The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2963


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First Volume Chapter 411

si si hiss…

Countless huge hissing sounds from the sky, piercing the ears of countless people, I saw an insect drilled out of the flesh layer, but only half of the body was drilled, and the other half was left in the flesh layer .

Among them are flies, earthworms, spiders, worms, centipede, aphids, butterflies, scorpions, fleas, leeches…

Innumerable insects twisted their bodies in the sky, hissed, and the picture was extremely terrifying.

Countless people on the ground saw this scene, some people stood stiffly in place, their bodies seemed to fall into the ice cave, some people were so scared that they collapsed on the ground, there was no way to move, the body was still slightly Trembling.

Eastern Union.

“Who can tell me what to do? The natural phenomenon of terrifying caused by this evil fairy legate is more terrifying than evil fairy.”

“Um, personally feel the strength of this terrifying, my deep in one’s heart also produced a trace of fear, which is very rare for me.”

“There is no way right now. He has already changed the 8th Order section of Bloodline, and will soon become a new evil fairy.”

“Can’t we find him before he becomes the new evil fairy?”

“No use, his evil fairy Bloodline reaches the final stage, as long as he hides, the general Immortal may find him, let alone us.”

“Really so powerful? Immortal can’t find him?”

“Of course, otherwise we have no chance to reach the final stage of Bloodline, we have no chance, here is the reason, we may still find him at the seventh stage, but now even if he appears in front of us, we all find out Can’t get him.”

“Now it’s in trouble, our Eastern League may have to face the biggest crisis in history.”

“It doesn’t make sense to find him. We can only choose full defense now. Now we only hope that the descendant of the evil fairy doesn’t have such great hatred towards our Eastern Alliance, otherwise the result will be unimaginable.”

Zhao Fu sitting on the boulder looked calm and looked at the countless insects in the sky.


Zhao Fu spit out a word, the countless insects in the sky instantly became quiet, as if ordered by the person who dominated them, a pair of both eyes looked towards Zhao Fu, his eyes full of respect and fear.

Everyone looked at countless insects and suddenly calmed down. Their eyes looked together in one direction, and they understood that that direction was where the evil fairy legate was. Only he has the ability to quiet countless insects, some people fly in that direction, and some people stay away from the area.

Zhao Fu slowly closed both eyes at this time.

Numerous insects in the sky began to concentrate strength, and the bleeding color of rays of light spread out from the mouth, and an ultimate strength spread out as if it could destroy this World in general.

Everyone on the ground also felt extremely dangerous. Countless people hid back to the house, and countless birds and beasts instinctively looked for various places where they could hide.

xiū xiū xiū…

Numerous noises were emitted, one after another came out of a scarlet beam in the mouth of an insect, with a strong strength, and shot toward Zhao Fu with tremendous momentum.

One after another bloody light beam is continuously injected into the body of Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu absorbs a powerful strength, the body is also submerged by countless bloody light beams, and that place is also enveloped by bloody rays of light, time seems to be still general.

Countless bloods and countless shots into Zhao Fu’s body, a vast Bloodline Strength gushing out, Zhao Fu’s body exuding bleeding colors of light, in this brief moment Zhao Fu Evil Fairy was promoted to the 8th Order section.

Zhao Fu’s body also began mutation at a moment.

A worm’s horn grows from Zhao Fu’s head, his eyes become a pair of bloody worm’s eyes, a long hair becomes colorful, 12 pairs of thin transparent wing grows on the back, hands and feet Both turned into claws, and a black insect tail appeared behind him.

Bloodline itself, as an extreme crazy evil twisted great strength, will also cause a huge mutation in the body, which is usually suppressed by Zhao Fu Constitution, so there is not much change.

Now that Bloodline has reached the final stage, Zhao Fu’s cannot suppress that mutation, so now Zhao Fu becomes like this.

This state is also called the evil fairy state. The evil fairy at that time also became this. Unfortunately, this Bloodline level is only Saint Level Peak, but only a trace of breakthrough to the Origin evil bloodline. If the breakthrough is Zhao Fu, it can be owned. first generation Origin Xianxian Bloodline.

Origin Xianxian Bloodline may be the goal that Xianxian has been pursuing, but unfortunately failed to achieve it, Zhao Fu can also understand how much effort he has made to obtain the first generation of Origin Bloodline.

It is not the first generation Origin Bloodline, it is relatively easy to obtain. For example, before obtaining Origin dragon’s blood, but the difference between strength and first generation Bloodline is very huge, it can be said that it is not at the same level of strength at all.

xiū xiū xiū…

I saw Zhao Fu within the body, eight shots with eight bloody twists, distributed in eight directions of Zhao Fu, this is Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique.

Now that Zhao Fu’s Bloodline has reached the final stage, the final change of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique will also take place, and Zhao Fu will also have the true strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, the palm of his hand broke apart, a burst of blood came out, turned into eight blood masses, and shot at eight twisted runes.

The eight blood-colored runes absorbed the eight groups of blood, exuding an amazing strength, turned into eight blood-rays of light and shot into the sky, immersed in that huge layer of flesh. Countless insects died at that moment, and their bodies turned to ashes to dissipate.

Everyone looked at this scene and it was unclear why.

hong long long!

There was a huge sound in the sky, the flesh layer was twisting violently, and a more terrifying imposing manner radiated out, which caused a strong fear in the heart.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Eight huge and dull sounds resounded everywhere, and I saw eight huge holes in the flesh layer in the sky. There was a small blood-colored insect in the center of the hole, each of which looked slightly different.

Centipede, scorpion, dragonfly, butterfly, beetle, earthworm, leech, and aphid.

The bloody flesh layer in the sky began to dissipate, and eight tiny bloody insects also flew down from the sky, into Zhao Fu’s body, and became eight twisted runes again.

Zhao Fu feels that the strength of the Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique is almost a hundred times that of the previous one, which is a problem of quality and quantity. The key Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique itself also has life, which can be said to be extremely rare, such as Zhao Fu has other strengths and they have no life.

“This is the true strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique?” Zhao Fu smiled. Very satisfied with this strength, this is not weaker than Origin Power. If Zhao Fu can upgrade Bloodline to Origin Bloodline, then Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique will be stronger than the ordinary Origin Power.

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