The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2961


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First Volume Chapter 409

“So we must take advantage of this legatee’s failure to reach the final stage of the evil fairy, and must be found by must by fair means or foul, and he must not be promoted to the final stage.”

“Yes, I don’t want things to happen once in a year. In order to kill the evil fairy of that year, we have to pay too much.”

“Now we must take the removal of evil immortal legatee as the first task. The other new sun gods, crescent moon immortals, and the sons of Origin don’t care. If I don’t solve this thing, I will have trouble sleeping and eating.” [ 19459002]

Innumerable powerhouses of the Eastern League issued one after another order, and some people who were close to each other immediately hurried to the place where the insect beast gathered, and wanted to find the evil fairy legate, and then tried every means to get rid of him.

Wan Jiancheng.

Numerous sword cultivator looked at the densely packed insect beast in the sky, showing a serious expression.

A white clothed old Human Path, “Those evil immortal legacy has promoted the evil immortal Bloodline to the 7th Order segment, presumably he will certainly start a catastrophe with the first evil Immortal-like of that year, if we can If it does, it should also be stopped to avoid excessive casualties.”

A middle-aged man with long fire-colored hair exuding a flame of sword qi all over his body, nodded said, “There is nothing wrong. The catastrophe caused by the evil fairy was so tragic that we cannot let this happen a second time. ”

A young man with blue face and handsome face said, “We may not have to do it in person, don’t forget that we Wan Wancheng also gave birth to an amazing talent. As the initiator of Wan Jian Xinlian, he mastered Three Xeon sword intent, if he shot I believe I will not necessarily lose.”

The old man in white clothed thought, “Um, it is indeed different from before. No one can stop the evil fairy, but now the birth of the Lord of Wanjian in our Wanjian City can stop the catastrophe caused by that evil fairy legatee. ”

An azure robe with moderate temperament middle-aged man said, “Not only the Lord of Wanjian in our Wanjian City, but also the new Sun God, the new Moon Immortal, the son of Origin. Isn’t that extremely terrifying? Have them Existence, I think it was difficult for things to happen at once.”

The old man in white clothed sighed, “This is a time when the genius was shocked. With their birth, we hardly have the qualification to compare with them. This is the era of their domination.”

Dragon land.

Long Yunyun looked at the sky and said happily, “very good! Our Young Lord Bloodline has been promoted.”

Long Wuwei said indifferently, “What’s the matter, that guy merges the power of the eight days, and Bloodline has no limit and can be directly promoted to the highest.”

Long Yunyun still worshipped and said, “Young Lord is too powerful!”

Long Wushui thought about it and said, “Now I am wondering what kind of existence he is, how could this World give birth to a person like him, there must be something hidden behind him, even he himself does not know.” [19459002 ]

Long Qin said with a smile, “I feel that even if he encounters something, there will be the owner and other powerhouse help, there should not be too many problems.”

Long Wushui said with a hint of vinegar, “Now I have no ability to help him, then other women will help him, and I don’t know how many women that bastard has. If I follow my previous personality, I will definitely castrate Him.”

Long Qin chuckled and said, “Are you sure you want to do this? What do you do in the future?”

Long Yunyun blushed and said, “Don’t master, if you treat the Young Lord like that, what will we do in the future? And I think the master likes that too.”

Long Wushui’s face was slightly red, and Long Yunyun’s face was pinched, “I don’t have it!”

Long Qin looked at the sky and said, “Young Lord should only smelt all Bloodline before going to the Eastern League, I hope he will have nothing to do.”

Long Wushui’s face is a little serious, “This is not necessarily, but with his vast destiny, It shouldn’t be mortal danger, I hope he will be successful this time.”

Long Qin joked, “It turns out that the owner actually cares about the Young Lord!”

Long Wushui blushed and defended, “I don’t have it. How could I care about that bastard, you look at it, this time he didn’t know how many women he would subdue during the Eastern League trip.”

Long Yunyun smiled hehe and said, “Master! I think the Young Lord will love you no matter how many women are subdued, and no one can compare our master’s charm.”

Long Wushui was a little rejoicing in his heart, showing a smile.

Finally, his gaze turned back to Zhao Fu’s body.

I saw that the huge bloody vortex in the sky was replaced by countless insect shadows, becoming a huge insect shadow vortex, covering the sky in the surroundings of thousands, and there were also constant insect shadows flying from all over, joining That a huge vortex.

The vortex turned slowly, exuding an imposing manner that stirred Heaven and Earth, the evil, crazy, twisted, bloody breath also spread like a whirlwind.

All the creatures in this area have been scared to flee far away, and they dare not stay here for an extra second.

Countless insect shadows continue to gather towards the huge insect shadow vortex, the insect shadow illusory shadow is getting bigger and bigger, the breath emitted is more and more terrifying, the area seems to be suppressed by a huge gravity, letting people breathe Become difficult.

Eventually a large number of insect shadows came together, and there were still a few insect shadows still gathering in this direction.

The insect shadow vortex also enveloped the area, and from a distance, it was covered with a layer of haze. The terrifying imposing manner made people very uneasy.


A heaven-shaking loud noise rang out, and a huge vortex extended a vortex and the tail hung down, drilling into Zhao Fu’s body, and a terrifying strength was injected into Zhao Fu’s body.

Zhao Fu is also rapidly absorbing this terrifying strength. In fact, Daor Realm Peak can’t afford to rely on this vortex strength alone. The body will be crushed by the vortex, but Zhao Fu’s body is too perverted. Easy to bear this strength.

With the continuous injection of strength, the strength emanating from Zhao Fu’s body is becoming more and more terrifying, especially the strength of Bloodline.

Finally, all the vortex was injected into Zhao Fu’s body, and Zhao Fu was only successful at this time when he raised Bloodline to the 7th Order stage.

At this stage, Zhao Fu’s Bloodline has been said to be very terrifying, and has reached the legendary Saint Level Bloodline. Affected by this, the strength of Zhao Fu Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique has also become a kind of holy force, which is more powerful than before. Over dozens of times.

Especially for the ability to create life, Zhao Fu does not rely on flesh and blood, and can directly use various elements of the wind, rain, thunder and thunder to directly create life from nothingness.

However, Zhao Fu not at all is satisfied, because the seventh stage evil fairy Bloodline is powerful, but it is not the final stage. The final evil fairy Bloodline is really terrifying, so that it can play all the strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique.

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