The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2959


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First Volume Chapter 407

Zhao Fu just left the room, the elderly majestic people found Zhao Fu again, they also learned that the Wu people wanted to get Zhao Fu Bloodline, they also took Zhao Fu to pamper Dragon Race many women, they had long wanted to get Zhao Fu’s Bloodline, do not want to lag behind the Wu people.

Finally, Zhao Fu was fortunate that Dragon Race many women would come to his palace, to be precise, a palace without water.

I saw Long Yunyun holding Dragon Wushui happily. Several people of Longqin smiled and stood aside. They originally thought that it would take more than a hundred years to see Long Wushui. They said that Long Wushui is their owner, so they are also happy.

Long Wushui saw several subordinates and smiled. Although she was terrible to others, she never treated several subordinates badly.

At this time, Zhao Fu came in.

Long Yunyun said with a laugh, “Thank you Young Lord for unlocking the seal in advance and releasing the master.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No thanks!”

Long Yunyun was excited and smiled and said to Long Wushui, “Master, I tell you that Young Lord is very, very powerful, not only became the Young Lord of our magic dragon branch, but also became the Young Lord of the ancient Dragon Race, and Young Lord didn’t let you out immediately because of the pressure from Dragon Race and Maori.”

Long Wushui glared at Zhao Fu, “She understands how Zhao Fu deceived her subordinates.”

Zhao Fu stood there with a smile on his face, cheeky.

Longqin said with a smile, “Master is back now, let’s celebrate it and welcome the master.”

Long Yunyun is happy nodded.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, I also participated.”

Longqin said with a smile, “Then we will let people prepare immediately, this time to celebrate must get bigger, let everyone know that our master is back.”

After the incident spread, everyone was still embarrassed. They all knew that Dragon Wushui was notorious, and they were afraid of Dragon Wushui, but Dragon Wushui is now the master of Dragon Race Young Lord, who dare not give face ?

Despite the embarrassment, everyone came to congratulate and send gifts.

However, they unexpectedly discovered that Long Wushui does not seem to have any strength, which makes everyone sighed in relief.

Now even if Dragon Wushui does not have a little strength, no one dares to embarrass the Dragon Wushui, let alone harm the Dragon Wushui, Zhao Fu, the wild Dragon Race Young Lord is there.

Long Wushui is slightly dissatisfied with lightly snorted. If he doesn’t have a little strength, he doesn’t feel confident. Although those people are afraid of her, they are not very afraid of her.

Long Yunyun was still very happy, so many people came to congratulate their master.

After the celebration, Long Wushui glared at Zhao Fu, “You can find a way to help unlock the seal. Now I can guarantee not to hurt you, nor to embarrass you. I just want to get back my previous strength.” [19459002 ]

Zhao Fu looked at Long Wushui said with a smile, “Why don’t you hurt me again? Talk about the reasons that make me believe in you, otherwise how can I do something?”

Long Wushui said angrily, “Isn’t you all satisfied with you?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um!”

Long Wushui’s eyes stared at Zhao Fu and said, “Now I regret it again. If I unlock the seal, look at how I taught you.”

Zhao Fu pulled Long Wushui into his arms.

A few hours later, Long Yunyun and Long Qin also joined in order to protect their masters from being bullied by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu has not touched them for so long in the Dragon Palace.

After a few more hours, Long Yunyun lay with a red face in Zhao Fu’s arms, and both eyes smiled Zhao Fu’s face with a smile, “Young Lord!”

Zhao Fu smiled at Um.

Long Wushui Youyu looked at Zhao Fu at one glance, “I’ve been in my hands for a few years!”

Now Long Wushui also understands that she and Zhao Fu are in this relationship now. Even if she unlocks the seal, she can’t kill Zhao Fu. She doesn’t have that idea. She gets back the strength to avoid being bullied by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “How can it be bad luck? It should be good luck. Without me, you will not come out so quickly, without me, you will not gain the power of the Dragon Zu. In the future, I will still become Chaos World. Supreme exists.”

Long Wushui lightly snorted, lying in Zhao Fu’s arms without speaking, she acknowledged Zhao Fu, and she had an idea in her heart that could not be compared with Zhao Fu this.

Longqin said with a slight smile, “I have no other ideas now, just want to serve the Young Lord and master every day.”

Long Yunyun said lovelyly, “Me too!”

Zhao Fu looked at the two of them, smiled and said, “I might be leaving soon.”

Long Yunyun muttered and asked, “So fast? Young Lord, didn’t you come back?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, Dragon Race has helped me collect a million race blood, and also got some news of bronze fragments. It seems that there are bronze fragments in the hands of the Eastern League. I need to check it in person in the past. ”

Long Wushui reminded, “At that time, the first evil fairy and the Eastern Alliance had a bitter hatred, and now the Eastern Alliance is looking for you desperately, in order to remove your evil fairy legate, you will be very much going to the Eastern Alliance. Danger.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “But the remaining bronze fragments may be there. I have to go once. The Bloodline reaches Perfection and the Origin Armament is also repaired. That is when I awakened the Supreme Emperor Star.”

Long Wushui said, “I believe you very much at this point, but there is no way to help you now.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “In fact, I don’t need it. If necessary, I would have called Goddess and Yuexian.”

Long Wushui vinegar pinched Zhao Fu, “You are a scumbag, no woman will let go.”

Zhao Fu laughed said, “Isn’t this a personal charm? Don’t you also become my woman.”

Long Wushui face slightly red, “After you wake up the Supreme Emperor Star, do you want to meet Heaven Awaken World again?”

Zhao Fu nodded, “There is my home, the place where my foundation is located, and there are countless people under me, countless familiar people, I will definitely go back.”

Long Wushui lost the road, “I will not go to Heaven Awaken World with you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “It’s okay, you can restore strength in the Dragon Palace next time, and you can come to Heaven Awaken World to find me after you restore all strengths.”

The dragon is nodded without water.

Long Yunyun looked at Zhao Fu firmly, and said, “Young Lord, I will also go to you together. I also want to see what kind of world the Young Lord lives in.”

Longqin said with a smile, “I also serve the Young Lord and Master!”

Zhao Fu nodded said with a smile, “The world I am in is a very beautiful place, and it is much more interesting than Chaos World. I welcome you all the time.”

After a few people stayed for a while, Zhao Fu continued to embark on the journey to the Eastern League. Of course, there is one thing to be solved before that is to integrate a million kinds of Bloodline.

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