The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2962


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First Volume Chapter 410

Zhao Fu’s binocular looked towards the sky, a huge strength from the sky, a wave of blood light continued to spread, the sky became a blood color, this blood color spread quickly, spread like a blood cloth .

Now Zhao Fu wants to break through to the 8th Order section of Xianxian, and the final stage of Xiexian Bloodline, the natural phenomenon caused by it will be even larger.

Originally everyone thought that the natural phenomenon had disappeared, and was discussing the matter enthusiastically, but did not expect countless blood to spread from the horizon, with a strong evil madness.

This surprised countless people. They thought that the evil fairy juste had just broken through the seventh stage, and it would take at least a few years to reach the 8th order. It was impossible for Zhao Fu to immediately break through the 8th order.

The complexion of the Eastern League became ugly. They thought they had a chance to stop Zhao Fu, but they didn’t have a chance.

The blood color continues to expand, almost covering the sky of Chaos World, and only some edge areas are not covered, but those edge areas can also see the blood color covering the sky in the distance, and the unknown atmosphere makes them feel uneasy.


The sound of shaking all directions sounded, and the endless Power of Heaven and Earth gathered in the sky, and the bloody sky began to terrifying changes, turning into a huge bloody flesh. It seemed that the sky was covered by a huge layer of Covered by meat.

The piece of meat is still creeping slowly, exuding a terrifying breath, making people feel have one’s hair stand on end and the body is ice-cold.

No matter it is in the sky or underground, all people feel this breath of terrifying,


Moon Fairy wrinkled frowned, watching the dreadful blood light shot from below, has affected 12 white moons. From a distance, 12 moons stand on countless blood lights. If it is not the 12 moons that contain Heaven and Earth’s supreme power, it is likely to be stained with blood.

Moon SainteSS said in surprise, “What happened to the lower realm? Why did this dreadful blood light hit the moon?”

Yue Shumin solemnly replied, “This is the terrifying natural phenomenon caused by the evil immortal legete raising the evil immortal Bloodline to the final stage.”

Month SainteSS said in surprise, “I remember that the legatee hadn’t been around for a few years, how could such a short time elevate Bloodline to the final stage?”

Yue Shumin shook the head, “No one knows, it is estimated that only the evil fairy legatee knows,”

Yue Yao said worriedly, “This kind of terrifying people appeared, Chaos World was about to set off a reign of terror, and we were also affected in December that year.”

The moon dance star is nodded, “The presence of such a person is not a good thing for Chaos World, and he may be terrifying the last evil fairy.”

Yue SainteSS smiled and said, “Now we all have Half Immortal existence, master 12 Origin moon strength, we should not have to fear him, even if we lose to that person, don’t we still have that guy? If he exists, he will be suppressed This evil fairy.”

Yue Fairy’s face eased and said, “Um! There is that guy who can really suppress such evil people, and now he has gained the power of December and the force of eight days and does not know what to do.”

Eight suns.

Because the original strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique comes from the Origin strength of the eighth day, the bloodline of the evil fairy reaches the final stage, and the impact on the eighth day is also very large.

I saw that the solar space was filled with bloody rays of light, and all eight suns exuded a slight blood light, exuding an extremely terrifying imposing manner.

Dissatisfied shouting, “What happened to this again?”

Japanese and English solemnly said, “It is the person’s legete who promoted the evil fairy Bloodline to the 8th Order.”

Ri Ning also looked at the Scarlet Space seriously and said, “That person is only one by one who awakened us from a deep sleep.”

Ri Chun said, “I admire him a bit, based on the Eight-day Origin Power, and created another extremely evil and crazy strength, which is not weaker than the real Origin day power.”

Japanese magic clothes looked at many women and asked, “So what should we do?”

Ri-liu said, “It doesn’t matter what he did last time. Anyway, how he tosses on the ground will not affect us on the sun.”

Japanese and English reminded, “It is different now. We are now building the Supreme Temple. Although we will not be affected, the believers on the ground will definitely be affected.”

Ri Ning’s eyes looked at Japan and Britain and asked, “What do you say?”

Japanese and English replied, “Although that person has a little relationship with us on the 8th, but if he affects our Supreme Temple, then we can only solve him personally. I am not accurate. Anyone destroys our plan to build the Supreme Temple. ”

Ri Ning is nodded, “It can only be so now!”

Regardless of the sun and the moon, they did not know that it was Zhao Fu that caused such a big natural phenomenon, and Zhao Fu did not tell them about it, because the strength was too crooked and they did not perceive it Zhao Fu.

The bloody sky is still changing, and the endless Power of Heaven and Earth is infused with bloody flesh, and the flesh continues to wriggle, exuding a terrifying breath.

Everyone felt a tremendous pressure. Although the natural phenomenon in the 7th Order section was large before, it still did not affect them, but now they clearly feel how terrifying this strength is, they are totally unbearable. strength.

The light has dimmed, the earth has become very gloomy, and countless birds and beasts are quiet without daring to make a sound, they are instinctively afraid.

World’s edge battlefield, Heaven Awaken World’s countless people watched Chaos World covered by a layer of flesh and blood, and the crazy blood-reeking qi that flooded like a flood made them strongly uneasy.

“How could Chaos World have such a terrifying natural phenomenon, and wouldn’t it be plotting to use it against our Heaven Awaken World?”

“No, I just got the news that it’s a natural phenomenon caused by the evil fairy of Chaos World.”

“Which evil fairy legate is who? How did it cause such a big natural phenomenon.”

“I don’t know the details, but it should be a very terrifying existence. The last generation of evil fairy once caused the Eastern Alliance to be hit hard, a lot of powerhouses were lost, and this generation of evil fairy legacy is even more terrifying.”

“This is a good thing for us, Chaos World consumes strength best by itself.”

“That’s not necessarily, these evil immortals legatee are the people of Chaos World. Sooner or later, one day will deal with us Heaven Awaken World, and will also cause huge casualties to us Heaven Awaken World.”

“Um, like this person, we have to monitor it well, if necessary, kill him in advance.”

“There are really many amazing geniuses in Chaos World recently. I don’t know what to say. The last new sun god, the new moon moon was born. If this continues, it will be very detrimental to us.” [ 19459002]

“Um, the son of Heaven Awaken, although terrifying, can’t stop the numerous genius.”

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