The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2952


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First Volume Chapter 400

Zhao Fu started talking, “Let’s get up!”

Kneeling on the ground, everyone heard Zhao Fu’s voice, showing a surprised expression, replied, “Yes!”

Looking at the crystal stone statue in front of me during the day, he said with some excitement, “God Son, not Lord Spiritual God, we sincerely congratulate you.”

Zhao Fu lightly smiled.

Ri Xuan respectfully asked, “Lord Spiritual God, do you have anything to tell? Now everything in the temple needs you to be the master, and there are also many people who come here and want to get news about you.”

Now all the statues of the Eighth Temple are shattered, and everyone in the Eighth Temple has no direction at all, and they don’t know what to do, so they need to be guided by Zhao Fu’s.

Zhao Fu nodded, “Um, I know all this, wait for me to deal with the sun.”

Um, the emissary of everyone smiled.

Zhao Fu withdrew his perception and turned his head towards Japan and Britain, “What else do I need now?”

Japanese and English said with a smile, “The next step is to change our identity, let us be your Goddess, and inherit your eight-day divine force.”

hearing this, many women are more emotional, the eight-day divine force can be far stronger than a kind of divine force, and as Zhao Fu’s Goddess, they can get eight kinds of Origin-origin fusion of the eight-day strength, this strength they It was originally impossible to get.

Because they not only do not have the ability to integrate the power of eight days, the body cannot withstand the power of eight days. But they can rely on Zhao Fu to get this strength.

Ri Ning smiled and said, “I also want to see how strong the divine force is on the 8th.”

Nisshun smiled and said, “Um, I want it too.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Then we return to the temple, and I will give you pure Origin day power.”

Many women nodded with a smile.

Coming to the shrine, the many women of the eight-day shrine stood in front of Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu stood at the front of the platform, closed both eyes, a huge strength emerged from the body, and the body was covered with a layer of golden Wrapped in light, there were eight watermelon-sized suns appearing on the top of the head, and a vast divine force spread out.

Many women felt this strength once, but still had a fear in their hearts to the bear, this strength can easily kill them.

Zhao Fu slowly opened both eyes, and countless golden rays of light shot from the eye sockets, extending a hand forward.

The huge eight-day divine force is injected into every Goddess’ body like a tide. Goddess smiles happily and absorbs the huge eight-day divine force. The body also emits golden rays of light, eyebrows It also emits golden rays of light.

I saw a circle of golden rings wrapped in a circle. There are eight in total. There is a distance between each golden ring. There is no ring in the center, and a powerful eight-day force comes from their bodies. Exudes.

The mark composed of eight golden circles is Zhao Fu’s Divine Seal, also known as the eighth Divine Seal.

Zhao Fu retracted the strength, and the eight suns above his head disappeared.

Many women feel their strong strength and show a smile. Now their bodies within the body can accommodate not only one kind of daily strength, but also other daily strength, and they can go to other suns to absorb Origin. Rili.

This means that their strength will be greatly improved, and their cultivation base of each and everyone will also break through, becoming a more powerful existence.

Japanese magic clothes said with a chuckle, “Is this the eight-day divine force? Really very powerful, if the cultivation is to the extreme, I may also become a god.”

Ri Chun reminded, “There should be only one god in our temple, that is our husband, even if we can Spiritual God, we cannot be gods.”

Ri Ning softly said, “I have never had the idea of ​​being Spiritual God, because I understand that this is an impossible thing, but based on the strength of these eight days, some may become an acquired Spiritual God.”

Qi Ling calmly said, “If we become Spiritual God, then we must become a Sun God, which may have an adverse effect on the husband.”

Japanese and English nodded, “If we become the sun god, then we will definitely part of the sun Origin Power, which will be a bit disadvantageous to the hub as the supreme sun god.”

Japanese magic clothes curl one’s lip, “Then forget it! I just talk casually.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle on the side, “I allow you to become the sun god Oh! Sun Power is very large, even if you become a part of the sun god, you will not be separated by 10%, and you are the daughter of the temple Master, becoming the sun god in the future will better manage the temple.”

hearing this, many women were moved.

Japanese magic clothes fell on Zhao Fu’s arms, and Mei Xiao said, “You are so good to us, should we return you!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Still waiting for things to be done!”

Ri Chun also moved and said, “You are just right to us, we will obey all your orders.”

Japanese and English looked at Zhao Fu with a smile. Zhao Fu really regarded them as his women, and he did not know how many times he was better than Spiritual God before them.

Actually they don’t know, Zhao Fu will one day return to Heaven Awaken World, Sun Power Zhao Fu here doesn’t care much, and after he left, the temple would need them to take care of it.

Zhao Fu looked at the front Japanese and English said with a smile, “What else do I need now?”

Japanese and English thought for a while, “In fact, you can also use the eight suns to release Gods Vestige now, which will attract a large number of believers.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I want to leave for a while!”

Japanese and English smiled nodded.

Zhao Fu wants to mobilize the strength of the eight suns to exhibit Gods Vestige, it must be a vast Gods Vestige, enough to shake the whole world.

Zhao Fu flew towards the void, came to the middle of the eight suns, closed both eyes, opened his hands, and a golden strength spread out instantly.

Eight suns are slightly trembled in the sky, and eight great solar powers are released.

Chaos World originally has arrived at night, countless creatures of the earth have fallen into deep sleep, and the earth has fallen into silence.


Countless sunshine emerges from the middle of the sky, like the same pair of invisible big hands tearing open the night, countless golden rays of light shining on the earth, turning the night into the day.

Chaos World Countless people wake up from their sleep and stare at the sky with astonishment, “The sky is so bright? Time passes so fast?”

The numerous moon fairy wrinkled frowned slightly on the moon, they clearly felt this mutation, and also clearly made by Zhao Fu, “What is this guy doing?”

wēng wēng wēng ……

There is a huge sound in the sky like the sound of the impact of the Divine Bell, one after another is like a substantial sound wave spreading, shocking countless creatures tingling in the ears, originating without countless creatures awakened in this huge sound Come over and come out one after another, looking at the golden sky.

The sound is getting louder and louder, causing people’s heads to hurt a lot, and no one can sleep under such a sound.

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