The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2956


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First Volume Chapter 404

The old woman smiled and said, “Young Lord, we want to talk to you!”

Zhao Fu said immediately, “Yes!”

Now Zhao Fu wants to get rid of Long Wushui immediately and stay in her hands, the result may be miserable.

Long Wushui started talking, “I have many things to tell him!”

old woman said with a smile, “Um, that’s good, let’s wait a minute.”

The old man in black clothed also said with a smile, “they haven’t seen their master and disciple in a long time, there is still a lot to say, let’s all go!”

Zhao Fu just wanted to stop them because now they are the only ones. Zhao Fu can be safe. Long Wushui does not dare to deal with him, but they are not necessarily gone.

Ke Long squeezed Zhao Fu without water, threatening in a whisper, “You say it if you want to die faster!”

Zhao Fu could only choke on the words and watched everyone leave.

Watching everyone leave, Long Wushui immediately released Zhao Fu, grabbed Zhao Fu’s collar with one hand, and lifted up Zhao Fu’s body, said with a big smile, “Boy! You can’t run away now Now.”

Zhao Fu Chancan said with a smile, “If you have something to say, killing me is not good for you.”

Long Wushui snorted, “I have to kill without any benefit, you kid, do you remember how to treat me at Land of Sealing?”

Zhao Fu defended, “I also gave you the opportunity, because you are not willing, this can’t blame me, and I promised to release you.”

Long Wushui’s eyes looked at Zhao Fu, “But now I’m out, it’s not your seal.”

Zhao Fu said, “That is also my reason, without me they could easily release you.”

Long Wushui started talking, “nonsense, how did you torture me in the first place, I will repay it a hundredfold.”

Long Wushui raised Zhao Fu and walked to a room.

After entering the room, Zhao Fu was thrown into the room, and there was no restraint in the room, so that others could not find things here.

Zhao Fu lay on the ground, thinking about how to escape.

Long Wushui is like a big wicked man, with an evil smile, Zhao Fu lying there like a bullied little girl.

Zhao Fu said, “I can give you the strength of the ancient ancient dragon ancestor. As the ancient ancient dragon race, I think you will not want this strength?”

Long Wushui stopped at the same place, and the power of Long Zu was indeed a huge attraction for her.

Zhao Fu saw what Long Wushui was like, and immediately said, “As long as you are willing to let me go, then I will give you the power of Long Zu.”

Long Wushui is chuckled, “You are in my hands now, wouldn’t I think about strength?”

Zhao Fu complexion changed.

Long Wushui laughed and said, “You also reminded me that you have a numerous strength in your body. If I absorb you, I will definitely become the most powerful house in this world.”

Zhao Fu said confidently, “You can’t get strength recognition like this, and even if you are Supreme Being, you can’t bear the strength of my within the body.”

Oh? Long Wushui looked at Zhao Fu in disbelief and said, “Our Constitution of the ancient Dragon Race can be ranked in the top five in Chaos World. I am also a Supreme Being class and can’t bear those strengths?”

Zhao Fu also looked at Long Wushui and said, “You can give it a try, now my Constitution is only one step away, and it can break through the current Origin body.”

“What?” Long Wushui looked surprised.

The body of Origin is the highest Constitution in Chaos World and Heaven Awaken World. Even in the realm is very rare. As for the body of breakthrough Origin, Long Wushui has never heard of it. I don’t know what level of breakthrough Origin is. This has exceeded the level of the world.

If it is Immortal, you may know, because this level is a legend in Immortal World, and only the Immortal World can exist such terrifying things.

For Long Wushui, Origin’s body is something she can’t reach. Now when she listens to Zhao Fu’s breakthrough origin body, she can’t react.

Zhao Fu said, “I originally own the Origin body and later merged the power of December.”

“Wait,” Long Wushui interrupted Zhao Fu and asked, “You mean, the 13th moon fairy is also you? That Chaos World mutation was also caused by you?”

Zhao Fu with a faint smile, “Um!”

Long Wushui said in shock, “you brat is too scary, then I keep you more impossible, otherwise I don’t know how to die.”

Zhao Fu smiled stiffly on his face, and quickly said, “You don’t have to kill me, I can give you Origin Dragon Power, or you can give you December power. Our grievances can be cancelled in a lump. You don’t believe I can be in my within the body leaving a ban.”

Long Wushui stared at Zhao Fu and said, “With your perverted Constitution, even if I leave the ban on you within the body, it will be useless. Sooner or later you will override me. For the sake of insurance, I must have Kill you, but considering the power of your dragon ancestor, I can torture you for a few hours, neither of us owe anyone.”

Zhao Fu’s mouth twitched, “Can it still be like this?”

Long Wushui said with a smile, “Since my body can’t bear such a strong strength, I’m not greedy anymore, I just need to absorb the power of a dragon ancestor then it will be alright.”

Long Wushui walked towards Zhao Fu with a smile.

Zhao Fu’s face was a little ugly, his body backed away.

Long Wushui grabbed Zhao Fu’s hand with an evil smile, “You can’t escape, it’s better to be honest.”

Speaking of Long Wushui, press one hand on Zhao Fu’s abdomen, a huge strength penetrates into Zhao Fu’s body. Although Long Wushui has already prepared in his heart, he still feels terrified. At this time, he feels Zhao Fu’s The body is like a vast universe.

She sensed all the strengths of Zhao Fu, then complexion greatly changed, her face was shocked, her body took a step back, and her heart was beating violently.

Originally she already knows that Zhao Fu is terrifying enough, but now she feels all the strengths of Zhao Fu, only to realize that she still underestimates Zhao Fu, never thought Zhao Fu is so terrifying.

“Are you a Heaven Awaken World’s person?” Long Wushui’s eyes said coldly.

No one else can think of it, the legende of Wanjian City, the legendary Dragon Race Young Lord, the witch young lord, the evil fairy legatee, the thirteenth month immortal, the innate divine society will be a Heaven Awaken World’s person.

Chaos World and Heaven Awaken World are in a hostile relationship, the two sides fought over 10,000 years,

Zhao Fu’s face calmed down and was replied, “I am Heaven Awaken World’s, and still have eight Supreme Emperor Star people, if you are not afraid of dreadful destiny backlash, you can give it a try, I don’t believe you can stop the eight Backlash of an Emperor Star.”

Long Wushui complexion changed, if according to Zhao Fu, he has eight Emperor Star bleSS ing, that Dragon Wushui really dare not kill, that terrifying destiny backlash she can’t resist.

Zhao Fu stared at Long Wushui and said, “Now I give you the power of the Dragon Ancestor is the best choice, and you can’t divulge my identity, or you don’t blame me.”

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