The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2960


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First Volume Chapter 408

Zhao Fu found a secret area by himself, because continuous breakthrough of Bloodline 7th level and 8th level would definitely cause a terrifying natural phenomenon.

I saw Zhao Fu sitting on a boulder, smelting Bloodline under blue sky and white clouds, I saw that each and everyone glass bottles continued to fly out of his body, distributed around Zhao Fu body all around.

More and more glass bottles are flying out, orderly arranged in Zhao Fu’s body all around, densely packed, occupying the air of ten thousand meters, each glass bottle is filled with bright red blood, Emitting a slight blood light, this scene is extremely spectacular.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

One after another sounded, countless glass bottles shattered, a large amount of blood gathered together, like a sea of ​​blood, a huge blood-reeking qi smell spread out.

There are a million Bloodline.

The blood sea revolved around Zhao Fu, forming a huge blood-colored vortex, and a terrifying imposing manner radiated out, causing Heaven and Earth to begin to change color.

Zhao Fu slowly closed both eyes.


A large amount of blood rushed towards Zhao Fu, madly poured into Zhao Fu’s body, and countless waters were found in general.

Although the blood disappeared, the terrifying breath from the air became more terrifying, and the changes in Heaven and Earth were more intense.

The sea of ​​blood all poured into Zhao Fu’s body, and a light blood energy came out of Zhao Fu’s body and flew to the sky.

Within the body, millions of Bloodline changed into different shapes, including insects, birds, people, fish, beasts, etc., a piece of black pressure, I can’t see my head in the past, and emit a The imposing manner of the world is as if it can lift the sky.

Zhao Fu stands alone among countless creatures, facing the massive creatures without any fear, as if he is the God who rules Heaven and Earth.


A heaven-shaking loud noise rang out, and countless insect beasts rushed towards Zhao Fu in the middle with a brazen imposing manner like a flood, as if there was nothing to stop.

With a faint smile, Zhao Fu exudes a vast strength, and sees that Zhao Fu exudes golden light while emitting white light.

Eight suns and 12 moons appeared in the sky, emitting countless rays of light, which enveloped the entire space.

The massive insect beast continues to be unstoppable like a flood, Zhao Fu reaches out a hand and presses in the void.


A shattered sound like Heaven and Earth sounded, a terrifying strength fell from the sky, countless insect beasts were instantly crushed, and countless blood was scattered.

A huge blood pool immediately appeared under Zhao Fu, sucking in all the broken insect beast.

The remaining insect beast continued to Zhao Fu swept away with a terrifying imposing manner.

Zhao Fu extend the hand, a huge Golden Dragon drilled out, rushed forward with strength throughout, and a large number of insect beasts in front of him were directly smashed by Golden Dragon,

The insect beast in the other direction continues to rush towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu waved his hands, countless swords shuā shuā shuā shot out, countless insect beast’s body was penetrated by a sword, those insect beast’s strength without any obstruction, countless residual limb corpses and blood shot out .

The insect beast in the last direction continues to rush towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu shot it, countless spells were densely packed and shot like bullets, shot through the body of the insect beast, and the large number of insect beast bodies were shot into a sieve .

Zhao Fu easily solved the countless insect beasts in a moment, and countless incomplete corpses and blood were like raindrops, and fell into that huge blood pool.

That huge blood pool also exudes extremely terrifying refinement power, instantly refines the corpses in the blood pool, even if there are that many corpses, the blood pool still does not have a little difference. Look.

Blood pool refine those corpses, Zhao Fu only feels a terrifying Bloodline Strength pouring in.


Outside of the body space, Zhao Fu’s body shot a huge bloody beam, with a powerful strength shot into the sky, forming a huge bloody beam, Power of Heaven and Earth quickly gathered together, forming a very incomparable Huge scarlet vortex.

There are countless insect shadows in the sky, including centipede, earthworms, butterflies, moths, scorpions, ants, locusts, mosquitoes, slugs…

Innumerable insect illusory shadow covers the sky, the number is not clear, and fly together in the direction of Zhao Fu, the speed is not very fast, exudes a very terrifying momentum, let people have a kind of have one’s hair stand on end’s imposing manner.

People everywhere in Chaos World looked at the strange faces of those insects that appeared in the sky.

“What is happening? Why is there so many illusory shadow of insect beast suddenly? Looking at it makes people feel cold in the back.”

“Unclear, it must be what major event happened in that direction that would cause so many insects to gather.”

“There are really many major events that have happened recently. The new Sun God’s affairs have not yet subsided, and now there is such a big natural phenomenon.”

“This thing is not about us as a nobody, it’s still an honest life, don’t think about it.”

“You are wrong, like a natural phenomenon of this level. I don’t know how many areas are covered. Once something happens, if we don’t pay attention, we probably don’t know how to die.”

“Yes! I can feel the terrifying breath from the insect beast, definitely not a strength that we can contend with.”

“I think those adults should know what happened, not equal to me, let’s ask?”

Countless powerhouses do know what happened, but they didn’t look relaxed, but they looked serious, because they knew how serious this thing was.

The most serious of these is the Eastern League.

“Who is the legatee of the first evil fairy? This advanced speed is too fast? It surpassed the first evil fairy of the year.”

“Um, although the first evil fairy was extremely terrifying, it took many years to upgrade Bloodline to that level, but his legatee did not even spend 10% of his time, which shows that his legatee is better than The First Evil Immortal also needs to be terrifying,”

“Now things can be difficult to do. Our Eastern Alliance may face an unprecedented enemy. If it is not handled well, our Eastern Alliance may be hit once.”

“Although Bloodline immediately reached the 7th Order stage, it still did not reach the final stage, so we still have a chance. If we reach the final stage, then we will have no chance, only waiting for him to come.” [ 19459002]

“Um, the 8th Order section is the most difficult one, and it is also the final stage of Bloodline. Even if the legete is powerful, it will take several years. That evil fairy used it for more than three hundred years. Sin reached the final stage.”

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