The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2957


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First Volume Chapter 405

Long Wushui cold voice said, “Are you threatening me?”

Zhao Fu indifferently said, “Yes, I am threatening you, don’t think you are a Supreme Being, I can’t kill you, even if you are a Half Immortal.”

Long Wushui sneered and said, “I will see you do this to me now, if you have the strength to kill me, you will not be threatened by me, and this enchantment shields all strengths, even if you call it. It’s useless.”

Zhao Fu frowned slightly. The method he said was to let Goddess come to kill the dragon without water. If his summon was blocked, then the numerical Goddess did not know about it.

Long Wushui saw Zhao Fu thought, sneered and said, “Is there no way right now?”

Zhao Fu said, “Don’t force me, it won’t do you any good.”

Long Wushui said with a smile, “I will not force you, I will suck the power of the Dragon Ancestor first, I will not kill you, but I will reveal your identity, so that the people of Chaos World will go crazy If you want to kill you, I can also imprison you forever and torture you constantly.”


A terrifying strength emerged from Zhao Fu’s body, and Zhao Fu immediately used the strength of eight Supreme Emperor Stars, wanting to make the final stroke.

Long Wushui felt the terrifying strength and immediately struck out. A huge strength struck Zhao Fu, which also interrupted the eight Emperor Stars of Zhao Fu summon.

Long Wushui looked at Zhao Fu said with a smile on the ground, “You are doing nothing, I will not give you any chance.”

Zhao Fu looked coldly at Long Wushui with no eyes, and continued to think about the way to escape without speaking.


Long Wushui is frowned, the body emits countless white radiance, a witch mark slowly emerges from Long Wushui’s eyebrows, Long Wushui complexion greatly changed, she feels that the strength of the body is being a witch Sealing her strength, her strength weakened rapidly.

The strength of her seal, Long Wushui is the most familiar, angry yelled, “Wu Ling I must kill you!”

Zhao Fu also feels the change of Long Wushui, and the strength she exudes, which is the strength of the witch spirit.

At that time, Wu Ling had no choice to kill Long Wushui and kept her sealed in that place. She also knew that sooner or later there would be a Heavenly Dragon without water, which would cut open seal. the body leaves a strength.

This strength is not directly injected by the Wu Ling, because it will be detected by the dragon without water. This strength is injected into the body of the dragon without water through the seal formation, so the dragon without water is not noticed.

If the dragon without water does not harm the Wu people, then there is nothing wrong with the dragon without water, but she does not harm the ordinary Wu people, but the young people of the Wu people. When the dragon without water damages Zhao Fu’s, that moment, that one Strength struck directly from all parts of Long Wushui’s body, and Long Wushui could not suppress it by himself.

As the strength of the strength weakened rapidly, Long Wushui’s face also became very ugly. He was extremely resentful of the spirit of the soul and wanted to use all methods to kill the spirit of the spirit.

On the contrary, Zhao Fu smiled, “hahaha, or the wise spirit fairy, it was expected that you would be like this, don’t you say you want to kill me? Now you come and kill me Ah!”

Long Wushui glared at Zhao Fu with an angry face, and now her strength is completely sealed, just like an ordinary person, she is naturally not Zhao Fu’s opponent.

Without hesitation, Long Wushui ran outside. She just treated Zhao Fu like that, and now her situation might be miserable.

Zhao Fu grabbed it with a smile, a huge strength grabbed Long Wushui’s body, and pulled her into her arms, reaching out to lift Long Wushui’s chin, “Now you want to escape! ”

Long Wushui’s angry mouth opened his mouth to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu pinched her mouth directly with her hand, said with a smile, “Do you remember what you just said?”

The dragon was coldly snorted.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Reassure that I won’t kill you, you will be a slave next to me.”

Long Wushui cold voice said, “You dream!”

Zhao Fu said happily with a smile, “You see if I dream.”

After a few days, Zhao Fu looked at the ruddy dragon Wushui in his arms and said with a smile, “This time will teach you a lesson, see if you dare to treat me like that in the future.”

Long Wushui glared at Zhao Fu, “The seal helped me untie.”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “Do you think I’m so stupid? You won’t kill me if you unlock the seal?”

Long Wushui coldly snorted, “I can guarantee not to kill you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “That will not work, and this seal is not my show, and now I have no way to help you unravel it.”

Long Wushui said angrily, “Why can’t your legete as that bitch woman undo seal?”

Zhao Fu extend the hand pinching the dragon without water mouth, cold voice said, “Your mouth should be cleaner, don’t insult the Wuling Xianzun like this, otherwise you don’t blame me.”

Long Wushui slaps Zhao Fu’s chest in annoyance, “You treat me like this, what do you want to do to me, you asshole.”

Zhao Fu lightly snorted, “I am good to you like this, and you are not very enjoyable?”

Long Wushui blushed.

Zhao Fu looked at Long Wushui and shyly, and said with a smile, “I can’t help you with the seal now, I will help you with it in the future.”

Long Wushui asked, “When?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “When I am stronger than you.”

Long Wushui thought, Zhao Fu’s so amazing potential, it should be faster than her, but she became very difficult when she wanted to kill Zhao Fu.

However, now she has no choice, and she can’t resist without any strength, the most fear is that Zhao Fu has always sealed her, and she will never be in the early days,

Long Wushui nodded, “You remember your words!”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

Long Wushui’s face eased to lie in Zhao Fu’s arms and asked, “Why are you here at Chaos World?”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “In order to awaken the Emperor Star of Paragon Supreme of Chaos World!”

Long Wushui just wanted to say, how could a person from Heaven Awaken World’s in Zhao Fu awaken the Emperor Star of Paragon Supreme of Chaos World? The Young Lord of the Malay Dragon Race may possibly awaken the Emperor Star of Chaos World’s Paragon Supreme.

Long Wushui screamed again, and said, “Now you can give me the power of Long Zu!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You don’t have any strength now, and you can absorb the power of the Dragon Ancestor?”

Long Wushui is nodded, “With the power of the Dragon Ancestor, I can start cultivation again. Starting with an ordinary person, you don’t have to worry about me threatening you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Yes, now I will give you the power of the Dragon Ancestor.”

Zhao Fu dragonized one arm and placed it on the back of the dragon without water. A pure dragon ancestor power was injected into her body. Zhao Fu noticed that there was no change in the seal before continuing to inject dragon power.

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