The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2955


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First Volume Chapter 403


A huge rumbling sound sounded again, and the formation exuded a huge strength, which turned into a huge beam to the sky, causing sudden changes in the wind and clouds.

A terrifying dragon’s spread spread, which made countless creatures nearby feel a strong fear, and they all fled to the distance.


A big Qing Qing brittle sound sounded, the layer of enclave of Land of Sealing shattered, countless sunshine shone in it, a large amount of black dragon gas was also rushing out, and the alternation of light and gas made this scene Very spectacular.

The deepest part of Land of Sealing, that seal formation is slowly disappearing, and the powerful Power of Seal is also disappearing.

Long Wushui stood there with excitement.

Numerous powerhouse quickly injected strength to resolve the strength of the seal.

The last seal formation completely dissipated, and the strength of the seal also dissipated.

“hahaha!” Long Wushui felt all the Power of Seal on his body dissipated, unable to bear Yang Tian laughed loudly.

Numerous powerhouse also take you back.

The coercive old man smiled and said, “Congratulations! Now you are free.”

Long Wushui asked with a smile, “Um, I have sealed for so many years, and now strength has weakened a lot, I want to find a place to recover.”

Now is not the time to fall over with the numerical power house. Long Wushui thinks he is very strong, but he is not the opponent of so many powerhouses, all of them are at the level of patriarch.

Long Wushui just wants to leave here now, she has no restraints at all, and no one can control her.

The majestic old man smiled and said, “You come back to Dragon Race with us, we will help you recover strength, and Young Lord should come back soon, he should be very happy to see you, we hope you can but Young Lord come back “”

“Will you be happy to see her?”

Long Wushui showed a fierce smile in her heart, she would let the kid know regret.

Thinking about it, Long Wushui nodded said. “Yes!”

Now she just cut open seal, strength is weak, Dragon Race is indeed the best place to recover. As for other things, after she recovers, she is saying that as long as she recovers, he should not be afraid of anything.

The old woman heard the majestic old man and said, “Are the Young Lord coming back soon? We haven’t seen the Young Lord for a long time,”

The majestic old man did not refuse, said with a smile, “Welcome you as a guest in my Dragon Race.”

Then, everyone flew to Longdi together.

At this time, Zhao Fu has returned to the Dragon Land to let his subordinates collect countless Bloodline. He still does not know that the Dragon Wushui has come out. He is just trying to collect countless Bloodline and find a quiet place to transfer all the Bloodline. Into it.

The number of Bloodline needed at this time is extremely huge. It takes some time to collect it. Zhao Fu is trying to meet those dragon girls.

A snowy arm rested on his shoulders from behind Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu thought he was a dragon girl. He grabbed the hand and habitually pulled it, pulling the woman into his arms.

When seeing the woman in her arms, Zhao Fu was shocked. The person in front of him was Long Wushui. Isn’t she being sealed? When did it come out?

Long Wushui was in Zhao Fu’s arms, looking at Zhao Fu with a fierce look, “Boy, you are dead at this time!”

Zhao Fu hastened to push Long Wushui away.

Long Wushui hugged Zhao Fu hard, and did not want Zhao Fu to escape her palm.

The majestic old people, looking at the ambiguous movements of the master and disciple, lightly smiled, realized that the relationship between them was not ordinary.

Zhao Fu also found the majestic elderly people beside him, just want to say something.

Long Wushui warned, “You dare to say something, I will kill you now, they are impossible to save you so fast.”

Zhao Fu is now being held by Long Wushui, which is indeed almost impossible to escape, only to be honest.

The majestic old man smiled and said, “Young Lord, we understand that your master and disciple are affectionate, and you don’t want your Master to continue to suffer. , We didn’t waste our time in vain.”

Zhao Fu glared at the majestic old man. He was almost blown away in his heart. Is this a good thing? This is completely killing him.

Now Zhao Fu can’t say anything.

Long Wushui also pinched Zhao Fu and gestured to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu took a deep breath and showed a smile, “Many thanks everyone help me Master to lift the seal.”

The black clothed old man laughed and said, “Young Lord, you are welcome, we are happy to help you and the Master.”

The old man in blue clothed also said with a smile, “Um, seeing the relationship between Young Lord and Wushui is so good, I have some regrets not earlier, to help your Master lift the seal.”

Zhao Fu was so angry that he was about to break cursed a few times, these guys completely killed him, and said something like this.

Long Wushui smiled, while pinching Zhao Fu’s meat, looking at Zhao Fu like this, feeling very cool in his heart.

The old man with purple hair curiously asked, “Young Lord, why did you come back? We thought you would have to wait at least for a while.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “After collecting eight kinds of Origin, I still have a lot of things, so come back and collect some things.”

The talking Zhao Fu didn’t care, but the Malays all looked at Zhao Fu with horror, “Eight kinds of Origin day power? There are eight kinds of Origin day power on the world? Recently shake the entire Chaos World, Shi Zhanwei It’s the Young Lord who is the Great God?”

Now think of that Sun God wearing a cloak, is this not their Young Lord? Why didn’t they recognize it?

Everyone’s heartbeat was beating fast, and the expression became excited. They really did not expect that their Young Lord was so terrifying, not only became the Young Lord of the Maori Dragon Race, but now also became a congenital god, they don’t even know now What to say.

Long Wushui also looked at Zhao Fu with a shocked face. Although she was in the seal, she also felt the great Great God trace that was exhibited, and did not expect to be the man in front of her.

The existence of Zhao Fu this terrifying now makes Dragon Wushui fear in his heart, and understands that as long as Zhao Fu is given a little time, then Zhao Fu will definitely override her.

Zhao Fu only reacted at this moment, because the dragon patriarch knew these things all the time, so Zhao Fu did not conceal, and suddenly the existence of others.

beautiful and alluring woman asked excitedly and definitely, “Young Lord, are you really the innate sun god who holds the eight suns?”

Zhao Fu nodded.

The hearts of the people were also determined, and their hearts were full of joy, with smiles all over their faces, and they became more and more incapable of seeing Zhao Fu, not knowing how terrifying Zhao Fu’s potential is.

Long Wushui couldn’t help but say, “How can you guy become a congenital god?”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “I’m extraordinary natural talent! Can’t it?”

Long Wushui lightly snorted and pinched Zhao Fu again, let Zhao Fu be honest.

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