reveal his true appearance, which would cause a lot of trouble.

The last bloody crystal stone statue two meters high appeared in front of everyone.

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