The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2951


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First Volume Chapter 299

If you know who Zhao Fu is, you will see it the same way. If you don’t know Zhao Fu, you won’t see that this statue is Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked towards Japanese and English and asked, “What should I do next?”

Japanese and English said, “You are now the new sun god, you just need to step forward to take down the god on the Sun God stage and put your own god on it.”

Zhao Fu asked unexpectedly, “So simple?”

Japanese and English smiled and nodded, “You are the master of the sun, and there is no limit to you. If we are close to it, there will be a very terrifying Sun Power, which can be a Supreme Being class powerhouse Burn to ashes instantly.”

Zhao Fu was a little surprised, “This Sun Power is so strong?”

Japanese and English said with a smile, “I have told you that the idol is connected to the sun and can mobilize the endless Sun Power.”

Zhao Fu nodded, flew forward with his idol, and landed on the altar. Looked at the statue of Haori in front.

This statue of Haori is connected to the sun and is subjected to endless Sun Power baptism. The strength contained in it is extremely terrifying. It can be said that it is an extremely terrifying and extremely rare treasure. Now Zhao Fu does not know how to use it, but it will definitely be of great use in the future. .

Zhao Fu waved away the idol.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, a golden Sun Power erupted from the altar like a volcanic eruption, and a huge wave of diffusion spread. The entire great hall is flooded with golden rays of light.

The evolving terrifying fluctuations caused the numerous Goddess body to retreat continuously, and the body felt a fear, a feeling of powerlessness poured out from the heart, but fortunately they stayed here without stepping forward, otherwise they might all be burned in an instant .

Countless Haori Sun Temples in the place of Extreme Yang, large and small different statues, some cracks appeared, then cracked and fell to the ground, making a dull sound.

Numerous ambassadors in the Temple of Haori, with a stunned expression on their faces, “What happened? How did the gods shatter?”

Numerous Japanese angels quickly gathered together.

Asked suspiciously during the day, “This Hao Ri statue in the last ages is nothing, how come today all broken?”

Niu Niu said, “This matter must be related to the Son of God. I don’t know what the Son of God is doing?”

Ri Xuan pondered, “I think there will be a big change in the Temple of the Eighth Day!”

Riyue’s serious nodded, “The key is not to know whether it is good or bad!”

At this time, a messenger ran in a panic and told him, “Daily the gods are bad, and all the statues of the temple are broken.”

Hearing this, the numerous Japanese angel was not surprised, they had expected it.

After a while, another ambassador panicked and announced, “Major events have happened to all your ambassadors, and all the statues of the God Sun Temple have all shattered.”

Ri Xuan’s indifferent nodded, “You go down first!”

The envoy leaves the hall.

Ri Xuan said, “Then it is estimated that all the gods will be broken, and the eight-day temple will not have a complete god.”

Daytime wrinkle frowned, “Our divine force all comes from the idol, if the idol is all broken, how can we get the divine force in the future.”

Rixuan calmly replied, “Um, if this matter is not resolved, then the eight-day shrine will disappear.”

Japanese cow was surprised, “no way! Although the eight-day god disappeared for so long, but I never thought that the eight-day shrine will disappear, if the eight-day shrine disappears, what is the meaning of our existence? The Japanese also have no Faith “”

Seriously during the day, “Even if you don’t want to, how can you change it? Now that the most important statues are destroyed, how could the Temple of Eight Days exist?”

Riyue said worriedly, “Now I am a little worried about our future, and the future of the entire Japanese.”

Ri Xuan said in a tranquil voice, “In fact, don’t worry too much, it’s all caused by the Divine Son, there must be other ways for the Divine Son, and the Divine Son is now the new Sun God, in the future we may Faith He, not the previous eight sun gods.”

Nodded during the day, “I think so too!”

Riyue smiled and said, “After you say this, I understand a little bit. The past eight Japanese gods have disappeared for so many years. For us, there is only some spiritual Faith. The eight-day temple needs a new Japanese god. It means the new beginning of the Eight-day Temple.”

Ri Xuan said, “Um, the only thing we can do now is to believe in the Son of God.”


Looking back at the sun, Zhao Fu has come to the last Sun God platform and cut his wrist to let the blood flow out. A large amount of Sun Power is injected with blood, and the blood has begun to crystallize.

The last rectangular crystal appeared in front of everyone. Zhao Fu changed the shape of the crystal and changed it into his own shape.

He flew to the Sun God again, put away the originally idol, and put his own idol into it.

All the statues of the last temple shattered at that moment.

bang bang bang…

A huge rumbling sound sounded, eight endless Sun Power poured into eight bloody crystal stone statues, eight huge golden beams rose into the sky, forming eight huge beams of light.

The place of Extreme Yang, the place of Heaven and Earth and countless destiny gather like tide water, the sky emits countless dazzling golden rays of light, and there is a Supreme divine might, let countless people kneel involuntarily On the ground, there is no idea of ​​resistance, but a kind of prayerful kneeling.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, a huge beam fell from the sky, and countless Power of Heaven and Earth and destiny poured into it madly, exuding an amazing momentum, a Divine force of Supreme It also spread slowly.

Time continued for a while, and the fluctuations subsided slowly, and a crystal stone statue appeared on the open ground.

Numerous god envoys and sun god envoys have come to this place, looking at the statue with a cloak that is more than ten meters high, immediately kneeling on the ground, they understand that this is the new sun god in front of them, they must rely on today A god to gain divine force.


As countless people bowed down, that statue exuded countless golden rays of light, one after another. The more powerful Sun God injected power into everyone’s body and quickly changed their Constitution.

Everyone felt this strength and immediately showed a surprise expression. This divine force is much stronger than the previous divine force. It is a divine force of eight divine force fuse together, and it still has the main divine force As they deepen their Faith, the divine force they gain will be stronger.

Rixuan, the people of Riyue are now at ease. The eight-day shrine in the future will obviously be better. They will follow Zhao Fu and the Japanese will also go to great glory.

Zhao Fu stood on the platform, revealing a strange smile, he could perceive the crowd in the daytime kneeling in front of him through that idol.

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