The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2954


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First Volume Chapter 402

Zhao Fu looked at Japan and Britain and said with a smile, “Is nothing okay now?”

Japanese and English smiled nodded.

Zhao Fu said, “Then it is time for me to leave here!”

hearing this, many women looked at Zhao Fu reluctantly.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Those things are very important to me, I must do it, and I will come back if I have time.”

Japanese and English lightly nodded.

Japanese magic clothes said charmingly, “Will you stay one more day, OK? Just one day.”

Many women stared at Zhao Fu with eyes eager.

Zhao Fu thought about it and ordered nodded.

As a result, Zhao Fu stayed for another three days before leaving. Zhao Fu flew down in the sun. I thought I would take a look at the place of Extreme Yang, but now there are countless powerhouses gathered there. Zhao Fu will be in trouble instead. He gave the numerous Goddess the affairs of the temple, and they should be able to solve the affairs of the temple.

After thinking about it for a while, Zhao Fu’s current goal is to collect bronze fragments and smelt countless insect blood. The bronze fragments Zhao Fu didn’t know where to find them with any clues. That was to raise Bloodline to the 8th Order section.

As I said before, Zhao Fu now has no restrictions on Bloodline, and now you only need to smelt Bloodline to upgrade directly, but now you are not at all so much insect blood.

Zhao Fu thought about going back to Dragon Race first.

At this time, several Dragon Race patriarch and several Wu people came together to seal the waterless land of the dragon,

The majestic old man said politely, “If you don’t want to unseal Long Wushui, you can tell us directly, we don’t want to influence our relationship between our two communities for her.”

Lao Ou said with a smile, “In fact, we also want to undo seal earlier, this is not what Young Lord does not want, think that even his Master should be punished, it is really clear, since this time is yours Take the initiative to say undo seal, then we will not refuse.”

The elegant man next to him said with a smile, “Thanks to her, the Young Lord was in contact with our Wu people and became the greatest existence of our Wu people. With this, we can forgive what the evil dragon did. ”

A beautiful and alluring woman suddenly said, “What about the Young Lord? Won’t he come for such a big thing?”

Black clothed old man said with a smile, “Young Lord is in trouble now, not in Dragon Land now.”

beautiful and alluring woman curiously asked, “What’s the matter? Didn’t see him show up for such a long time?”

The old man in black clothed is a little embarrassed. Of course, he can’t sensation Sun God of Chaos World, that is, their Young Lord. Although both of their families think that Zhao Fu is their Young Lord, both sides have selfishness, Dragon Race patriarch does not Too willing to divulge Zhao Fu’s true identity.

The old woman also saw it and smiled and said, “Young Lord has his own business, we don’t have to think about it.”

beautiful and alluring woman ordered nodded.

It is also time for the majestic old man to say, “Let’s enter together!”

Everyone complied and came to the deepest part of the seal together.

Long Wushui is still the same, his body is sealed in a formation, looking at the crowd who came to him, coldly snorted, “What are you doing here?”

She has some resentment qi for Dragon Race and Wu people. Wu people are her family who seal her. Dragon Race has not helped her and kept her sealed here for so many years.

However, Long Wushui doesn’t care much now, because she can cut open seal and leave this damn place more than a hundred years ago.

The majestic old man said with a smile, “We are here to help you undo seal!”

Long Wushui was surprised, “I heard it right? Will you help me undo seal?”

The majestic old man said, “According to what you have done before, we will easily release you, but this time you have done a great job, we can help you undo seal.”

“Make a great contribution?” Long Wushui looked puzzled.

There was a smile on the face of the majestic old man, “It seems that you don’t know, your legatee has now become the Young Lord of the Furious Ancient Dragon Race.”

Long Wushui looked stunned, “Who?”

The majestic old man chuckled and said, “It’s your legatee, you should be very happy! There is such an extraordinary legatee.”

Long Wushui thought of being bullied by Zhao Fu, now she would like to tear Zhao Fu to pieces, but she was also a little shocked in her heart. She knew that Zhao Fu was not a Dragon Race, how did she become the young Lord of the ancient Dragon Race? He really underestimated him.

Looking towards the majestic old man and everyone, Long Wushui now understands that he must never reveal his true thoughts, otherwise these people will not let her out and wait for the boy to settle the bill after she goes out.

Long Wushui said with a smile, “Um, I have no idea that he can become a Dragon Race Young Lord.”

old woman said with a smile, “He not only became the Dragon Race Young Lord, but also became the Young Lord of our Matriarch, and you have a part of the reason, so our Matriarch also promised to release you, and the previous things we Will not be pursued.”

Long Wushui heart startled, “That boy has become the young Lord of the Matriarch?”

Maori and Dragon Race are both Chaos World Two Great Races. If you become a young lord of a race, Long Wushui will be shocked, but becoming a young lord of the two big families, this matter is not simple, think of the dragon here Wushui also became serious in her heart.

This kid may be hiding very terrifying information. At first, she didn’t have to think that Zhao Fu would have such terrifying achievements.

The old woman smiled and said, “You are the Master of the Young Lord, we will not embarrass you. Now are you willing to reconcile with our family?”

There is a smile on Long Wushui’s face. As long as she can go out now, she will do anything, “Um, I will.”

Long Wushui now looks harmless to humans and animals, but he is thinking about how to deal with the Wu people in the future. She has been sealed for so many years, and the resentment qi in her heart will not be eliminated so easily.

old woman nodded, “Then we will help you lift the seal!”

Long Wushui secretly rejoiced in her heart and finally undo the seal. She had been waiting for this day for many years. As long as she undo seal, she can immediately teach Zhao Fu the kid.

I see that the numerical power house is standing next to the seal formation. If it is only Dragon Race numerous powerhouse, it will take some time to unlock this seal, but now that there is a Malay powerhouse to join, the seal should be lifted soon.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and I saw that the numerous powerhouse injected a strength into the formation, and that the formation emitted countless rays of light, as well as an extremely terrifying imposing manner.

Long Wushui felt that the seal was being lifted, and the corner of his mouth was slightly raised. After being sealed for so many years, he could not wait.

The circle of the seal slowly rotates, one after another The strong wave spreads like a gust of wind, the strength of the seal dragon Wushui, in the rapid decrease, the dragon Wushui some want to come to cut open seal, But she still resisted to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

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