The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2953


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First Volume Chapter 401

Originally, many people were awakened by this voice, and there was a resentment qi in their hearts, but when they saw the sky, this resentment qi also dissipated because they realized that a major event was about to happen.

The eight suns emerged from the sky, exuding an immense imposing manner. A golden cloak emerged from the middle of the eight suns, like the master of the eight suns, exuding a Supreme divine might, let People have a sense of awe and can’t look directly.

“I am the new Sun God, Faith my God, I give it strength, I govern his body, I shelter his people.”

A voice sounded like a thunder in his ears, leaving the mind blank, losing the ability to think, and my heart was full of endless awe of the Spiritual God in the sky.


A sound that shook Heaven and Earth sounded, and I saw that silhouette shot countless rays of light, instantly traversing mountains, rivers, and enveloped the whole land.

Countless people are under the rays of light, and their bodies relax and unprecedented comfort. Some people are surprised to find that the Constitution has been improved. Some are happy to find that the strength is increasing, and some smiles find that the body’s injuries are healing.

These people knelt down on the ground and said excitedly and reverently, “I will wait for Faith Sun God and will dedicate everything to Sun God.”

After they finished, more golden rays of light enveloped them, and their bodies improved better.

Countless people with strong influence wrinkled frowned.

“In the ancient period, the Eight-day Temple was the largest and most powerful Faith at that time. Because the Eight-day God disappeared, it declined. Now that the new Sun God is born, the Eight-day Temple may soon become an extremely terrifying force.”

“The new Sun God relied on the 8th to exhibit Supreme Gods Vestige. The rise of the 8th Temple was unstoppable, and based on the 8th, he was almost invincible.”

“Yes! Even if you have a Supreme Being level cultivation base, if you blindly soar to the sun, you can’t escape to death in the end, and you don’t know that the rise of the Eighth Temple is a bad thing or a good thing for us. ”

“This new sun god will integrate eight kinds of solar powers, and it will become the most terrifying powerhouse in Chaos World, but he is too mysterious. We have not got any information from him. This unknown mysterious is scary.”

“In the future, I think I will avoid the eight-day shrine in the future and try not to offend him, but I think the birth of a new sun god is a good thing, especially now that we are fighting Heaven Awaken World.”

On this side of Heaven Awaken World, countless people looked at the world shrouded in golden rays of light, and also showed a shocked expression. What happened to Chaos World? How can rays of light cover the whole world? There must be a heaven-shaking major event for such fluctuations.

The alliance of the parties investigated and quickly learned the information.

“No matter who this new sun god is, it is absolutely hugely harmful to us Heaven Awaken World, his presence will be detrimental to us Heaven Awaken World.”

“We must find a way to get rid of him, and we can’t let this sun god exist, and we can pay any price.”

“Um, I also support your point of view, but the identity of the Japanese god is extremely mysterious, and the people of Chaos World do not know his true identity. It is more difficult for us outsiders to find him.”

“I recently heard that Chaos World has a lot of amazing geniuses, each of which is extremely terrifying. This is far superior to our Heaven Awaken World. These people are also very unfavorable to us, and it is best to find a way to get rid of them. ”

“Hehe, Chaos World has recently produced a lot of amazing geniuses, but we Heaven Awaken World also has a son of Heaven Awaken? He has eight Supreme Emperor Star bleSS ing, even if it is so-called amazing genius, He will be inferior to him in front of him.”

“Um, I also have a lot of expectations for the son of Heaven Awaken. With his terrifying potential, one should be able to suppress all Chaos World geniuses by one person.”

“I feel the same, even if Chaos World genius is in terrifying, it is not useful for our world’s Heaven Awaken’s son, terrifying, to deal with those Chaos World shocking geniuses by himself, there should be no problem.”

“The son of Heaven Awaken seems to have not heard from him for a long time, nor do he know what he is doing.”

“I think he is planning to get the last race Emperor Star, now many Supreme Beings are waiting in Water Race, just to wait for his appearance, the last Supreme Emperor Star awakens, he has nine A Supreme Emperor Star, I can’t imagine how it will be.”

“You say that it makes people feel excited and excited when thinking about it. Heaven Awaken World was born with such a terrifying monster, not very sensational in our world, but also extremely sensational in other worlds. Looking for him.”

“Yes! All the people are looking for him, but there is no gain, then the son of Heaven Awaken has great destiny bleSS ing, we can’t find it at all, and we don’t have to worry about his safety.”

They don’t know that Chaos World’s amazing geniuses are all Zhao Fu, and now this Sun God is also Zhao Fu. If they know that Zhao Fu will immediately wake up Chaos World’s supreme Emperor Star, I don’t know what kind of expression will be.

Turning his gaze back to Chaos World, this time to display such a huge Gods Vestige, consume a lot of Sun Power, occasionally a few times, but can not always be like this.

Zhao Fu also feels that a lot of Faith Power is injected into the body. In fact, as an innate Spirit God, he does not rely on Faith Power to grow. Zhao Fu is not very concerned about these Faith Power. These Faith Power will be more helpful to other Spiritual God.

The rays of light in the sky began to dissipate, Zhao Fu’s silhouette was also disappeared, and finally the world returned to the night, but everyone did not have any sleepiness. The expression excitedly discussed the matter.

With such a large Gods Vestige, there are only two existences in the entire Chaos World. The first is the Sun God now, and the second is the Moon Fairy. It happens that both of these existences are Zhao Fu.

When Zhao Fu merged with December power, it was exactly night. If it was daytime, the sky would darken and there would be thirteen moons in the sky.

In the place of Extreme Yang, everyone smiled, and they knew that the rise of the Temple of the Eighth was unstoppable, and what they had waited for countless years had finally come to fruition.

This barren place, originally the place of Extreme Yang, was once recognized as Holy Land in the hearts of countless people. It is the closest place to Spiritual God. The material carved Zhao Fu’s appearance, and the numerous believers bowed prayerfully.

The Sun God still has a huge influence in Chaos World. If not eight Sun Gods disappear, the title of Chaos World’s most powerful force will never change.

Zhao Fu, the new sun god, came into being, so it caused such a sensation. Therefore, everyone thought that the rise of the temple was unstoppable. Indeed, in this way, the temple would soon become a super power.

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